bullet Thomas NELSON(1) was born in 1675. He died in 1755 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

He was married to Hope HUCKINS on 24 Mar 1696/97 in Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Children were: Hannah NELSON, Lois NELSON.

bullet James NESBITT(1) was born on 15 Oct 1790. He died on 9 Oct 1840.

He was married to Mary SHUPP on 12 Nov 1815.

bullet NEST (1) was born about 934 in Devon, England.

She was married to Einion ap OWAIN. Children were: Cadell ap EINION.

bullet King Clothaire II NEUSTRIA(1) was born in 584. He died in 629. Parents: Chilperic I SOISSONS and Fredegunde.

He was married to Haldetrude. Children were: King Dagobert I AUSTRASIA .

bullet Hardouin NEUSTRIA -Count(1) died before 862.

Children were: Odo NEUSTRIA.

bulletHildebrante NEUSTRIA(1) was born about 890. She died in 931. Parents: Duke/King Robert I FRANCE and Adele\Adelaide FRANCE.

She was married to Herbert II VERMANDOIS -Count before 907. Children were: Alix DE VERMANDOIS, Adelaide DE VERMANDOIS, Liutgarde DE VERMANDOIS , Albert I VERMANDOIS -Count, Robert de Vermandois CHAMPAGNE -Count.

bullet Odo NEUSTRIA(1) died about 878. Parents: Hardouin NEUSTRIA -Count.

Children were: Roger AURIATE.

bulletFrancesca NEVARRO(1) was born on 11 Sep 1965 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin. Parents: Julian NEVARRO and Maria TOVAR.

She was married to Kurt RANGE on 14 Sep 1987 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin. Children were: Maria Fae RANGE.

bullet Julian NEVARRO(1)

He was married to Maria TOVAR. Children were: Francesca NEVARRO .

bullet Landeric III NEVERS -Count(1) died on 11 May 1028. Parents: Bovin -Seigneur.

He was married to Princess Mathilda BURGUNDY in 989. Children were: Renaud I NEVERS -Count.

bullet Renaud I NEVERS -Count(1) was born about 993 in Nevers, Nievre, France. He died on 29 May 1040 in Sauvigny, Le Bourgvinon, France. Parents: Landeric III NEVERS -Count and Princess Mathilda BURGUNDY.

He was married to Adela FRANCE -Princess. Children were: William I NEVERS -Count.

bullet William I NEVERS -Count(1) was born about 1030. He died on 20 Jun 1100. Parents: Renaud I NEVERS -Count and Adela FRANCE -Princess.

He was married to Ermengarde TONNERREE. Children were: William DE NEVERS -Count, Renaud II DE NEVERS .

bullet Cecily NEVILLE(1) was born on 31 May 1415 in Raby, Durham, England. She died on 31 May 1495 in Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire, England.

She was married to Duke Richard YORK . Children were: Anne PLANTAGENET, Henry PLANTAGENET, King Edward ENGLAND IV, Edmond Rutland PLANTAGENET Earl, Elizabeth PLANTAGENET , Margaret PLANTAGENET, William PLANTAGENET, John PLANTAGENET, Duke George CLARENCE, Thomas PLANTAGENET, King Richard III ENGLAND, Ursula PLANTAGENET .

bullet Joan NEVILLE(1) Parents: John NEVILLE and Elizabeth NEWMARCH.

She was married to Sir William GASCOIGNE. Children were: Sir William GASCOIGNE.

bullet John NEVILLE(1) Parents: Ralph NEVILLE and Mary DE FERRERS.

He was married to Elizabeth NEWMARCH. Children were: Joan NEVILLE.

bullet Margaret NEVILLE(1) was born before 1387 in England. Parents: Robert DE NEVILLE Sir and Margaret DE LA POLE.

She was married to William HARINGTON Sir. Children were: Agnes HARINGTON .

bullet Ralph NEVILLE(1)

He was married to Mary DE FERRERS. Children were: John NEVILLE .

bullet Daniel NEWCOMB was born on 29 Nov 1729 in Hebron, Connecticut. He died after 1789 in Hebron, Connecticut.

He was married to Elizabeth MAY about 1754 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Children were: Lydia NEWCOMB.

bullet Lydia NEWCOMB was born on 28 Apr 1763 in Cambridge, Washington, New York. She died on 14 Sep 1835 in Penfield, New York. Parents: Daniel NEWCOMB and Elizabeth MAY.

She was married to Timothy BUSH on 26 Jul 1791 in Penfield, New York. Children were: Obadiah Newcomb BUSH.

bullet Pearl G. NEWCOMER(1) was born in 1884 in Adair Co., Missouri.

She was married to Thomas Edgar LAY. Children were: Hildreth LAY, Merle LAY.

bullet Pauline NEWHAUS(1)

She was married to Eldon Carlyle BERG on 24 May 1965.

bullet Mary NEWLAND was born in 1609 in Fen Stanton, Huntingdonshire, England. She died on 17 Jun 1674 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to Henry HOWLAND on 16 Jun 1624 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Children were: Zeoth HOWLAND .

bullet Elizabeth NEWMARCH(1)

She was married to John NEVILLE. Children were: Joan NEVILLE.

bullet Ennae NIA(1) was born about 390. Parents: King Belach Bressal LEINSTER.

Children were: DUNLANG.

bulletGerberge NICE(1). Parents: Miron NICE and Odile VENICE.

She was married to Berenger AVIGNON -Viscount. Children were: Raimon AVIGNON.

bullet Miron NICE(1)

He was married to Odile VENICE. Children were: Gerberge NICE.

bullet John Roland NICHOLS(1) was born on 10 Jul 1925. Parents: Roland Dair NICHOLS and Iva Melvina COLLER.

