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Name: Bob Green
Location: Moraga, California
Date: 18 December 2008
Time: 10:50 PM


Please post memories of my mother, Rosalynd Green, to the funeral home web site at and I will copy them over to this page.  Direct posting of messages on this board has been disabled due to inappropriate messages.

Name: Bob Green
Date: 23 Dec 1999
Time: 15:40:07


I created this web site to honor my parents, Gordon and Rosalynd Green.  I love them and thank them for raising my brothers and me.

Name: Ross Coller Walker
Date: 15 Jan 2000
Time: 16:59:48



Let us all lift our glasses and our hearts to Gordon and Rosalynd as they celebrate sharing 50 years of life, happiness and devotion together. Although we have never met in person, we are related by blood and sharing family history. Having met in this wonderful pursuit of gathering information on our common roots, I have come to know them as people who care, who share and who have a sense of the worth and dignity of others.

I join all of their children, their families and their host of friends in offering my fondest wishes for good health, contentment, fulfillment and above all, celebration of family ties every day that they share life together. 

My congratulations and best wishes to them on this very special and momentous day!

Your Cousin

Ross Coller Walker
Milwaukee, WI

Date: 15 Jan 2000
Time: 20:44:49




Name: Rollie Borne
Date: 15 Jan 2000
Time: 20:50:12


Gordon and I are second cousins.  My Grandfather, Lewis Temple, was the brother of his Grandmother, Gertrude Temple.

We only met once a few years ago when Natalie and I went to Davis to see him.

I am sorry that I will not be able to join you in this joyous event.  I extend my congratulations and best wishes to Gordon and Rosalynd.

Name: Yvonne Buerfeind
Date: 15 Jan 2000
Time: 20:52:05


Unfortunately, We cannot come up from San Diego for I am heavily involved in Republican politics and have a commitment for our club that day.  We did get to meet your parents while in Napa at our timeshare the 2nd week in December and it was fun.  We share common ancestors, Increase Green (we just don't which Increase) and have been corresponding on that subject for about 2 years.

Name: Christin Coller Clark
Date: 15 Jan 2000
Time: 20:53:17


Unfortunately Rick and I will not be able to attend, but please send our best wishes to Gordon and Rosalynd.

I am a cousin that met Gordon on the internet about 2 years ago doing the "Family Tree thing". We met in person that summer in Minnesota.

Name: Mary-Ann Holt
Date: 18 Jan 2000
Time: 01:17:18


This sounds like a wonderful event and I am interested but don't know if I can attend.  I forwarded the message to others in our genealogy club.

I've known your dad for yrs. through the club and have met your mom.  We are related on the COOKE line.

Name: Ed & Edie Hughes
Date: 2 Feb 2000
Time: 23:46:46


I'm sorry we won't be able to come to the 50th Anniversary Party.  Ed has to have open heart surgery.

I remember their wedding day - sitting at the church, waiting and wondering - as the bridal party was held up by a train - but it all turned out very successfully!  Sorry we'll miss this party.

Ed & Edie

Name: Lavanche Grossman
Date: 4 Feb 2000
Time: 23:39:42


We surely would love to be there.  Joe and I are having health problems.

We saw the granddaughters and Ed and Evelyn Harris the time Joe and I drove to the resort where they were staying.  Nice we could all be together.

I knew Rosalynd before she was married.  We were staying at the same Girls Club in Minneapolis.  Before the wedding, I walked down the church aisle with Gordon.  I wondered then if that would be the closest I would come to a wedding alter.

When Gordon and Rosalynd lived in Hastings, I would visit them from St. Louis Park where I lived.

