bullet King Cunedda WALES(1) was born about 404. Parents: Edeyrn AETERN.

Children were: Einion WALES.

bulletDavid Dafydd WALES -Prince(1) was born about 1209 in Gwynedd, Wales. He died in Mar 1245/46. Parents: Llewellyn AP IORWERTH -Prince and Joanna WALES -Princess .

bullet Einion WALES(1) Parents: King Cunedda WALES.

Children were: CADWALLON .

bulletPrince Frederick Louis WALES(1). Parents: King George II ENGLAND and Caroline BRANDENBURG.

Children were: King George III ENGLAND.

bulletIago WALES -Prince(1) was born about 974 in Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales. He died in 1039. Parents: Idwal ap MEURIG.

He was married to Afrandreg Verch GWEIR. Children were: Cynan ap IAGO.

bullet Iago WALES -Prince(1) was born about 913 in Aberffraw Castle, Anglesey, Wales. Parents: Idwal ap ANARAWD and Afandreg Verch MERFYN.

bullet Joanna WALES -Princess(1) died in Feb 1236/37 in Aberconway, Caemarvonshire, Wales. She was born in London, England. Parents: King John Lackland ENGLAND and Queen Isabel ANGOULEME.

She was married to Llewellyn AP IORWERTH -Prince in 1206 in Ascensiontide. Children were: Angharad Verch LLEWELYN, Helen Verch LLEWELYN , Margaret Verch LLEWELYN, David Dafydd WALES -Prince.

bullet Owain WALES -Prince(1) was born about 1087 in Gwynedd, Wales. He died in Dec 1169 in Caemarvonshire, Wales. Parents: Gruffydd ap CYNAN and Angharad Verch OWAIN.

He was married to Gwladys Verch LLYWARCH. Children were: Gwenllian Verch OWAIN, Maelgwn ap OWAIN, Cynan ap OWAIN, Iorwerth ap DRWYNDWN.

bullet Rhodri Mawr WALES -Prince(1) died in 878 in Angley, Wales. Parents: Merfyn ap GWRIAD and Nest Verch CADELL.

He was married to Anghared Verch MEURIG. Children were: Anarawd WALES -Prince , Merfyn POWYS -Prince, Cadell ap RHODRI.

bullet Johanna Margaret WALESBURGH(1) Parents: John WALESBURGH.

She was married to John Richard BEAUCHAMP in 1340. Children were: Thomas BEAUCHAMP Sir, Joan BEAUCHAMP, Elizabeth BEAUCHAMP.

bullet John WALESBURGH(1)

Children were: Johanna Margaret WALESBURGH.

bulletCicily WALETON(1) was born about 1181 in Hale, Lancashire, England. Parents: Henry DE WALETON and Juliana.

She was married to Alan DE COLUMBERS. Children were: Cecily DE COLUMBERS .

bullet Alwilda WALKER(1) was born in May 1873. Parents: George Frederick WAKER and Marcia Anne COLLER.

bullet David Davis WALKER was born on 19 Jan 1840 in Bloomington, Illinois. He died on 4 Oct 1918 in Kennebunkport, York Co., Maine.

He was married to Martha Adela BEAKY on 25 Dec 1862 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri. Children were: George Herbert WALKER.

bullet Deamer WALKER(1)

He was married to Margaret CAPPS.

bullet Dorothy WALKER was born on 1 Jul 1901 in Walker's Point, York, Maine. She died on 19 Nov 1992 in Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut.  Parents: George Herbert WALKER and Lucretia (Loulie) WEAR .

She was married to Prescott Sheldon BUSH on 6 Sep 1921 in Kennebunkport, York, Maine. Children were: President George Herbert Walker BUSH.

bullet Elizabeth WALKER(1)

She was married to Luke HITCHCOCK on 3 Nov 1699.

bullet Ella May WALKER(1)

She was married to John Roland NICHOLS.

bullet George Herbert WALKER was born on 11 Jun 1875 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri. He died on 24 Jun 1953 in New York, New York. Parents: David Davis WALKER and Martha Adela BEAKY.

He was married to Lucretia (Loulie) WEAR on 17 Jan 1899. Children were: Dorothy WALKER.

bullet Marguerite Mae WALKER(1) was born on 17 May 1876 in Belvidere, Boone Co., Illinois. She appeared on the census in 1880 in Bonus, Boone, Illinois. listed as Maggie Walker with grandparents J. V. and Margarate Coller She died on 10 Dec 1961 in Michigan. Parents: George Frederick WAKER and Marcia Anne COLLER .

She was married to Ferdinand Charles GAETZKE on 18 Jun 1895 in Beloit, Rock Co., Wisconsin. Children were: Fae Floyd GAETZKE (WALKER).

bullet Martha Matilda WALKER was born in 1802 or 1805 in Indiana Co., Pennsylvania. She died on 21 Nov 1853 in Albany, Missouri.