He was married to Ella May WALKER.

bullet Kathryn Ella NICHOLS(1) was born on 24 Aug 1922 in Olene, Oregon. Parents: Roland Dair NICHOLS and Iva Melvina COLLER.

She was married to Cecil DeMile SCOTT on 21 Sep 1940 in Yuma, Arizona.

She was married to Duane HAWKINS on 3 Jul 1965 in Oregon.

bullet Roland Dair NICHOLS(1) was born on 9 Sep 1896 in Ft. Piere, Stanley Co., South Dakota. He died on 28 Jan 1981 in Forrest Grove, Washington Co., Oregon.

He was married to Iva Melvina COLLER on 11 Jun 1921. Children were: Kathryn Ella NICHOLS, John Roland NICHOLS.

bullet Gebhard NIEDER-LAHNGAU -Count(1) died after 879. Parents: Udo NIEDER-LAHNGAU -Count.

Children were: Gebhard WETTERAU -Count.

bulletUdo NIEDER-LAHNGAU -Count(1) died after 824.

Children were: Gebhard NIEDER-LAHNGAU -Count .

bulletNIMET (1). Parents: DIMET.

Children were: CLOITGUIN.

bulletNINEVAH -Earl(1) was born in 975. He died on 11 Aug 1057 in Bromley, Staffordshire, England. Parents: Leofwine -Earl MERCIA and Alwara Verch ATHELSTAN -Lady.

He was married to Godiva Godgifu MERCIA -Countess. Children were: Algar\Alfgar MERCIA -Earl, Hereward BOURNE -Lord.

bullet Lewis Freeman NOE(1) was born on 26 Aug 1867 in Barry, Adams Co., Illinois. He died on 13 Feb 1950 in Adair Co., Missouri.

He was married to Mary HARREL\PERRIGO on 22 Dec 1889. Children were: Mary Helena "Molly" NOE.

bullet Mary Helena "Molly" NOE(1) was born in Jul 1892. She died on 11 Oct 1929. Parents: Lewis Freeman NOE and Mary HARREL\PERRIGO.

She was married to William Franklin SHOOP on 3 Oct 1915. Children were: Clyde William SHOOP, Ezra SHOOP, Edith Helen SHOOP, Marcelle Belle SHOOP, Aaron Edwin SHOOP.

bullet NOLBERTA (1)

She was married to Manuel MONTANO. Children were: Maria Luisa MONTANO .

bullet Anders Sjursson NORDAL(1) was born in 1823 in Norway. He died in 1892 in Norway.

He was married to Pauline ANDERSSON in 1848 in Norway. Children were: Sivert ANDERSSON, Severin ANDERSSON\NORDAL, Anne Andersdotter NORDAL.

bullet Anne Andersdotter NORDAL(1) was born in 1863 in Norway. Parents: Anders Sjursson NORDAL and Pauline ANDERSSON.

bullet Eline Amundsd. NORDAL(1) was born in 1834 in Norway. She died in 1874 in Norway.

She was married to Paul Pedersson MYKLEBOST in 1859 in Norway. Children were: Petter Paulsson MYKLEBOST, Andreas MYKLEBOST , Olai MYKLEBOST.

bullet Marte Olsd. NORDAL(1) was born in 1759 in Norway. She died in 1811 in Norway.

She was married to Knut Mikkelsson Myklebost VIK in 1785 in Norway. Children were: Elise Knutsd. VIK.

bullet Ole Jakobsson NORDAL(1) was born in 1829 in Norway.

He was married to Eli Petersd. LANDSVERK in 1857 in Norway. Children were: Johanne LANDSVERK-NORDAL , Oline LANDSVERK-NORDAL, Jakob LANDSVERK-NORDAL.

bullet Samonie Gulliksd. NORDAL(1) was born in 1852 in Norway.

She was married to Severin ANDERSSON\NORDAL in 1883 in Norway. Children were: Andreas SEVERINSSON /Nordal/, Peder SEVERINSSON /Nordal/, Birte SEVERINSSON /Nordal/, Peder SEVERINSSON /Nordal/ .

bullet Eberhard I NORDGAU -Count(1) was born about 730. He died in 777. Parents: Alberich.

Children were: Meginhard I HAMELANT -Count.

bulletEberhard II NORDGAU -Count(1). Parents: Meginhard I HAMELANT -Count.

He was married to Evesna SAXONY. Children were: Eberhard III NORDGAU -Count.

bullet Eberhard III NORDGAU -Count(1) died after 898. Parents: Eberhard II NORDGAU -Count and Evesna SAXONY.

He was married to Arlinda\Adelaide . Children were: Hugh III HOHENBURG -Count.

bullet Eticho II NORDGAU(1) died after 698. Parents: Eticho I ALSACE -Duke.

Children were: Alberich.

bulletBernard I NORDMARK(1). Parents: Dietrich HALDENSLEBEN -Lord.

Children were: Bernard II HALDENSLEBEN -Lord, Othelendis NORDMARK.

bulletGero NORDMARK -Margrave(1) died in 1015. Parents: Dietmar I EASTMARK -Margrave and Schwanhilde BILLUNG.

He was married to Adelaide . Children were: Dietmar II LAUSNITZ -Margrave .

bullet Othelendis NORDMARK(1) died on 9 Mar 1043/44. Parents: Bernard I NORDMARK.

She was married to Dietrich III HOLLAND -Count. Children were: Florence I HOLLAND -Count, Dietrich IV HOLLAND -Count.

bullet Bernice Elsie NORENBERG(1) was born on 8 Jul 1926.

She was married to Lawrence Melvin ERDAHL on 14 Sep 1946. Children were: Lu Ann ERDAHL, Bruce Alan ERDAHL, Barry Alvin ERDAHL, Laynae Carol ERDAHL.

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