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bullet Henry III BAVARIA -Duke(1) was born on 28 Oct 1017. He died on 5 Oct 1056 in Bodfeld Hartz. Parents: Bruno VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count and Gisele SWABIA .

He was married to Agnes BURGUNDY. Children were: Matilda GERMANY, Judith GERMANY, Henry IV FRANCONIA -Emperor.

bullet Judith BAVARIA(1) was born in 800 in Bavaria. She died on 19 Apr 843 in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France. Parents: Guelph BAVARIA Count and Hedwig Eigilwi BAVARIA -Duchess .

She was married to Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I in Feb 818/19. Children were: Gisela , King Charles FRANCE II.

bullet Judith BAVARIA(1) was born about 925. She died on 28 Jun 987. Parents: Arnulf BAVARIA -Duke and Judith FRIULI.

She was married to Henry BAVARIA -Duke.

bullet Judith BAVARIA(1) Parents: Henry VERDUN -Count.

She was married to Otto FRANCONIA -Duke. Children were: Gregory V -Pope, Conrad CARINTHIA -Duke, Henry FRANCONIA -Count .

bullet Judith BAVARIA(1) was born in 1100. She died on 22 Feb 1129/30. Parents: Henry I BAVARIA -Duke and Ulfhild SAXONY.

She was married to Frederick II HOHENSTAUFEN -Duke in 1121. Children were: Frederick III BARBAROSA -Emperor, Bertha SWABIA .

bullet Leopold I BAVARIA -Count(1) was born about 932. He died on 10 Jul 994 in Wurzburg. Parents: Arnulf BAVARIA -Duke and Judith FRIULI.

He was married to Richwara SUALAFELD. Children were: Adelbert SCHWEINACHGAU -Count, Ernst I SWABIA -Count .

bullet Luitpold BAVARIA -Duke(1) died on 4 Jul 907 in Pressburg.

He was married to Kunigunde SWABIA -Duchess . Children were: Berthold BAVARIA -Duke, Arnulf BAVARIA -Duke.

bullet Oda BAVARIA(1)

She was married to Emperor Arnulf GERMANY. Children were: King Louis , Princess Hedwige BAVARIA.

bullet Otto BAVARIA Duke(1)

He was married to Agnes. Children were: Agnes BAVARIA.

bullet Count Reting BAVARIA II(1) died before 994. Parents: Boto II.

He was married to Glismode SAXONY. Children were: Frideruna.

bullet Rudolf BAVARIA(1) Parents: Guelph BAVARIA Count and Hedwig Eigilwi BAVARIA -Duchess .

bullet Duke Theodebert BAVARIA(1) Parents: Duke Theodon BAVARIA.

Children were: Duke Garibaldi BAVARIA.

bulletDuke Theodo II BAVARIA(1). Parents: Duke Fara II BAVARIA.

He was married to Regintrude AUSTRASIA. Children were: Duke Godfrey ALLEMANIA .

bullet Duke Theodon BAVARIA(1) Parents: Duke Theodon II BAVARIA.

Children were: Duke Theodebert BAVARIA.

bulletDuke Theodon I BAVARIA(1).

Children were: Duke Theodon II BAVARIA.

bulletDuke Theodon II BAVARIA(1). Parents: Duke Theodon I BAVARIA.

Children were: Duke Theodon BAVARIA.

bulletWelf BAVARIA -Count(1) died in 819. Parents: Welf II.

He was married to Heilwig SAXONY. Children were: Konrad I -Count .

bullet Welf IV BAVARIA -Duke(1) was born in 1037. He died on 9 Nov 1101 in Cyprus. Parents: Alberto II AZZO and Kunigunde.

He was married to Judith FLANDERS in 1071. Children were: Welf V BAVARIA -Duke, Henry I BAVARIA -Duke.

bullet Welf V BAVARIA -Duke(1) died in 1120. Parents: Welf IV BAVARIA -Duke and Judith FLANDERS.

bullet Willa BAVARIA(1)

She was married to Sieghard IV SULZBURGGAU -Count about 965. Children were: Englebert III CHIEMGAU -Count.

bullet Wiltrude BAVARIA -Duchess(1) was born about 937 in France. Parents: Giselbert LORRAINE -Duke and Gerberga GERMANY.

bullet Odo Kent BAYEUX -Bishop(1) was born about 1036 in Conteville, Normandy, France. He died in 1097. Parents: Harlevin DE CONTEVILLE -Vicomte and Harlette DE FALAIS .

bullet Poppa BAYEUX -Countess(1) was born about 934 in Normandy, France.

She was married to Bulso D' ESPAINE. Children were: Ancitel DE BAYEUX.

bullet Ralph BAYEUX -Count(1)

Children were: Bulso D' ESPAINE.

bulletMyrtie BAZELEY(1). Parents: William BAZELEY and Adella SWIFT.

She was married to A FORTNUM. Children were: Floyd FORTNUM, Fern FORTNUM, Vilo FORTNUM, Nile FORTNUM, Marilyn FORTNUM.

bullet William BAZELEY(1)

He was married to Adella SWIFT. Children were: Myrtie BAZELEY .

bullet BE BIND(1) was born about 910. Parents: King Aurchad West CONNACHT.

