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bullet Emperor Lothar I ITALY(1) was born in 795 in France. He died on 29 Sep 855 in Pruem, Germany. Parents: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I and Ermengarde DE HESBAYE.

He was married to Queen Ermengarde ORLEANS on 15 Oct 821. Children were: King Charles , Hiltrud, Rotrud, Gisela, Bertha, Louis -Emperor, King Lothair II LORRAINE, Ermengarde LORRAINE -Princess.

bullet Queen Willa ITALY(1) was born about 920 in Tuscany, France. Parents: Count Boso ARLES and Princess Willa BURGUNDY.

She was married to King Berengarius II. Children were: Princess Susanna , King Adelbert LOMBARD, Gerberga IVREA.

bullet Gwrgant ap ITHEL(1)

He was married to Verch GWYN. Children were: Eva Verch GWRGANT .

bullet Itha ITTA(1) died in 652. Parents: Mayor\bishop Arnouldus.

She was married to Mayor Pepin. Children were: St Beggue.

bullet IUCHDELB (1) Parents: Cearnachanhui SAIRBITA.

Children were: ORLAITH .

bulletAud IVARSSON(1) was born about 633 in Am, Denmark. Parents: King Ivar HALFDANSSON of Sweden .

She was married to King Radbard GARDERIDGE. Children were: Randver RADBARTSSON.

bullet Eystein IVARSSON(1) was born about 810 in Maer, Norway. Parents: Ivar OPLAENDINGE and N.N. THRODHEIM.

He was married to Aseda ROGNVALDSSON . Children were: Schwanhilde, Earl Rognvald Maer EYSTEINSSON, Sigurd EYSTEINSSON .

bullet Count Louis I IVOIX(1) died on 28 Sep 1025. Parents: Count Otto I WARCQ and Ermengarde NAMUR.

He was married to Adelaide ST VARNE. Children were: Count Louis II IVOIX .

bullet Count Louis II IVOIX(1) died in 1068. Parents: Count Louis I IVOIX and Adelaide ST VARNE.

He was married to Countess Sophia VERDUN. Children were: Count Arnold II WARCQ .

bullet Marquis Adalbert IVREA(1) was born about 868 in Ivrea, Turin, Italy. He died in 924. Parents: Anscarius ANCHIER The Burgundian and Gisela.

He was married to Princess Gisela FRIULI. Children were: King Berengarius II.

He was married to Ermengarde TUSCANY. Children were: Anskar III CAMERINO -Margrave .

bullet Adelaide IVREA(1) died after 12 Oct 1113. Parents: Ardoino II IVREA -Count.

She was married to William BERTRAND -Count. Children were: Adelaide PROVENCE.

bullet Ardicino IVREA -Prince(1) was born about 980. Parents: Ardoino IVREA -Marquis and Berta LORRAINE -Princess.

He was married to Willa TUSCANY before 1019. Children were: Ardoino II IVREA -Count.

bullet Ardoino IVREA -Marquis(1) was born about 960. He died in 1015. Parents: Dadone POMBIA -Count .

He was married to Berta LORRAINE -Princess. Children were: Ardicino IVREA -Prince.

bullet Ardoino II IVREA -Count(1) Parents: Ardicino IVREA -Prince and Willa TUSCANY.

Children were: Adelaide IVREA.

bulletGerberga IVREA(1) was born in 945. Parents: King Berengarius II and Queen Willa ITALY.

bullet St Olga (Helga) IZBORSK -Grand Duchess(1) died in 969. Parents: Oleg (Helgi II) KIEV.

She was married to Igor NOVGOROD -Prince in 903 in Russia. Children were: Svatislav I KIEV -Grand Duke .

bullet Robert JACKSON(1) was born in Reedley, England.

Children were: Jackson FLETCHER.

bulletJohn JACOB(1).

He was married to Margery EAMES on 20 Oct 1653.

bullet Joan Eileen Lyseng Johnson JACOBSON(1) was born on 22 Feb 1957.

She was married to Steven Emil BRADSETH on 16 Jun 1984. Children were: Brandon Michael Johnson BRADSETH, Adam Carl BRADSETH .

bullet Donna JAHN(1)

She was married to Norman Russell COLLER on 9 Feb 1963 in Wautoma, Waushara, Wisconsin. Children were: Clinton Ross COLLER, Rebecca Ann COLLER, Nathan Jahn COLLER.

bullet Ole (Eikrem) (Landsverk) JAKABSSON(1) was born in 1766 in Norway. He died in 1798 in Norway. Parents: Jacob Jakofsson LANDSVERK and Marte Olsdotter EIKREM .

He was married to Synneve Olsdotter LID Aka Eikrem in 1790 in Norway. Children were: Marte Olsdotter EIKREM.

bullet Upham JAMES(1) was born on 8 Aug 1687 in Malden, Middlesex, Massachusetts. AFN:8KML-KL. Parents: Phineas UPHAM and Mary MELLEN.

bullet Isabella JAMYS(1) was born about 1414 in Philips, Somerset, England. Parents: John JAMYS and Margery.

