bullet Llewellyn AP IORWERTH -Prince(1) was born about 1164 in Abberffraw, Anglesey, Wales. He died on 11 Apr 1240 in Aberconway, Caemarvonshire, Wales. Parents: Iorwerth ap DRWYNDWN and Margaret Verch MADOG.

He was married to Tanglwyst Verch LLYWARCH. Children were: Gruffydd ap LLEWELYN, Gwladys Verch LLEWELYN, Gwenllian Verch LLEWELYN .

He was married to Joanna WALES -Princess in 1206 in Ascensiontide. Children were: Angharad Verch LLEWELYN, Helen Verch LLEWELYN, Margaret Verch LLEWELYN, David Dafydd WALES -Prince .

bullet Robert AP LEWIS(1) Parents: Lewis AP GRIFFITH and Ellen Ferch EDWARD.

Children were: Evan ap Lewis AP ROBERT.

bulletGriffith AP LLYWELYN(1). Parents: Llywelyn AB EINION.

Children were: Catherine Ferch GRIFFITH.

bulletThomas AP LLYWELYN Lord of Iscoed(1). Parents: Llywelyn AB OWEN -Lord and Eleanor BAR.

He was married to Eleanor ISCOED . Children were: Helen ISCOED.

bullet Evan ap Lewis AP ROBERT(1) Parents: Robert AP LEWIS.

Children were: Evan EVANS .

bulletRhys AP TEWDR(1) died in 1093. Parents: Tewdr ap CADELL.

He was married to Gwladys Verch RHIWALLON. Children were: Nesta Verch RHYS.

bullet Llywarch AP TRAHAEARN(1) was born about 1070 in Arwystli, Wales. He died about 1129. Parents: Trahaiarn Arwystli ap CARADAWG -Lord.

He was married to Dyddgu Verch IDNERTH. Children were: Gwladys Verch LLYWARCH.

bullet Joan AQUILLON(1) Parents: Robert DE AQUILLON and Agatha DE BEAUFOE.

She was married to Ralph FITZBARNARD. Children were: Joan FITZBARNARD, John FITZBARNARD -Sir.

bullet AQUILO (1)

He was married to DIVIGRA. Children were: DIEGO.

bullet Adele AQUITAINE -Duchess(1) was born about 897 in Normandy, France. She died about 14 Oct 962. Parents: Hrolf\Rollo NORMANDY and Duchess Poppa DE BAYEUX .

bullet Eleanor AQUITAINE(1) was born about 1122 in Aquitaine, Dist. of Gaul, France. She died on 1 Apr 1204 in Mirabell Castle, Poitiers, France. Parents: William VIII POITOU -Count and Eleanor Aquitaine CHASTELLERAULT Duchess.

She was married to King Henry II NORMANDY. Children were: William of Anjou, Henry -Prince, Matilda, King Richard I, Geoffrey, Princess Eleanor ENGLAND, Joanna, King John Lackland ENGLAND.

She was married to King Louis FRANCE VII on 22 Jul 1137. She was divorced from King Louis FRANCE VII. Children were: Princess Marie FRANCE, Alice BLOIS -Countess.

bullet Guillaume IV AQUITAINE -Duke(1) was born about 949. He died on 3 Feb 994/95.

He was married to Emma DE BLOIS.

bullet Guillaume VIII Guido AQUITAINE(1) was born about 1026. He died on 25 Sep 1086. Parents: Count William III POITOU and Princess Agnes BURGUNDY.

bullet Maud AQUITAINE(1) was born about 1100. Parents: Count William VII POITOU and Philippa TOULOUSE.

She was married to King Ramiro II NAVARRE in Jaca, Spain. Children were: Petronilla ARAGON.

bullet N.N. AQUITAINE(1) Parents: William LE PIEUX.

She was married to Rotbaude I D ANGELCA -Count. Children were: Boso II PROVENCE Count.

bullet King Pepin AQUITAINE(1) was born about 803. He died on 13 Dec 838. Parents: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I and Ermengarde DE HESBAYE .

bullet Petronilla AQUITAINE(1) Parents: William VIII POITOU -Count and Eleanor Aquitaine CHASTELLERAULT Duchess.

bullet Alfonso ARAGON -Prince(1) was born in 1180 in Aragon, Spain. He died in Feb 1208/9 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Parents: King Alfonso II ARAGON and Sanchia CASTILE.

He was married to Gersinde SABRAN . Children were: Raymond V BERENGER.

bullet King Alfonso II ARAGON(1) was born on 25 Mar 1157 in Villa Mayor, De Valle, Spain. He died on 25 Apr 1196 in Perpignan, France. Parents: Raymond IV BERENGER -Count and Petronilla ARAGON.

He was married to Sanchia CASTILE on 18 Jan 1173/74. Children were: King Pedro II ARAGON, Alfonso ARAGON -Prince .

bullet King James I ARAGON(1) was born on 2 Feb 1207/8 in Montpelier, France. He died on 25 Jul 1276 in Valencia, Aragon, Spain. Parents: King Pedro II ARAGON and Marie DE MONTPELLIER.

He was married to Yolande HUNGARY on 8 Sep 1235. Children were: James MAJORCA , Violante ARAGON, Pedro III ARAGON The Great, Isabelle D'ARAGON.

bullet King Pedro II ARAGON(1) was born in 1176 in Spain. He died on 14 Sep 1213 in Battle of Muret. Parents: King Alfonso II ARAGON and Sanchia CASTILE.

