bullet William(1) Parents: Tancred DE HAUTEVILLE and FRASENDA.

bullet Prince William Arthur Philip Louis was born on 21 Jun 1982 in St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London, England. Parents: Charles Philip Arthur George WALES Prince of Wales and Princess Diana Frances SPENCER.

bullet King William II(1) was born about 1060. He died on 2 Aug 1100. Parents: King William I ENGLAND and Queen Maud\Matilda FLANDERS.

bullet William of Anjou(1) was born on 17 Aug 1153 in England. He died in Apr 1155. Parents: King Henry II NORMANDY and Eleanor AQUITAINE.

bullet Williswinda (1)

She was married to Robert HESBAYE -Count. Children were: Guerin THURGOVIE -Count.

bullet Princess Wulfhild(1) was born about 998 in Wessex, England. Parents: King Ethelred II ENGLAND and Queen Alfflaed\Alfgifu.

bullet Wulfrith (1)

She was married to Earldorman Odgar DEVON. Children were: Queen Elfthryth ENGLAND.

bullet Wulfthryth (1)

She was married to King Athelred I WESSEX. Children were: Aethelwald , Earldorman Aethelhelm WILTSHIRE.

bullet Dianne Lea AANESTAD(1) was born on 30 Oct 1937 in Devils Lake, North Dakota.

She was married to Ronald Kerwyn WELTZIN on 10 Aug 1958 in Livingston, Montana. Children were: Kari Lynn WELTZIN, Siri Jo WELTZIN, Lauri Anne WELTZIN.

bullet Gwenllian Verch AARON(1) was born about 1026 in Radnorshire, Wales. Parents: Aaron ap PAEN.

She was married to Idnerth ap CADWGAN. Children were: Morien Verch IDNERTH, Ifor ap IDNERTH, Iorwerth IDNERTH, Hoodliw ap IDNERTH, Ednyfed ap IDNERTH, Gruffyd IDNERTH, Madog ap IDNERTH, Dyddgu Verch IDNERTH.

bullet Llywelyn AB EINION(1) Parents: Einion AP DAFYDD.

Children were: Griffith AP LLYWELYN .

bulletDafydd Ab Einion AB IEUAN -Constable(1) died before 1468.

He was married to Margaret PULESTON . Children were: Einion AP DAFYDD.

bullet Edward AB LEUAN(1)

He was married to Catherine Ferch GRIFFITH. Children were: Ellen Ferch EDWARD.

bullet Llywelyn AB OWEN -Lord(1)

He was married to Eleanor BAR. Children were: Thomas AP LLYWELYN Lord of Iscoed.

bullet King Sancho ABARCA II(1) was born about 935. He died in Dec 994. Parents: King Garcia III SANCHEZ and Andregota SANCHEZ.

He was married to Teresa LEON.

He was married to Urraca FERNANDEZ in 962. Children were: King Garcia IV SANCHEZ.

bullet Almaric d'Amaury ABETOT(1) was born about 1030 in Abetot, Normandy, France. Parents: Gerald DE TANKERVILLE -Chamberlain and HELISENDIS.

Children were: Robert Abetot DE SPENCER, Urso D'ABETOT -Sheriff.

bulletEsther Belle ABLE(1) was born in Jun 1917.

She was married to Raymond Burton LAY.

bullet Sarh ACAR(1)

She was married to Christophe FERRE (FERET) in 1618.

bullet Mathilde ACHALM(1) Parents: Rudolph ACHALM -Count and Adelheid VON WULFINGEN .

She was married to Kuno I FRANTENHAUSEN -Count . Children were: Adelaide FRANTENHAUSEN.

bullet Rudolph ACHALM -Count(1)

He was married to Adelheid VON WULFINGEN. Children were: Mathilde ACHALM.

bullet John ADAMS was born on 8 Feb 1690 or 1692 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. He died on 25 May 1761 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Joseph ADAMS and Hannah BASS.

He was married to Susannah BOYLSTON on 31 Oct 1734 in Brookline, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Children were: President John ADAMS.

bullet President John ADAMS was born on 19 Oct 1735 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. He died on 4 Jul 1826 in Quincy, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Parents: John ADAMS and Susannah BOYLSTON.

He was married to Abigail SMITH on 24 Feb 1764 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Children were: President John Quincy ADAMS.

bullet President John Quincy ADAMS was born on 11 Jul 1767 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. He died on 23 Feb 1848 in Washington, District of Columbia. Parents: President John ADAMS and Abigail SMITH.

bullet Joseph ADAMS was born on 24 Dec 1654 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. He died on 12 Feb 1737 in Quincy, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts.