She was married to John FORTESCUE Sir in Church Chancel, Ebrington, Gloucester, England. Children were: Martin FORTESCUE, Elizabeth FORTESCUE, Maud FORTESCUE.

bullet John JAMYS(1)

He was married to Margery. Children were: Isabella JAMYS.

bullet Kjallar JANSSON(1) was born on 20 Dec 1739 in Traskog, S.Mangen Gunnarskog, Sweden. He died on 20 Jan 1820 in Traskog, S.Mangen Gunnarskog, Sweden. Parents: Jan HAKANSSON and Marit HAKANSDOTTER.


bullet Olof JANSSON(1)

He was married to Karin OLDSDOTTER. Children were: Kjerstin OLDSDOTTER .

bullet Pieter JANSZ(1) was born about 1588 in Broek Op Land, Holland. Parents: Jan GERRITSZ.

He was married to Adriaentgen ARENTSD. Children were: Magdalena PIETERSE.

bullet Anna (Agnes) Agnesa JAROSLAWNA Duchess(1) was born about 1036 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Parents: Jaroslav I WLADIMIROWWITSCH -Grand Prince and Ingegerd SWEDEN -Princess.

She was married to King Henry FRANCE I. Children were: Raoul VERMANDOIS Count , King Philip I, Hugh Magnus DE CREPI.

bullet Elizabeth JASPER(1) was born on 8 Oct 1578 in Pedgrove, Suffolk, England. She died on 20 Jun 1655 in Redgrave, Suffolk, England.

She was married to Samuel MORSE on 29 Jun 1602 in Redgrave, Suffolk, England. Children were: Mary MORSE.

bullet Maud JECKES(1) was born in 1575 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

She was married to Ralph HABURNE on 2 Dec 1593. Children were: Jane HABURNE.

bullet Myrtle JEFFERIES(1)

She was married to Ernest SHOOP.

bullet Elizabeth JENKINS was born about 1763 in Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales.

She was married to Evan DAVID on 23 May 1784 in Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales. Children were: Elizabeth DAVID .

bullet Jemima JENKINS(1) was born on 26 Apr 1714. Parents: Josheph JENKINS and Hannah.

bullet Josheph JENKINS(1) was born about 1687.

He was married to Hannah about 1709. Children were: Keziah JENKINS, Jemima JENKINS.

bullet Keziah JENKINS(1) was born about 1712. She died in 1758. Parents: Josheph JENKINS and Hannah.

She was married to David HOAG. Children were: David HOAG, Hannah HOAG, William HOAG, Keziah HOAG, Samuel HOAG, Abigail HOAG, Lydia HOAG, Sarah HOAG, Phebe HOAG.

bullet Sarah JENNEY(1)

She was married to Daniel SHERMAN. Children were: Ebenezer SHERMAN .

bullet Jacob JENNY(1)

He was married to Regula ZWICKI.

bullet James C. JENSON

He was married to Amelia HOLZHOUSER .

bullet Piniola JIMENO -Count(1) Parents: Jimeno JIMINEZ and ARAGONTA Condesa.

He was married to Eldonzo MUNEZ. Children were: Gondemaro ASTURIAS.

bullet Garcia JIMINEZ(1) Parents: Jimeno.

Children were: Jimeno GARCIA.

bulletKing Garcia II JIMINEZ(1) was born about 845. He died after 890. Parents: Jimeno GARCIA .

He was married to Dadidis DE PALLARS. Children were: King Sancho I GARCES.

He was married to Oneca Rebelle DE SANGUESA. Children were: Sancha GARCES.

bullet Inigo JIMINEZ(1) Parents: Jimeno.

Children were: Inigo ARISTA.

bulletJimeno JIMINEZ(1).

He was married to ARAGONTA Condesa. Children were: Piniola JIMENO -Count.

bullet Erlende JODOIGNE(1)

She was married to Giselbert I LOOS -Count. Children were: Immo IV LOOS -Count.

bullet JOHANAN (1) Parents: AKKUB.

Children were: SHAPHAT.

bulletMarie-Martha JOHANNESDATTER(1).

She was married to Trond Olsen Skjellestad LIE. Children were: Ole Trondsen LIE, John Thrond LIE (LEE), Anna Trondsdatter LIE, Anders Trondsen LIE, Berndt Trondsen LIE.

bullet Mikkel JOHANNESSEN(1) was born in 1621 in Hellebust, Norway. He died in Hellebust, Norway. Parents: Johannes OLSEN.

Children were: Knut Johannessen HELLEBUST, Jakob Johannessen HELLEBUST, Paul MIKKELSEN.

bulletAnn JOHN was born on 3 May 1818 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She was christened on 22 May 1818 in St. John's, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She died on 10 May 1850 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. She was buried on 11 May 1850 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. Parents: John JOHN and Elizabeth DAVID.

She was married to John A. LEWIS in 1834 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. Children were: Ann LEWIS.

bullet John JOHN was christened on 4 Feb 1781 in Roath, Glamorgan, Wales. He was born in 1783 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. He died on 16 Sep 1854 in Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales. Parents: Thomas JOHN and Mary or Margaret.

He was married to Elizabeth DAVID on 2 Nov 1813 in Llandaff, Glamorganshire, Wales. Children were: Ann JOHN.

bullet Richard JOHN was born about 1727 in Roath, Glamorgan, Wales.

He was married to Catherine DAVID. Children were: Thomas JOHN.

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