She was married to Robert M. KIER in Pennsylvania. Children were: Issac W. KIER.

bullet Ross Brian WALKER(1) was born on 6 Jul 1928 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. Parents: Fae Floyd GAETZKE (WALKER) and Isabella Julia RUDATIS .

bullet Sarah WALKER(1)

She was married to Nathaniel WARREN. Children were: Richard WARREN , Jabez WARREN, Sarah WARREN , Hope WARREN, Jane WARREN , Elizabeth WARREN, Alice WARREN, Mercy WARREN, Mary WARREN, Nathaniel WARREN, John WARREN, James WARREN.

bullet John WALLER(1)

bullet Maria WALLIN\WALLEN(1)

She was married to Fridolin CHRISTEN. Children were: Andreas CHRISTEN, Anna CHRISTEN.

bullet Harvey WALTER(1)

He was married to Maud DE VALOINES. Children were: Theobald WALTER .

bullet Maud WALTER(1)

She was married to Gerald DE PENDERGAST. Children were: Marie DE PENDERGAST .

bullet Theobald WALTER(1) was born about 1160 in West Dereham, Norfolk, England. He died between 1205 and 1206. Parents: Harvey WALTER and Maud DE VALOINES.

He was married to Maud VAVASOUR. Children were: Theobald de Verdon LE BUTZLLEN.

bullet Phoebe WALTERS(1)

She was married to Solomon SHOOP on 17 Dec 1894.

bullet Alice WALTHAM(1)

She was married to William BALL. Children were: Francis BALL.

bullet Sarah WALTON

She was married to Francis DOLEMAN on 25 Dec 1807 in Ratby, Leicester, England. Children were: Francis DOLEMAN, Elizabeth DOLEMAN.

bullet Jone WAMPFORD(1) was born about 1354 in Winkley, Devonshire, England. Parents: Nicholas WAMPFORD .

She was married to John KEYNES. Children were: John KEYNES, Richard KEYNES .

bullet Nicholas WAMPFORD(1)

Children were: Jone WAMPFORD.

bulletHarold WANDLING(1) was born on 6 Apr 1893. He died on 11 Dec 1991 in Long Beach, California.

He was married to Calladonia Lee FISH.

bullet Blanch WARBURTON was born about 1496 in Cheshire, England. She died after 1541. Parents: John WARBURTON and Jane STANLEY.

She was married to William DAVENPORT about 1520 in Arley, Cheshire, England. Children were: Jane DAVENPORT.

bullet Christopher Ryan WARBURTON(1) was born on 8 Apr 1991. Parents: Sydney WARBURTON and Anna Marie ORLOW.

bullet John WARBURTON was born about 1458 in Arley, Cheshire, England. He died about 1525.

He was married to Jane STANLEY about 1489. Children were: Blanch WARBURTON.

bullet Sydney WARBURTON(1)

He was married to Anna Marie ORLOW. Children were: Christopher Ryan WARBURTON.

bullet Count Arnold II WARCQ(1) died on 16 Apr 1106. Parents: Count Louis II IVOIX and Countess Sophia VERDUN.

He was married to Adela RAMERU. Children were: Count Otto II CHINY.

bullet Count Otto I WARCQ(1) was born about 942. He died in 1013. Parents: Count Arnold I and Mathilde CHINY.

He was married to Ermengarde NAMUR. Children were: Count Louis I IVOIX .

bullet Phillippa WARD(1) was born about 1577. She died after 1615.

She was married to Samuel SHERMAN about 1598 in Dedham, Essex Co., England. Children were: Mary SHERMAN, Samuel SHERMAN, Henry SHERMAN, Martha SHERMAN, Sarah SHERMAN, Phillip SHERMAN.

bullet Abigail WARNER(1) was born on 18 Aug 1675 in Hadley, Hampden, Massachusetts. She died on 14 Oct 1748 in Hadley, Hampden, Massachusetts.

She was married to Charles FERRE (FERRY) .

bullet Anne Louise WARNER(1)

She was married to Kenneth BROWN on 19 Aug 1950. Children were: Philip Loren BROWN, Stephen Mark BROWN.

bullet Col. Augustine WARNER(1) was born in 1643. He died in 1681.

He was married to Mildred READE . Children were: Mildred WARNER.

bullet Clara WARNER(1)

She was married to Burnell PHILLIPS. Children were: Warner PHILLIPS .

bullet Mildred WARNER(1) died in 1701. Parents: Col. Augustine WARNER and Mildred READE.

She was married to Capt. Lawrence WASHINGTON. Children were: Capt. Augustine WASHINGTON.

bullet Moses WARNER(1)

He was married to Miriam FERRE (FERRY) on 12 Apr 1739.

bullet Sarah M. WARNER(1)

She was married to William FERRE (FERRY) on 28 Nov 1855.

bullet Abigail WARREN(1) was born between 1618 and 1622 in England. She died on 3 Jan 1691/92 in Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts. AFN;7TST-RT. Parents: Richard WARREN and Elizabeth JUATT.

bullet Alice WARREN(1) was born on 2 Aug 1656 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Nathaniel WARREN and Sarah WALKER.

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