LaVanche (Becky)

Name: Marvin Randall
Date: 06 Feb 2000
Time: 12:36:19


Gordon and Rosalynd,
   Our heartfelt congratulations on this your 50th anniversary. I further congratulate you Bob for such a neat way of Honoring your parents. May this be one of the Best celebrations of your lives, enjoy. Your Third Cousin
                                             Marvin and The Randall Family,

I would like to pass on congratulations to you: from my Aunts, Florence Mort and Enola Bradseth 

Name: Pete Balding
Date: 12 Feb 2000
Time: 00:57:00


It's hard to imagine my childhood without the Greens. An ultimate Sunday in the 60s was when the Greens came to Sacramento after church or we Baldings went to Davis to spend the day with Uncle Gordon, Aunt Rosalynd and cousins Bob, Gary and Steve. I remember waiting with my brother John and sisters Carol and Nancy in the front yard (or by the front windows on cold winter days) in a heightened state of anticipation for a view of the Greens' car turning our corner. What would follow was a seeming eternity of childhood joy playing board games like Monopoly or perhaps a game of touch football, riding bikes around the neighborhood or just getting up to some sort of high jinks that only children can understand the pleasure of. Unfortunately the fun had to come to an end, and when the Greens would get in the car to head home or we Baldings did the same, the departing car would be chased for blocks by a small group of cheering children hoping to extend the fun as long as possible. I remember one such chase with Gary on his bike He was able to follow the Baldings' Travelall all the way to the onramp of I80 nearly a mile away. Of course he used shortcuts and my Dad, Bill, drove intentionally slow. But then during the half-hour trip home, we had to console ourselves with thoughts of the next time.

A rare and especially wonderful visit was when we could sleep over. I have very fond memories of spending several days during summer vacation at the Greens. Coming from a Sacramento suburb, I loved the apparent simplicity of the small college town of Davis. Of course, as a child I could never run around downtown Sacramento without adult supervision, but in Davis we could go anywhere. If it was too far to go on foot, we got on our bikes. And by bike, you could get anywhere in Davis. It's hard to imagine today how much freedom we had as children to roam around. I don't know if it's only my imagination or if parents are more worried nowadays, but those times wandering the neighborhood and beyond in the company of my siblings, cousins and friends were more educational than most days at school. I'm grateful that our parents and Aunt and Uncle trusted us enough to let us go. Gordon could sometimes be a strict disciplinarian, and fear of retribution kept us from getting too wild. And I especially remember the extreme kindness and generosity of Rosalynd. I definitely didn't want to disappoint her.

Perhaps the ultimate time with the Greens was during the holidays, Christmas, New Years, Easter and the Fourth of July. These events were special because they involved eating-eating on a grand scale. Rosalynd always brought her world-famous crescent rolls, and I remember Gordon being in charge of carving the turkey or ham. I think he was the first in the neighborhood to have an electric carving knife.  I was shocked and amazed when I first heard that Gordon and Rosalynd would soon be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It can't be that long already. In many ways these memories are so vivid that they seem to have happened in recent years not 30 years ago. I want to thank Gordon and Rosalynd for these wonderful memories and wish them all the very best on this remarkable occasion.

All my love,

Pete Balding

Name: John and Kathleen Balding
Date: 17 Feb 2000
Time: 22:56:22


Congratulations Uncle Gordon and Aunt Rosalynd on your 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Fifty years of marriage is truly amazing!  Its certain to become a rare feat in this ever changing modern world.  I can only count a few of my contemporaries that were married young enough, and are still together, that will hopefully make it to their 50th anniversaries.

Kathleen and I have understood that we had to make up for lost time since we were late bloomers.  How can we begin to compare our 3.5 years of marriage, (so far), to a lifetime of 50!  But, we can certainly imagine.  We cherish our marriage, (how lucky we were to finally find each other!), and so, we look ahead and see how wonderfully precious all those years together must be.

Uncle Gordon and Aunt Rosalynd we admire your steadfast commitment that will always inspire us.  We offer our deep felt congratulations.

