bullet Larry OATMAN(1)

He was married to Sharon TEMPLE in 1963. He was divorced from Sharon TEMPLE. Children were: Mitch OATMAN, Katherine OATMAN.

bullet Mitch OATMAN(1) Parents: Larry OATMAN and Sharon TEMPLE.

bullet OBADAIAH (1)

Children were: SHECANIAN.

bulletAribert I OBOTRITES(1). Parents: King Vislas I OBOTRITES and Petrussa LOMBARDS .

He was married to Mandana. Children were: Billung I OBOTRITES.

bullet Astrid OBOTRITES Princess(1) was born about 979. Parents: Mieceslas III OBOTRITES -Prince .

She was married to King Olaf III SWEDEN. Children were: Astrid SWEDEN, Ingegerd SWEDEN -Princess, King Jacob ANUN.

bullet Billung I OBOTRITES(1) Parents: Aribert I OBOTRITES and Mandana.

He was married to Hildegarde. Children were: Billung II OBOTRITES.

bullet Billung II OBOTRITES(1) Parents: Billung I OBOTRITES and Hildegarde.

He was married to Jutta. Children were: Mieceslas I OBOTRITES.

bullet Mieceslas I OBOTRITES(1) Parents: Billung II OBOTRITES and Jutta.

He was married to Antonia. Children were: Rodigastus OBOTRITES.

bullet Mieceslas II OBOTRITES(1) Parents: Mistui I OBOTRITES.

Children were: Mistui II OBOTRITES -Prince.

bulletMieceslas III OBOTRITES -Prince(1). Parents: Mistui II OBOTRITES -Prince.

Children were: Astrid OBOTRITES Princess.

bulletMistui I OBOTRITES(1). Parents: Rodigastus OBOTRITES.

Children were: Mieceslas II OBOTRITES.

bulletMistui II OBOTRITES -Prince(1). Parents: Mieceslas II OBOTRITES.

Children were: Mieceslas III OBOTRITES -Prince.

bulletRodigastus OBOTRITES(1) was born in 840. Parents: Mieceslas I OBOTRITES and Antonia.

Children were: Mistui I OBOTRITES .

bulletKing Vislas I OBOTRITES(1).

He was married to Petrussa LOMBARDS. Children were: Aribert I OBOTRITES.

bullet ODA (1) Parents: Duke Otto SAXONY and Princess Hedwige BAVARIA .

bullet George ODDING(1) was born in England.

He was married to Margaret LANG. Children were: Sarah ODDING.

bullet Sarah ODDING(1) was born on 5 Feb 1607/8. She died after 1681 in Portsmouth, New Port Co., Rhode Island. Parents: George ODDING and Margaret LANG.

She was married to Phillip SHERMAN in 1633 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co., Massachusetts. Children were: Eber SHERMAN , Sarah SHERMAN, Peleg SHERMAN, Mary SHERMAN, Edmund SHERMAN, Samson SHERMAN, William SHERMAN, John SHERMAN, Mary SHERMAN, Hannah SHERMAN, Samuel SHERMAN, Benjamin SHERMAN, Phillippa SHERMAN.

bullet ODILIE (1)

She was married to Manasses I RETHEL -Count. Children were: Manasses II DE RETHEL -Count, Roger DE RETHEL.

bullet OENGUS (1) was born about 515. Parents: DAU.

He was married to LASSI. Children were: FEDELM.

bullet Edwina Joan OHLEGSCHLAGER(1) was born on 29 Dec 1921 in The Dalles, Wasco Co., Oregon. Parents: Waldemar Edward OHLEGSCHLAGER and Mable Pearl SHEARER .

bullet Waldemar Edward OHLEGSCHLAGER(1) was born on 15 Dec 1890.(4) He died on 11 Feb 1973 in New York.(4)  

He was married to Mable Pearl SHEARER on 14 Nov 1917 in Washington. Children were: Winniford Shiela OHLEGSCHLAGER , Edwina Joan OHLEGSCHLAGER.

bullet Winniford Shiela OHLEGSCHLAGER(1) was born on 6 Jan 1919 in The Dalles, Wasco Co., Oregon. Parents: Waldemar Edward OHLEGSCHLAGER and Mable Pearl SHEARER .

She was married to Jack Ramond BAILEY on 19 Feb 1939 in The Dalles, Wasco Co., Oregon. Children were: Julia Mable BAILEY, Nancy Ann BAILEY, Sally Jean BAILEY, Jack Walter BAILEY.

bullet Hemma OHNINGEN(1) Parents: Kuno OHNINGEN -Count and Richilde.

She was married to Count Frederick I. Children were: Count Berthold II, Frederick II VON DIESSEN -Count .

bullet Judith OHNINGEN(1) Parents: Kuno OHNINGEN -Count and Richilde.

She was married to Louis DAGSBURG -Count. Children were: Kuno RHEINFELDEN -Count.

bullet Kuno OHNINGEN -Count(1)

He was married to Richilde. Children were: Judith OHNINGEN, N.N. OHNINGEN, Itha VON ONIGEN, Hemma OHNINGEN.

bullet N.N. OHNINGEN(1) Parents: Kuno OHNINGEN -Count and Richilde.

