bullet JUTTA(1)

She was married to Conrad SWABIA -Duke. Children were: Hermann II SWABIA -Duke.

bullet KAFNAI (1) Parents: HUNA.

Children were: HANINAI.

bulletOlof KALLARSSON(1) was born on 31 May 1769 in Saterud, Gunnarskog, Sweden. He died on 4 Feb 1839 in Ojenas, Sweden. Parents: Kiellar PERSSON and Karin OLDSDOTTER.

He was married to Maria INGEMARSDOTTER on 8 Jul 1792 in Ojenas, Sweden. Children were: Jan OLOFSSON, Olof OLOFSSON, Kallar OLOFSSON, Per OLOFSSON, Carin OLOFSSON, Brita OLOFSSON, Nils OLOFSSON.

bullet Basileios KAMETEROS(1)

Children were: Gregorius KAMETEROS.

bulletGregorius KAMETEROS(1) died after 1176. Parents: Basileios KAMETEROS.

He was married to Eirene DOUKAINA about 1100. Children were: Andronikos Kamateros DOUKAS.

bullet Katharina KAMM(1)

She was married to Fridolin BEGLINGER.

bullet Arschavier KAMSARAKAN -Prince(1) Parents: Bardas.

Children were: Theodocia KAMSARAKAN .

bulletTheodocia KAMSARAKAN(1). Parents: Arschavier KAMSARAKAN -Prince.

She was married to Leo V ARMENIA. Children were: N.N. ARMENIA .

bullet Margaret Emily (Peggy) KANIES(1)

She was married to Rodney Duane VERNON.

bullet Antje KAPPEL(1)

She was married to Henderk TJEBKES on 18 Nov 1884 in Iowa. Children were: John TJEBKES.

bullet Trisha KAPPOLA(1) was born on 25 Aug 1976 in Eureka, Humboldt Co., California. Parents: Gregory KOPPOLA and Peggy.

She was married to William Leonard MITBERG on 22 Jun 1996 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Children were: Gregory William MITBERG, Sandrey Logan MITBERG.

bullet Christina KARMINDY(1)

She was married to George MATTER on 29 Apr 1797 in Trinity Evangelical Church, New Holland, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania.

bullet Hazaga KARNTEN(1)

She was married to Poppo III VON ROT -Count. Children were: Kuno VON ROT -Pfalzgrave.

bullet Euphrosyne KASTAMONITISSA(1) died between 1185 and 1195.

She was married to Andronikos Angelos DOUKAS before 1155. Children were: Isaakios II ANGELOS -Emperor , Alexios III ANGELOS -Emperor.

bullet Daisy M. KASTNER was born on 13 Sep 1882 in near Ventura, Iowa. Parents: Henry W. KASTNER and Eliza Jane KNOTT.

She was married to Frank AUCHAMPACH.

bullet Henry KASTNER

He was married to Katherine Sophia HUBBARD . Children were: Henry W. KASTNER.

bullet Henry W. KASTNER was born on 25 Dec 1858 in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. He died on 12 Apr 1915 in Clear Lake, Iowa. Parents: Henry KASTNER and Katherine Sophia HUBBARD.

He was married to Eliza Jane KNOTT on 7 Dec 1881. Children were: Daisy M. KASTNER, Pearl A. KASTNER, Willie V. KASTNER.

bullet Pearl A. KASTNER was born on 16 Aug 1886 in near Ventura, Iowa. Parents: Henry W. KASTNER and Eliza Jane KNOTT.

She was married to Bert AUCHAMPACH.

bullet Willie V. KASTNER was born on 14 Feb 1891 in near Ventura, Iowa. Parents: Henry W. KASTNER and Eliza Jane KNOTT.

He was married to Myrtle AUCHAMPACH.

bullet KAVANAGH (1)

She was married to Francis Marion SHOOP on 27 Aug 1904. Children were: Francis SHOOP.

bullet Alvin KEENAN(1) was born in Feb 1879 in Weston, Umatilla Co., Oregon. Parents: Bernard KEENAN and Emma Lydia WILDER.

bullet Arthur KEENAN(1) was born on 28 Oct 1886 in Weston, Umatilla Co., Oregon. He died in Apr 1972 in Klamath Falls, Klamath, Oregon.(4) Parents: Bernard KEENAN and Emma Lydia WILDER.

He was married to Goldie. Children were: Jimmy KEENAN.

bullet Bernard KEENAN(1) was born in May 1840 in Ireland. He died in 1924 in Biggs, Oregon. He was buried in 1924 in IOOF Cemetery, The Dalles, Wasco Co, Oregon.

He was married to Triphane WILDER on 27 Sep 1874 in Umatilla Co., Oregon. Children were: Bertha KEENAN.

He was married to Emma Lydia WILDER on 6 Apr 1876 in Umatilla Co., Oregon. Children were: Grace Pearl KEENAN, Arthur KEENAN, Alvin KEENAN.

bullet Bertha KEENAN(1) Parents: Bernard KEENAN and Triphane WILDER.

bullet Grace Pearl KEENAN(1) was born in 1876. She died in Nov 1940 in The Dalles, Wasco Co., Oregon. She was buried in Nov 1940 in IOOF Cemetery, The Dalles, Wasco Co, Oregon. Parents: Bernard KEENAN and Emma Lydia WILDER.