John and Kathleen Balding
Lumberton, North Carolina

Name: Andy and Medora Anderson (Phoebe McAllister's daughter)
Date: 20 February, 2000
Time: 12:05 PM


Congratulations to both of you on your 50th anniversary. Wished we could be there. We know my mother, Phoebe McAllister, will be in attendance. May you have many more wonderful years to come. Always, Phoebe McAllister Andy and Medora Anderson

Name: Connie and Dean Thompson Ankeny, Iowa
Date: 20 February, 2000
Time: 12:37 PM


I have wonderful memories of Rosalynd and Gordon. I am a cousin on her fathers side (she can tell you exactly how far down the line). My family moved to Iowa in 1939, since they were the only relatives we had in the state, we became really close and have kept in touch all these many years. Always look forward to their visits - now we keep in touch by e-mail. Congratulations on this wonderful occasion. Would love to celebrate with you - eat an extra piece of cake for Dean and I. Our love Dean and Connie

Name: Phyllis and Bernie Johnson
Date: 20 February, 2000
Time: 06:17 PM


Dear Rosalind and Gordon: We've sent another greeting via internet - check it. Having crossed that golden marker ourselves a few months ago, we know how significant it is. Too many of the events in the past 50 years are but a blur, but the really important ones remain. Enjoy such memories. There are the words of a hymn that keep coming to mind when the subject of anniversaries appears: "O God our Help in ages past, our Hope for years to come!" May He continue to supply you with everything good. Sincerely in Him: Phyllis and Bernie

Name: Harry Maybin
Date: 21 February, 2000
Time: 06:36 PM


Happy 50th wedding anniversary you guys. You haven't changed much from the picture! I hope you had a get together for the occasion.

Harry Maybin

Name: Bill Winey
Date: 22 February, 2000
Time: 11:35 AM


Congratulations! Fifty years is a short long time. Amazing, you were married in Minneapolis on Feb. 18, 1950. I was in St. Peter, Minn, at that time and met Shirley there. We were married in Marinette, Wis on 30 Dec. 1950. I remember Roselyn and her sister Marie very well as we all grew up together in Jefferson, Iowa. They lived in the first house south of Clara Beth Smith who graduated with us. In fact Alberta Thrope lived across the street from the Capps. She didn't graduate with us, but I don't know why, she moved or something. Any, congratulations and a healthy many more years together.

God Bless you,

Bill & Shirley Winey

Name: Ivano and Ruth Dal Zotto, Glarus Switzerland
Date: 24 February, 2000
Time: 01:10 AM


Dear Rosalynd and Gordon, congratulation for your 50th wedding anniversary. You are such a wonderful couple and we wish you many many more happy years together. I'll never forget the wonderful time we spent together. We would have loved to be with you on your special day, but Ivano is still afraid of flying. We are sure you had a wonderful party with all your family and friends. With lots of love Ivano and Ruth

Name: John & Nancy Capitanio
Date: 25 February, 2000
Time: 12:05 AM


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Green

We saw the picture in the paper of your 50th anniversary. Congratulations to you both! We visited your website too - the picture is much better than the reproduction in the paper.

John & Nancy Capitanio (Phoebe's next door neighbor).

Name: David & Renée Harris
Date: 25 February, 2000
Time: 12:05 AM


Happy Five-O from Atlanta! We can't wait to see the pictures! Love, Dave, Renée, Natalie & Elissa

Name: Roger Cramer
Date: 26 February, 2000
Time: 06:10 PM


What a great site you have and congratulations to both of you on 50 years. I retired last year and now spend more time with genealogy. We visited our Matter family homeland last summer in France. We toured Alteckendorf which is where our Matter family lived before leaving for America in 1751. It was very interesting. That area was formerly part of Germany. I keep working away and now have nearly 38,000 names in my database.

Roger Cramer Peoria, AZ

Name: Jessica Green
Date: 26 February, 2000
Time: 06:24 PM


Dear Grandma and Grandpa, I wish you a very happy golden anniversary. (50th anniversary)  I thought the cake was really cool with the picture of you on your wedding day, it tasted good too.