She was married to St Vladimir I SWJATOSLAWITSCH -Grand Prince about 1011. Children were: Debronega Marie KIEV .

bullet Alexander OKESTON Sir(1)

He was married to Joan VALLETORT. Children were: Joan OKESTON.

bullet Joan OKESTON(1) was born about 1238 in Modbury, Devonshire, England. Parents: Alexander OKESTON Sir and Joan VALLETORT.

She was married to Richard CHAMPERNOUN. Children were: Richard CHAMPERNOUN .

bullet Asa OLAFSSON(1) was born about 706 in Romerike, Norway. Parents: King Olaf INGJALDSSON and Solveig HALFDANSSON.

bullet Frodi OLAFSSON(1) was born in 433 in Denmark. Parents: Olaf VERMUNDSSON.

Children were: Halfdan FRODASSON, Fridleif FRODASSON.

bulletHalfdan OLAFSSON -Hvitbein(1) was born about 704 in Romerike, Norway. Parents: King Olaf INGJALDSSON and Solveig HALFDANSSON.

He was married to Asa EYSTEINSSON. Children were: Eystein HALFDANSSON -Fret, Gudrod HALFDANSSON.

bullet Helgi OLAFSSON(1) was born about 802 in Dublin, Ireland. Parents: Olaf GUDRODSSON II.

bullet Ingjald OLAFSSON(1) was born about 702 in Sweden. Parents: King Olaf INGJALDSSON and Solveig HALFDANSSON.

bullet Rognvald OLAFSSON(1) was born about 790 in Jutland, Norway. He died in 850. Parents: Olaf GUDRODSSON II .

Children were: Aseda ROGNVALDSSON.

bulletPrince Styrbiorn OLAFSSON(1) was born about 965 in Sweden. He died in 985 in Fyrisval, Uppsala, Sweden. Parents: King Olaf EDMUNDSON and Ingelberg.

He was married to Thyra DENMARK. Children were: Jarl THORKILL.

bullet Ann OLDAGE(1) was born on 15 Jan 1626/27 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. She died on 28 Aug 1689 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Parents: Richard OLDAGE.

She was married to John OSBORN on 19 May 1643 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Children were: Samuel OSBORN.

bullet Richard OLDAGE(1) was born in 1599 in Dorchester, England. He died on 27 Jan 1659/60 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

Children were: Ann OLDAGE.

bulletKarin OLDSDOTTER(1).

She was married to Kiellar PERSSON. Children were: Olof KALLARSSON.

bullet Karin OLDSDOTTER(1)

She was married to Olof JANSSON. Children were: Kjerstin OLDSDOTTER.

bullet Kjerstin OLDSDOTTER(1) was born on 19 Dec 1762 in Ryggestad, Gunnarskog, Sweden. Parents: Olof JANSSON and Karin OLDSDOTTER.

She was married to Per BRYNTESSON. Children were: Kjerstin PERSDOTTER , Anders PERSSON, Karin PERSDOTTER, Anna PERSDOTTER, Olof PERSSON, Ingeborg PERSDOTTER.

bullet Martha Elisa OLIN (GALICIA)(1) was born in Mexico City, Mexico.

She was divorced from DENEKE. She was married to DENEKE. Children were: Heidi Alejandra DENEKE, Reiner Rolando DENEKE.

She was married to Gary Edward GREEN on 5 Nov 1994 in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

bullet Harry H OLIVER(1) was born on 21 Jun 1902. He died in Jan 1966.

He was married to Lois SHERMAN .

bullet Sibyl OLIVER(1) Parents: Walter OLIVER.

She was married to Humphrey DE BEAUCHAMP before 1280. She was divorced from Humphrey DE BEAUCHAMP. Children were: Eleanor DE BEAUCHAMP, John BEAUCHAMP.

bullet Walter OLIVER(1) was born in Wanbrook, Somerset, England.

Children were: Sibyl OLIVER.

bulletAnne (Agnes) OLMSTEAD(1) was born in 1566 in Halstead, Essex, England. She died on 11 Feb 1623/24 in Halstead, Essex, England. AFN;92Q6-XC.

She was married to Thomas Edward FRENCH in 1587 in Farnham, Essex, England. Children were: William FRENCH.

bullet Kjerstin OLOFSDOTTER(1) was born on 3 Jun 1748 in Traskog, Gunnarskog, Sweden. She died on 18 Mar 1806 in Traskog, Gunnarskog, Sweden. Parents: Olof OLSSON and Mertha ANDERSDOTTER.


bullet Brita OLOFSSON(1) was born in 1806. Parents: Olof KALLARSSON and Maria INGEMARSDOTTER.

bullet Carin OLOFSSON(1) was born in 1802. Parents: Olof KALLARSSON and Maria INGEMARSDOTTER.

bullet Elof OLOFSSON(1) was born on 24 Jul 1785 in Berga, Gunnarskog, Sweden. Parents: Olof PERSSON and Ingjerd ELOFSDOTTER.

He was married to Kjerstin PERSDOTTER on 6 Nov 1831 in Sweden. Children were: Stina ( Elofsdotter) OLSSON, Kajsa ELOFSDOTTER , Maria (Elofsdotter) OLSSON, Anders OLSSON, Kjerstin (Elofsdotter) OLSSON .

bullet Jan OLOFSSON(1) was born in 1789. Parents: Olof KALLARSSON and Maria INGEMARSDOTTER.

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