bullet Ann(1) was born in England.

She was married to William DE WARREN. Children were: John DE WARREN.

bullet Ann (1) was born on 7 Jan 1741/42. She died on 13 Apr 1803.

She was married to Henry SCHUPP .

bullet Ann (1) was born about 1590 in England. She died about 1626 in Southold, England.

She was married to Thomas MOORE. Children were: Thomas MOORE .

bullet Ann (1)

She was married to John BARLOW. Children were: Ann BARLOW.

bullet Ann or Joan(1)

She was married to Edmund HUSSEY Sir. Children were: Joan HUSSEY .

bullet Anna (1) died on 30 Sep 1644.

She was married to James CUTLER. Children were: James CUTLER, Hannah CUTLER, Elizabeth CUTLER, Mary CUTLER.

bullet Anna (1) was born about 1611 in Alsace, Lorraine, France/Germany. AFN:2162-26L.

She was married to Melchoir GAUTZBERGER. Children were: Catharina GAUTZBERGER .

bullet Anna (1) was born about 1542 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England. She died on 17 Feb 1622/23 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

She was married to John HABURNE about 1563 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England. Children were: Agnes HABURNE , Alice HABURNE, Frances HABURNE, William HABURNE, Barbara HABURNE, Jane HABURNE, Ralph HABURNE.

bullet Anna (1) was born on 12 Dec 1631 in Wayhill, Penton Grafton, Sothhampshire, England. She died on 4 Jun 1713 in Marlboro, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. AFN:2ND3-8G.

She was married to Edward RICE in 1646 in England. Children were: John RICE, Edward RICE, Edmund RICE, Daniel RICE, Caleb RICE, Lydia RICE, Jacob RICE, Anna (Ann) RICE, Dorcas RICE, Benjamin RICE, Abigail RICE.

bullet Anna (1)

She was married to William BRIGHAM.

bullet Anne

She was married to George GREEN before 1744 in England. Children were: Ann GREEN, John GREEN, Robert GREEN, Joseph GREEN, Mary Elizabeth GREEN, Thomas GREEN.

bullet Anne Monsd.(1) was born in 1716 in Norway. She died in 1798 in Norway.

She was married to Lars Paulsson SAURDAL in 1738 in Norway. Children were: Lars Larsson SAURDAL.

bullet Annora (1)

She was married to Walter DE RIDELISFORD. Children were: Emalina ULSTER -Countess.

bullet Ansaud II(1) Parents: Ansaud I and Raingarde DE DIJON.

He was married to Reitrude. Children were: Thibault MONTLHERY Grand Forester.

bullet Ansaud (1)

Children were: Sigrada.

bulletAnsaud I(1) died before 954. Parents: Lisiar.

He was married to Raingarde DE DIJON . Children were: Ansaud II.

bullet Senator Ansbertus(1) died in 579. Parents: Tonantius FERREOLUS.

He was married to Princess Blithilda COLOGNE. Children were: Erchenaud , Mayor\bishop Arnouldus.

bullet Ansfred I(1)

Children were: Ansfred GOZ.

bulletAnsguise (1) was born in 602. He died in 685.

He was married to St Begga LANDEN before 639. Children were: Martin LAON.

bullet Antonia (1)

She was married to Mieceslas I OBOTRITES. Children were: Rodigastus OBOTRITES.

bullet Ardoino IV -Marchese(1) died in 1026. Parents: Ardoino III GLABRIONE -Count.

Children were: Guido -Marchese.

bulletArembourge (1).

She was married to Walter I DE SALINS. Children were: Walter II DE SALINS.

bullet Aremburge (1)

She was married to Aimery I DE THOUARS -Viscount. Children were: Aimery II DE THOUARS -Viscomte.

bullet Argentael (1)

She was married to King Nominoe BRITTANY. Children were: Erispoe BRITTANY -Duke.

bullet Argilo (1) was born in Branosera.

She was married to Nuno NUNEZ. Children were: Nuno Nunez DE LARA -Count, Fernando NUNEZ.

bullet Aria (1)

She was married to Fortun GARCIA. Children were: Oneca FORTUN .

bullet Aribo I -Pfalzgrave(1) was born about 940. He died on 13 Nov 1000. Parents: Hartwick.

He was married to Adela. Children were: Hartwig II -Pfalzgrave.

bullet Aripert II(1) Parents: Reginpert TURIN -Duke.

Children were: Petrussa LOMBARDS.

bulletArlinda\Adelaide (1).

She was married to Eberhard III NORDGAU -Count. Children were: Hugh III HOHENBURG -Count.

bullet Count Arnold I(1) died in 982 in Calabria. Parents: Eberhard III MAINGAU.

He was married to Mathilde CHINY. Children were: Count Otto I WARCQ.

bullet Bishop Arnoul(1) was born on 13 Aug 582 in Austrasia. He died on 16 Aug 640. Parents: Bishop Gondolfus .

He was married to Clothide DODE. Children were: Mayor Pepin I, Walechise -Count, Clodulf -Bishop.

bullet Mayor\bishop Arnouldus(1) was born about 540. He died in 601. Parents: Senator Ansbertus and Princess Blithilda COLOGNE.

Children were: Itha ITTA.

bulletArpo (1). Parents: Ottokar I CARINTHIA -Count and TRAUNGAU.

He was married to N.N. VON CHADALHOCH -Countess . Children were: Hartwick.

bullet Arsinde (1)

She was married to William DE AGDE -Vicomte. Children were: Senegunde DE BEZIERS.

bullet Arsinde (1)

She was married to AGDE. Children were: Boso BEZIERS -Vicomte.

bullet Arsinde (1)

She was married to Remigius. Children were: Berta.

bullet Arthemia (1)

She was married to Lord Munderic FRANKS. Children were: Bishop Gondolfus , Bodegeisel I.

bullet Arthur (1) Parents: PETR.

Children were: NOUGOY.

bulletAsa (1).

She was married to Gudrod HALFDANSSON. Children were: Olaf GUDRODSSON II.

bullet Asceline (1)

She was married to Mainard D'ARCHIAC. Children were: Petronel D'ARCHIAC .

bullet Askold (1) died about 882.

Children were: Dir KIEV.

bulletDuke/King Athelstan(1) was born about 838 in Wantage, Berkshire, England. He died about 852. Parents: King Aethelwulf WESSEX and Queen Osburh.

bullet King Athelstan(1) was born between 894 and 895 in England. He died in 940 in England. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Egwina.

bullet Prince Athelstan(1) was born about 986 in Wessex, England. He died in 1016. Parents: King Ethelred II ENGLAND and Queen Alfflaed\Alfgifu.

bullet Athildis (1) Parents: Coilus COEL.

bullet Atila (1)

She was married to Count Milo I TONNERRE. Children were: Count Milo II TONNERRE.

bullet Aubri -Count(1) Parents: Bouchard.

Children were: Bouchard.

bulletAudrey (1).

She was married to Stephen TEMPLE. Children were: Tina TEMPLE , Troy TEMPLE.

bullet Aupais (1) Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

She was married to Begue PARIS -Count . Children were: Leutaud PARIS -Count, Eberhard PARIS -Count, Lisiard FEZENSAC -Count .

bullet Autun (1)

She was married to Lord Childebrand II. Children were: Count Thierry I.

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