Name: Dean Harris
Date: 07 March, 2000
Time: 03:57 PM


Happy 50th Uncle Gordon and Aunt Rosalynd! Hear you had a wonderful celebration--sorry I couldn't be there to join in.

All best wishes,


P.S. Bob has done a terrific job on this site!

Name: Barbara Capps Rocha, Adeline Grove Capps (wife of Paul Capps) and Linda Capps Atchison
Date: 10 March, 2000
Time: 02:06 PM


Congratulations from your distant cousins in California. Paul and Adeline were married on Jan 9th, 1943 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota. Paul was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge and died on 9-9-74. We enjoyed the website and the notes. We just found out we are related to Rosalynd. Congratulations on 50 years together. Barb, Ad and Linda

Name: Burton and Betty-Jean Butler (Mother-Thelma Reid)
Date: 11 March, 2000
Time: 02:53 PM


Congratulations on 50 years, ours is in 2002. I don't have a son that can put us on the internet however. Great photo of you two. Thanks for all your help to Thelma when we were so far away. Burt has retired and may stop and see you if we go to Woodland to visit relatives. Have a great year. This is the first year of the rest of your life together, have many happy years.

Name: Bob, Janelle and Jessica Green
Date: 13 March, 2000
Time: 04:11 PM


Happy Birthday Mom and Grandma!

Hope you are having a great day.

Name: katarina
Date: 18 March, 2000
Time: 10:25 AM


he,im not old am 12 years old and lives in sweden in stocholm so my englih is not so god. I think its a nice page!!!!

Name: Jorge
Date: 25 March, 2000
Time: 08:36 PM


Congratulations for your wedding anniversary. I very much enjoyed the page. I believe your marriage is a rejoicing example.

Name: Bob Ferree
Date: 08 April, 2000
Time: 11:15 AM



Sorry about being so tardy in posting this, but I though I had. Best wishes to you both from the Ferree side of your family. Bob Ferree

Name: Kathy Darner
Date: 24 April, 2000
Time: 01:06 AM


Dear Gordon and Rosalynd: Just wanted to say it looks like ya'll had a wonderful time. My brothers and sisters are in the process of planning my mom and dad's 50th and we were looking for some ideas. Good to know there are other couple's out there that make it this far. Thanks for the inspiration! Here's to 50 more years....

Name: Liz Marino-Morris
Date: 07 May, 2000
Time: 12:37 PM


How nice of you to put this website up to honor your parents! My parents Joe & Angie Marino are also celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this year in Albuquerque, New Mexico! We can all hope & pray that we too reach our 50th wedding anniversary with our spouses!!

Take Care & God Bless, Liz

Name: Wilfred Vaz
Date: 01 July, 2000
Time: 09:34 AM


It is indeed a blessing for your family to have the opportunity to celebrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of your parents.

My parents will be celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary on 31Aug 2000. I was browsing the net when I came across the yr parents big day. I will certainly be borrowing some ideas from yr home page_ a guest book at the reception hall being one of them.

If you have any suggestions, it will be most welcome. We will be having a church service and dinner among immediate family and friends. My parents wedding day coincides with Malaysian Independence day but my parents were married a good few years before Independence!

All the best to you n your family.


Name: Cynthia Holmes
Date: 11 November, 2000
Time: 04:58 PM


Congratulations are in order to Gordon and Rosalynd on their 50th wedding anniversary!! My parents will be celebrating their 50th on December 2,2000. It is wonderful to see couples united and together for so many years! We will be having a celebration for my parent Ernest and Mary Little in North Carolina! Again Gordon and Rosalynd, enjoy yourselves, you deserve it!