He was married to Marie DE MONTPELLIER in Jun 1204. Children were: King James I ARAGON.

bullet Pedro III ARAGON The Great(1) was born about 1240. He died on 11 Nov 1285. Parents: King James I ARAGON and Yolande HUNGARY.

bullet Petronilla ARAGON(1) was born in 1135 in Spain. She died on 17 Oct 1174 in Barcelona, Spain. Parents: King Ramiro II NAVARRE and Maud AQUITAINE.

She was married to Raymond IV BERENGER -Count in 1151. Children were: Raymond Beranger PROVENCE , Sancho PROVENCE -Count, Aldonza BARCELONA, King Alfonso II ARAGON.

bullet King Ramiro I ARAGON(1) died on 8 May 1063 in Graus.

He was married to Gilberga DE CONSERANS on 22 Aug 1036 in Jaca. Children were: Sancho I RAMIREZ .

bullet Violante ARAGON(1) was born about 1236. She died in 1300. Parents: King James I ARAGON and Yolande HUNGARY.

bullet ARAGONTA Condesa(1)

She was married to Jimeno JIMINEZ. Children were: Piniola JIMENO -Count.

bullet Eleanora ARBOREA(1)

She was married to Manfredo I DE SALUZZO. Children were: Manfredo II DE SALUZZO.

bullet Florence I ARCEDEKNE(1)

She was married to John DENEBAUD. Children were: Elizabeth DENEBAUD.

bullet George W ARCHER(1) was born in 1869. He died in 1961.

He was married to Mary Elizabeth SHOOP on 25 Mar 1894.

bullet Joan ARCHES(1) died in 1497. Parents: Richard DE ARCHES and Lucy.

She was married to John DINHAM -Sir before 12 Jul 1434. Children were: John DINHAM -Lord, Joan DE DYNHAM, Margaret DINHAM, Elizabeth DINHAM.

bullet Henry ARDENNES(1) Parents: Count Gozelin BIDGAU and Uda METZ.

bullet Rene ARDENNES(1) Parents: Count Gozelin BIDGAU and Uda METZ.

bullet Adriaentgen ARENTSD(1) was born in 1590 in Alkmaar, Holland.

She was married to Pieter JANSZ. Children were: Magdalena PIETERSE.

bullet Ruthard ARGENGAU -Count(1) was born about 715. He died before 776. Parents: Richbold BREISSAU -Count and Ermengarde.

He was married to HERMENLINDIS. Children were: Welf II.

bullet Ulrich I ARGENGAU -Count(1) Parents: Count Gerold I VINGAU and Duchess Imma ALLEMANIA .

Children were: Ulrich II ARGENGAU -Count.

bulletUlrich II ARGENGAU -Count(1). Parents: Ulrich I ARGENGAU -Count.

Children were: Ulrich III ARGENGAU -Count.

bulletUlrich III ARGENGAU -Count(1). Parents: Ulrich II ARGENGAU -Count.

He was married to Berta . Children were: Ulrich IV ARGENGAU -Count.

bullet Ulrich IV ARGENGAU -Count(1) Parents: Ulrich III ARGENGAU -Count and Berta.

Children were: Ulrich V ARGENGAU -Count.

bulletUlrich V ARGENGAU -Count(1). Parents: Ulrich IV ARGENGAU -Count.

He was married to Wendelgarde. Children were: Ulrich VI UPPER HATIEN -Count.

bullet N.N. ARGYROPOULOS -Patrikos(1) died after 965. Parents: N.N. ARGYROS.

Children were: Pulcheria ARGYROPOULOS.

bulletPulcheria ARGYROPOULOS(1) was born about 965. She died before Apr 1034. Parents: N.N. ARGYROPOULOS -Patrikos.

She was married to Basileios SKLEROS -Magistros. Children were: N.N. SKLERAINA.

bullet Eustathios ARGYROS -Patrikios(1) was born about 910. Parents: Leon ARGYROS.

Children were: Leon ARGYROS.

bulletLeon ARGYROS(1) died after 922. Parents: Eustathios ARGYROS -Patrikios.

Children were: Romanos ARGYROS.

bulletLeon ARGYROS(1).

Children were: Eustathios ARGYROS -Patrikios.

bulletN.N. ARGYROS(1). Parents: Romanos ARGYROS and Agatha LEKAPENA.

Children were: N.N. ARGYROPOULOS -Patrikos.

bulletRomanos ARGYROS(1) was born about 905. He died after 921. Parents: Leon ARGYROS.

He was married to Agatha LEKAPENA. Children were: N.N. ARGYROS.

bullet Iniga Ximinez ARISTA(1) died about 852.

He was married to XIMENA. Children were: King Garcia I INIQUEZ.

bullet Inigo ARISTA(1) was born about 790. He died between 851 and 852. Parents: Inigo JIMINEZ and Unknown.

He was married to Oneca. Children were: King Garcia I INIGUEZ .

bullet Count Boso ARLES(1) was born in 885 in Tuscany, France. He died between 936 and 940. Parents: Thibault ARLES -Count and Bertha LORRAINE.

He was married to Princess Willa BURGUNDY. Children were: Queen Willa ITALY.

bullet Constance ARLES(1) Parents: King Robert II FRANCE and Constance ARLES.

She was married to Manasses DAMMARTIN -Count. Children were: Hugh DAMMARTIN -Count.

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