He was married to Hannah BASS on 20 Feb 1688 in Braintree, Norfolk Co., Massachusetts. Children were: John ADAMS.

bullet Mercy ADAMS(1)

She was married to John EAMES.

bullet Rayonette Caroline ADAMS(1) was born on 1 Oct 1890 in Ontonagon Co., Michigan. She died in Apr 1978 in Torrance, Los Angeles, California.(4) Rayonette BROWN 

She was married to BROWN.

She was married to Floyd Jackson BALDING on 28 Nov 1912. Children were: Grace Elizabeth BALDING.

bullet Karen Grace ADAMSON(1) was born on 18 Jul 1942 in Canada.

She was married to David John LEE on 6 Jul 1963 in Gladstone, Manitoba, Canada. Children were: Brent David LEE, Brian Robert LEE.

bullet ADELHELM -Count(1)

Children were: WILLISWINT.

bulletDavid ADENEY(1) was born on 3 Nov 1911 in England. He died on 11 May 1994 in Berkeley, Alameda Co., California. (4)  

He was married to Ruth W. TEMPLE in 1940 in China.

bullet Eystein ADILSSON(1) was born about 594 in Sweden. Parents: Adils OTTARSSON and Yrsa HELGASSON.

Children were: Ingvar EYSTEINSSON -The Tall.

bulletBarbara AEBLI(1) died in Sep 1704 in Switzerland. She was born in Switzerland. Parents: Jacob AEBLI and Regulo AEBLI.

She was married to Jacob LEUZINGER in Switzerland. Children were: Rosina LEUZINGER.

bullet Bartholome AEBLI(1)

He was married to Columbia ZWICKI.

bullet Jacob AEBLI(1) died on 20 Apr 1690 in Switzerland. He was born in Switzerland.

He was married to Regulo AEBLI on 30 Apr 1644 in Switzerland. Children were: Barbara AEBLI.

bullet Regulo AEBLI(1) was born on 22 Jan 1608/9 in Emenda, Switzerland. She died on 3 Feb 1666/67 in Switzerland.

She was married to Jacob AEBLI on 30 Apr 1644 in Switzerland. Children were: Barbara AEBLI.

bullet Edeyrn AETERN(1) Parents: PATERN.

Children were: King Cunedda WALES .

bulletAETHELREDA (1) was born about 1044 in Scotland.

She was married to Gospatric I DUNBAR -Earl in England. Children were: Gunnilda NORTHUMBERLAND, Athelreda DUNBAR, Waltheof DUNBAR -Earl, Gospatric II DUNBAR -Earl.

bullet Catherine AFFETON(1) died on 26 Mar 1467. Parents: John DE AFFETON and Joan BRATTON.

She was married to Hugh STUKELEY . Children were: Alice STUKELEY.

bullet AGDE (1) Parents: Boso BEZIERS -Vicomte and Adelheid BEZIERS.

Children were: Reinold II BEZIERS -Vicomte.

bulletAGDE (1).

He was married to Arsinde. Children were: Boso BEZIERS -Vicomte .

bullet Roselinde AGEN -Countess(1) was born about 830 in France. She died about 920. Parents: Bernard AUTUN -Count and Dhoude.

She was married to Woulgrin AGEN -Count. Children were: Alduin ANGOULEME -Count, William PERIGORD -Count.

bullet Woulgrin AGEN -Count(1) was born about 815. He died on 3 May 886. Parents: Ulrich I ANGOULEME -Count .

He was married to Roselinde AGEN -Countess. Children were: Alduin ANGOULEME -Count, William PERIGORD -Count.

bullet Jorgen AGGERHOLM(1)

He was married to Hanna Mae HOMQUIST.

bullet AGIUS -Monk(1) Parents: Duke Ludolph SAXONY and Oda THURINGIA.

bullet Eric AGNARSSON(1) was born in Westfold.

Children were: Hild AGNARSSON.

bulletHild AGNARSSON(1). Parents: Eric AGNARSSON.

She was married to Knight Eystein WESTFOLD. Children were: Geva.

bullet Alrek AGNASSON(1) was born about 445 in Sweden. Parents: Agni DAGSSON and Skjalf FROSTASSON.

He was married to Dagreid DAGSSON . Children were: Yngvi ALREKSSON, Alf ALREKSSON, Thorborg ALREKSSON.

bullet Eric AGNASSON(1) was born about 447 in Sweden. Parents: Agni DAGSSON and Skjalf FROSTASSON.

bullet AIFE (1)

She was married to King Donehad Maolrainbo LEINSTER. Children were: King Dermond LEINSTER.

bullet William AIGRET(1) Parents: William VIII POITOU -Count and Eleanor Aquitaine CHASTELLERAULT Duchess.

bullet AIMON (1) Parents: Humbert I MAURIENNE and Auxilia NOYEN.

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