Name: Cynthia Holmes
Date: 11 November, 2000
Time: 05:17 PM


Happy 50th to Gordon and Rosalynd! It is marvelous to see couples united and celebrating so many years together! My husband and I have only been married for 4 years. It gives us great hope in reaching such a plateau! My parents (Ernest and Mary Little) will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on December 2, 2000 in North Carolina! How encouraging it is to witness strong couples and partnerships! Again I congratulate you Gordon and Rosalynd and hope that this is your best year yet! Sincerely, Cynthia Holmes

Name: Charles Raycliffe Stivers
Date: 20 November, 2000
Time: 08:27 PM


Thanks for allowing me to visit your website.

Name: Barnet Schmidt
Date: 22 January, 2001
Time: 11:00 PM


Congratulations on your 50th wedding anniversary! It's totally tubular.

Name: Carol Gerwick
Date: 25 March, 2001
Time: 12:36 AM


Congratulations! Staying together fifty years is wonderful. Gordon, Thank you for sharing Weltzien information with me. After reviewing you surname list then I wondered who you weren't related too??? I know that we are related through the Weltzien line. I've had trouble sending you e-mails so maybe in my Weltzien website then we'll be able to share more information.

Name: Gail Muscott (now Leslie Gail Adiska)
Date: 24 March, 2003
Time: 10:42 PM


I am a descendant of Richard and William Muscott from England. It is amazing how we are all related. Thank you for the wonderful website and God Bless you All!

Name: Steve Pfeiffer
Date: 09 July, 2002
Time: 09:19 PM


Found your page off the Friday Genealogy page and had to investigate. Nice page.

Name: Jim Emerson
Date: 21 August, 2003
Time: 01:23 AM


Dear Gordon and Rosalynd, Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your website. I have added it to my favorites, and will definitely visit is from time to time. William Wilson Thrap

Name: Jim Emerson
Date: 21 August, 2003
Time: 01:30 AM


Gordon and Rosalynd, As I was saying, William Wilson Thrap and Johanna Elizabeth Sherman are my 3rd greatgrandparents. Oscar Carlyle Emerson is my greatgrandfather. I have some information on the family line from W.W. Thrap and Johanna on down if you would like to have it. Again, thank you for inviting me to visit your site. I enjoyed it tremendously, and especially all the information on this branch of your family tree. Jim

Name: Beverly (Reagan) Bryant
Date: 15 June, 2004
Time: 12:48 PM


It's now 2004 but hope Gordon & Rosalynd are still going strong! I came here to research the Berry family line. I am Elsie Berry's granddaughter (her name appears on one of your pages.) Thanks for doing SO much work on the Berry family line. Your page has saved me countless hours of research! Cheers, Beverly Bryant

Name: William (Bill) Earl Savage
Date: 02 November, 2004
Time: 05:12 PM


This is great! I am a descendant of Oliver Wolcott and am collecting information on the branch of the Family Tree that has Oliver Wolcott as one of our ancestors. Thanks so much for the information. I am using this information on the Wolcotts to verify the information I have collected on the Family Tree. If you have any pictures of the Wolcotts you have listed, I would appreciate receiving a copy for my file.

Name: Dale Updike
Date: 09 February, 2005
Time: 07:49 PM


Congratulations from another William the Conqueror descendant cousin in Saskatchewan, Canada! I'll have to find out the lines where we connect in medieval England. Always great to meet a new cousin! Email:

Name: Charles H Walling
Date: 10 April, 2005
Time: 05:51 PM


We would love to make 50 years. We're at 38 years now. I am 73 and Thel is 70. It was a real nice celebration. Congrads. Charles Walling, Seattle

Name: Jim Brennan Newport News Virginia
Date: 09 December, 2005
Time: 04:24 PM


Name: Noel D. Luke
Date: 27 May, 2006
Time: 12:47 PM


Thanks for providing this very valuable website. For those interested, more can be found on the Emma Perkins (1803) and William Luke (1801) at This family is hosting a reunion June 17-19, 2006 in Manti, Utah. Please consult the website for registration information.

