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February 19, 2000
2:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Davis Community Church
Fellowship Hall

Guests of Honor

Family Present

Bob Green Son Moraga, California
Gary & Martha Green Son and his wife Cupertino, California
Jessica Green Granddaughter Moraga, California
Evelyn & Ed Harris Gordon's Sister and her husband Warrensburg, Missouri
Marie Balding Rosalynd's Sister Sacramento, California
Nancy, J.F., Sarah, Diana, and Joshua Clegg Niece and her family Delhi, California
Carol Balding Niece Sacramento, California

Friends Present


Introductions:    Bob Green

Prayer:    Rev. Nancy Clegg

Toast:    Gary Green

Bob presented them with a book, Older Love by Warren Hanson by Warren Hanson

Serving Cake:    Marie Balding and Evelyn Harris, who were both in the wedding in 1950

Serving Tables:    Martha Green, Jessica Green, Diana Clegg, Joshua Clegg, Sarah Clegg


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Gordon and Gary  Marie and Evelyn cutting cake  Martha serving cake  Ed taking photos  Ed and Evelyn  Fritz  Golden Bride - Rosalynd  Golden Wedding Photo Cake  Evelyn with cake  Ed saying "Hi"  Gary and Martha  Bob  Golden Wedding Photo Cake  Anniversary Cake  Rosalynd feeding Gordon  Gordon feeding Rosalynd  Cutting Cake  The Kiss  Gary  Rosalynd  Golden Groom Gordon Green  Presentation  Family Table  Opening Prayer  Bob and Gary  Balding and Clegg Family  Bob, Rosalynd, Gary  Cutting the Cake  Marie, Rosalynd, Gordon, Evelyn  Serving Cake  Dancing  More Dancing  Gordon, Rosalynd, Bob, Jessica, Gary, Martha  Ed, Evelyn, Bob, Jessica, Rosalynd, Gordon, Gary, Martha, Marie  Guests  Cutting the cake  Kissing  Gordon, Rosalynd, Bob, Jessica, Gary, Martha  Bob, Evelyn  Gordon, Rosalynd, Bob, Jessica, Gary, Martha  Balding and Clegg family  Rev. Nancy Clegg  Marie, Rosalynd, Gordon, Evelyn  Guests  Guests  Guests  Guests  Guests  Presentation  Guests  Guests  Guests  Guests  Guests  Bob and Gary  Dancing

Photo credits:  Gary Green, Jessica Green, Gordon Green, Martha Green, Evelyn Harris, Ed Harris, Marie Balding, Carol Balding

Newspaper article in the Davis Enterprise

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