She was married to Harry Taylor SHEARER. Children were: Carl Taylor SHEARER, Mable Pearl SHEARER, Mary Emma SHEARER, Bertha Lida SHEARER, Harold Arthur SHEARER .

bullet Jimmy KEENAN(1) Parents: Arthur KEENAN and Goldie.

bullet Richard William KEILHOLTZ(1)

He was married to Annie DRAKE on 31 Dec 1879.

bullet Anna Christina KEISER(1) was born on 7 Mar 1696/97 in Altdorf, Alsace, Germany/France. She died on 13 Oct 1741 in Altdorf, Alsace, Germany/France. Parents: Jacob KEISER and Maria Veit RIET.

She was married to Johannes Michael MATTER on 28 Feb 1718/19 in Eckendorf, Alsace, France/Germany. Children were: Hans Adam MATTER, Magdalena MATTER, Margaretha MATTER, Hans George MATTER, Hans Jacob MATTER, Anna Maria MATTER, Eva MATTER, Johannes (Hans) MATTER, Anna Catharina MATTER .

bullet Hans KEISER(1) was born in France/Germany.

He was married to Barbara. Children were: Jacob KEISER.

bullet Jacob KEISER(1) was born on 31 Oct 1635 in Alsace, Lorraine, France/Germany. He died on 10 Feb 1713/14 in Altdorf, Alsace, France/Germany. Parents: Hans KEISER and Barbara.

He was married to Maria Veit RIET on 25 Jan 1675/76 in Altdorf, Alsace, France/Germany. Children were: Anna Christina KEISER.

bullet Jacob KEISER(1) was born on 5 Aug 1728 in Aldorf, Alsace, France/Germany. He died on 20 Apr 1786 in Lancaster, Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Parents: Jacob KEISER and Catharina MATTER.

He was married to Anna Maria MATTER on 26 Jan 1750/51 in Altdorf, Alsace Loraine, France/Germany.

bullet Jacob KEISER(1)

He was married to Catharina MATTER. Children were: Jacob KEISER .

bullet Robert KELLER(1)

He was married to Verna Bernice TAYLOR.

bullet KELLET (1) was born about 1222 in England. Parents: Adam DE KELLET.

She was married to Thurston DE HOLAND in England. Children were: Robert DE HOLLAND Sir.

bullet Jo Ann KELLUM(1) was born in 1952.

She was married to Keith Leoran DIXON.

bullet Katherin KELLY(1)

She was married to John Conary DRAKE in Jan 1886.

bullet Rachel Miller KELLY(1) died on 10 Apr 1805 in Maysville, Kentucky.

She was married to Noah Jr GRANT on 4 Mar 1792. Children were: Susan GRANT , Jesse Root GRANT, Margaret GRANT, Noah B GRANT, John Kelly GRANT, Roswell B GRANT, Rachel B GRANT.

bullet Elisabeth KEMMERER(1) was born on 16 Apr 1797 in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.

She was married to Jacob SHUPP.

bullet Elizabeth KEMMERER(1) was born on 1 Feb 1798. She was buried in 1858 in Fairview Cemetery, Enders, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. She died on 11 Sep 1858 in Jackson Twp., Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.

She was married to Joseph SCHUPP.

bullet Otto F. KENART(1)

He was married to Bessie Gertrude LAY in 1908.

bullet Eldred KENDAL -Baron(1)

Children were: Ketel KENDAL -Baron.

bulletKetel KENDAL -Baron(1). Parents: Eldred KENDAL -Baron.

Children were: Gilbert Kendal DE LANCASTER -Baron, Orm.

bulletEster KENDALL.

She was married to Richard FLETCHER on 9 Apr 1654 in Breedon On The Hill, Leicester, England. Children were: Mary FLETCHER.

bullet under King Eahlmund (Edward KENT(1) was born about 758 in Wessex, England. He died about 780. Parents: Eaba\Eafa WESSEX.

Children were: King Egbert WESSEX .

bulletEdgiva KENT(1) was born about 896 in Kent, England. She died on 25 Aug 968. Parents: Earl Sigehelm KENT.

She was married to King Edward ENGLAND I in England. Children were: King Edred, Eadburh WINCHESTER -Nun, Elgiva Eadgifu, King Edmund I ENGLAND.

bullet Edmund KENT -Earl(1) was born on 5 Aug 1301 in Woodstock, Oxford, England. He died on 19 Mar 1329/30 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Marguerite FRANCE -Princess.

He was married to Margaret WAKE about Dec 1325. Children were: Edmund KENT -Earl, Robert PLANTAGENET, Joan Kent PLANTAGENET, Thomas PLANTAGENET, John KENT -Earl.

bullet Edmund KENT -Earl(1) was born about 1326 in Woodstock, Oxford, England. He died before 5 Oct 1331. Parents: Edmund KENT -Earl and Margaret WAKE.

bullet Duke Edward KENT(1) Parents: King George III ENGLAND and Charlotte Sophia MECKLEMBURG Princess.

He was married to Victoria Maria Louisa SAXE-COBURG. Children were: Queen Victoria ENGLAND .

bullet Eleanor KENT(1) Parents: Thomas Kent DE HOLAND -Earl.

She was married to Edward CHERITON Lord Powys. Children were: Joyce KENT.

bullet John KENT -Earl(1) was born on 7 Apr 1330 in Arundel, Sussex, England. He died on 27 Dec 1352. Parents: Edmund KENT -Earl and Margaret WAKE.

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