She was married to CENNETIG. Children were: Monarch Brian Boru IRELAND.

bullet Joseph Ambrose BEAKY

He was married to Mary Ann BANGS . Children were: Martha Adela BEAKY.

bullet Martha Adela BEAKY was born on 1 Jun 1841 in Emmitsburg, Maryland. She died after 1906. Parents: Joseph Ambrose BEAKY and Mary Ann BANGS.

She was married to David Davis WALKER on 25 Dec 1862 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri. Children were: George Herbert WALKER.

bullet Winnie BEAMAN(1) was born in 1848 in Indiana.

She was married to Valentine SHELLHART. Children were: Linna SHELLHART.

bullet BEAUCHAMP (1) Parents: Nicholas BEAUCHAMP.

She was married to Ormele GULDEN. Children were: Ralph FITZ ORM.

bullet Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP(1) was born about 1349 in Ryme, Dorsetshire, England. Parents: John Richard BEAUCHAMP and Johanna Margaret WALESBURGH.

She was married to William FORTESCUE. Children were: William FORTESCUE, John FORTESCUE Sir.

bullet Jane BEAUCHAMP(1) was born about 1313. Parents: John BEAUCHAMP and Joan.

bullet Joan BEAUCHAMP(1) Parents: John Richard BEAUCHAMP and Johanna Margaret WALESBURGH .

bullet John BEAUCHAMP(1) was born about 1285. He died between 1337 and 1346. Parents: Humphrey DE BEAUCHAMP and Sibyl OLIVER.

He was married to Joan. Children were: Jane BEAUCHAMP, John Richard BEAUCHAMP.

bullet John BEAUCHAMP(1) was born about 1245 in Elmley Castle, Worcester, England. He died after 1297. Parents: William BEAUCHAMP and Isobel MANDUIT.

bullet John Richard BEAUCHAMP(1) was born about 1315. He died on 8 Apr 1349. Parents: John BEAUCHAMP and Joan.

He was married to Johanna Margaret WALESBURGH in 1340. Children were: Thomas BEAUCHAMP Sir, Joan BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP.

bullet Nicholas BEAUCHAMP(1)

Children were: BEAUCHAMP.

bulletRobert de Hatch BEAUCHAMP Lord(1) died before 1266. He was born in Hatch, Somerset, England. Parents: Robert de Hatch BEAUCHAMP Lord and Juliana BRETT .

He was married to Alice DE MOHUM. Children were: Humphrey DE BEAUCHAMP.

bullet Robert de Hatch BEAUCHAMP Lord(1) was born in Hatch, Somerset, England.

He was married to Juliana BRETT. Children were: Robert de Hatch BEAUCHAMP Lord.

bullet Thomas BEAUCHAMP Sir(1) Parents: John Richard BEAUCHAMP and Johanna Margaret WALESBURGH .

bullet William BEAUCHAMP(1) was born about 1215 in Elmley, Gloucester, England. He died about Jan 1267/68. Parents: Walter DE BEAUCHAMP -Judge and Joan DE MORTIMER .

He was married to Isobel MANDUIT. Children were: Walter DE BEAUCHAMP, John BEAUCHAMP, William DE BEAUCHAMP, Thomas DE BEAUCHAMP, Joan DE BEAUCHAMP, Isabel DE BEAUCHAMP, Sybil DE BEAUCHAMP, Sarah DE BEAUCHAMP.

bullet Henry BEAUFORT -Cardinal(1) was born about 1376 in Beaufort Castle, Anjou, France. He died on 11 Apr 1447. Parents: John Gaunt LANCASTER -Prince and Catherine ROET .

bullet Joan BEAUFORT(1) was born about 1379. She died about 1440. Parents: John Gaunt LANCASTER -Prince and Catherine ROET.

She was married to Robert FERRERS Barron. Children were: Mary DE FERRERS .

bullet John BEAUFORT -Lord(1) was born before May 1286 in England. He died before 1327. Parents: Edmund LANCASTER -Earl and Queen Blanche ARTOIS.

bullet Adelaide BEAUJEU(1)

She was married to Count Guigues ALBON VI. Children were: Count Guigues ALBON VII.

bullet Hugh BEAUMONT(1) was born between 1448 and 1458 in Youlston, Devonshire, England. He died on 25 Mar 1507. Parents: Thomas BEAUMONT Sir and Alice STUKELEY.

He was married to Thomasine WISE. Children were: Margaret BEAUMONT.

bullet Ivo IV BEAUMONT -Count(1) died about 1083. Parents: Ivo III BELLEMONTENSIS -Count and Emma.

He was married to Adelaide DE GOURNAY . Children were: Agnes DE BEAUMONT.

bullet John BEAUMONT(1) was born about 1450 in Youlston, Devonshire, England. Parents: Thomas BEAUMONT Sir and Alice STUKELEY.

bullet John BEAUMONT Sir(1) was born about 1335 in Sherwell, Devonshire, England. He died on 12 Mar 1379/80. Parents: Richard BEAUMONT.

He was married to Joane STOKEY . Children were: William BEAUMONT.

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