Name: Bob Green
Location: Moraga, California
Date: 18 December 2008
Time: 10:50 PM


Please post memories of my mother, Rosalynd Green, to the funeral home web site at and I will copy them over to this page.  Direct posting of messages on this board has been disabled due to inappropriate messages.

Janelle Green
Alameda, California
December 19, 2008 2:38 PM
My grandmother was the most selfless person I have ever known. She touched more lives than I think she ever knew. She will be dearly missed.

US Flag
Ed and Evie Harris
December 19, 2008 5:31 PM
We will miss you...

Barbara And Jerry Simonds
December 20, 2008 12:11 PM
May you rest in peace.

Linda (Capps) Atchison
Apache Junction, AZ
December 20, 2008 4:56 PM
Gordon, I'm sorry to hear about the passing of Rosalynd. My mom died on 9/2/2008 (Adeline Capps). Please keep me on your email list. May God be with you and your family. Rosalynd is now with my mom and the rest of the Capps family. May God bless you and keep you in this time of sorrow. Linda

Celtic Cross
Bill & Shellie Hagerman
Lafayette, CA
December 21, 2008 12:24 AM
Bill and I send our love and prayers and pray for you and your family. Many, many hugs to you. Bill and Shellie

Barbara Bacon
Davis, CA
December 21, 2008 12:27 PM
May the love of family and friends comfort you in this time of loss. Rosalynd was so special.

Name: Bob Green
Location: Memorial Service, Davis Community Church, Davis, California
Date: 30 December 2008
Time: 2:00 PM


My mom always put others first, ahead of herself.  Not just as a parent, wife, or grandmother, but in her interactions with everyone.  She taught us humility and service to others, not by telling, but by doing.

She lost her mother when she was seven years old, and she and her sister, Marie, were raised by her two Great Aunts, Nellie and Ollie, who had also raised her father when his mother died when he was young.  These two Great Aunts, who never married, demonstrated service and love of others by raising two generations of her family.  This was a lesson that my mother absorbed and lived throughout her life.

When she graduated from high school during World War II, she joined the Women’s Army Corps (WACs) to serve her country during a time of need.  She served in the Pentagon, doing secretarial duties.

After the war, she went to Minneapolis Business College , where she met my dad.  They were married in 1950 and enjoyed 58 years as husband and wife.  She got up early every morning to fix breakfast for my dad, who left around 7:30 for work.  He usually had a cooked breakfast. 

When I was born, she stopped working to raise the family.  She did a lot of activities with us as we were growing up including serving as a Den Mother in Cub Scouts, attending Little League games, and teaching Sunday School right here at Davis Community Church.  During one of her Sunday School Classes, one of the students, who lived across the street from us, told the class that he had been to Mrs. Green’s house the day before to watch monster movies.  She was embarrassed, and that was the end of Creature Features at our house for a while.  She would always offer the extra dessert to others rather than take it for herself.  It wasn’t because she had low self esteem; no, it was because she had high esteem for others.  She would tell us that if we couldn’t say something nice, we shouldn’t say anything at all.

My youngest brother, Steve, had some disabilities, and she helped with lots of doctors’ visits, braces on his legs and feet, and driving to San Francisco every week for several months to pick him up from school so he could be with his family on the weekend.

As we boys grew up and left home, she and my dad continued to help in the community including serving meals to college students at church, helping with Alzheimer’s patients through the Davis Senior Center , serving as a poll worker during elections, and serving as a Deacon at the church.

When she was sick with cancer and going through cancer treatments, she didn’t complain.  She thanked those helping her with a true deeply-felt gratitude.

I think the words of my daughter, Janelle, say it very well:

“My grandmother was the most selfless person I have ever known. She touched more lives than I think she ever knew. She will be dearly missed.”

David Harris and family
Atlanta, Georgia
January 5, 2009 10:10 AM
When thinking about Aunt Rosalynd, I always recall summertime in Minnesota, by the lake. Our visits were always a high point of the year. Farewell Rosalynd, until we meet again.