bullet Constance ARLES(1) was born about 986 in Arles, Toulouse, France. She died on 25 Jul 1032 in Meulan, France. Parents: William I PROVENCE -Count and Adelaide D' ANJOU.

She was married to King Robert II FRANCE. Children were: Adele\Adela FRANCE -Princess , Raoul Eudes, Constance ARLES , Hugh -Prince, King Henry FRANCE I, Duke Robert I BURGUNDY.

bullet Richilde ARLES(1) died in 883. Parents: Count Boso III.

She was married to Budwine ITALY -Count. Children were: Richardis Richardis METZ , Richard BURGUNDY -Duke, N.N. METZ, Boso II VIENNE -Count, Richard -Duke.

bullet Teutberga ARLES(1) died before 30 Sep 948. Parents: Thibault ARLES -Count and Bertha LORRAINE.

She was married to Garnier TROYES -Vicomte about 900. Children were: Teutberge DE TROYES, Hugh BURGUNDY -Count.

bullet Thibault ARLES -Count(1) was born about 844 in Arles, France. Parents: Marquis Herbert TRANSJURAN .

He was married to Bertha LORRAINE about 879. Children were: Teutberga ARLES, Hugh PROVENCE -Count, Count Boso ARLES.

bullet Konrad ARLON -Count(1) Parents: Udo MEINVELT -Count.

Children were: Waleran I ARLON -Count.

bulletWaleran I ARLON -Count(1) died before 1038. Parents: Konrad ARLON -Count.

He was married to Adelaide UPPER LORRAINE. Children were: Waleran II LIMBURG -Count.

bullet Waleran III ARLON -Count(1) was born about 1085. He died on 6 Aug 1139. Parents: Henry I LIMBURG -Count and Adelaide VON BOTENSTEIN.

He was married to Jutta WASSENBURG about 4 Jun 1110. Children were: Henry II LIMBURG -Duke.

bullet Leo V ARMENIA(1) died on 25 Dec 820. He was born in Armenia.

He was married to Theodocia KAMSARAKAN. Children were: N.N. ARMENIA.

bullet N.N. ARMENIA(1) Parents: Leo V ARMENIA and Theodocia KAMSARAKAN.

She was married to Hmayeak. Children were: Konstantinos.

bullet Theophylaktos ARMENIA(1) died after 871.

Children were: Romanos I LEKAPENA -Emperor.

bulletPermelia Ann ARMSTRONG(1) died in 1846 in Georgetown, Vermillion, Illinois. She was buried in 1846 in Elizabeth Cem. Black Hawk, Illinois. She was born in Virginia.

She was married to David Kenney CAPPS. Children were: Sampson CAPPS , Thomas Armstrong CAPPS, Isaiah Columbus CAPPS.

bullet Garcia ARNALDO -Count(1) Parents: Arnold I BIGORRE -Count.

He was married to Rica D' ASTARAC. Children were: Gersende BIGORRE .

bullet Lisa Louise ARNE(1)

She was married to Richard James WESTLUND on 18 Oct 1987.

bullet Bruno ARNEBURG -Count(1) died on 19 Oct 1009.

Children were: Mathilda VON ARNEBURG.

bulletMabel Viola ARNESON(1) was born in 1894. She died in 1944.

She was married to Samuel S MICHAELSON in 1917. Children were: Rachel Eleanor MICHAELSON , Edith Elaine MICHAELSON, Alice Louise MICHAELSON, Judith Anne MICHAELSON , Samuel Spencer MICHAELSON Jr..

bullet Jarl Finn ARNESSON(1) was born in Norway.

He was married to Berglioth NORWAY. Children were: Ingibjorg HOLLAND.

bullet Bernice ARNET(1)

She was married to Douglas Nelson LEE in Jul 1955. Children were: Dawn LEE, Douglas Jr. LEE, Deanne LEE, Denise LEE.

bullet Anna Barbara ARNOLD(1) was buried in St. John's Church Cemetery, Berrysburg, Pennsylvania.

She was married to Johannes (Hans) MATTER on 24 Oct 1758 in Trinity Evangelical Church, New Holland, Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania. Children were: Johannes MATTER, Michael MATTER.

bullet Ludwig ARNSTEIN -Count(1) Parents: Arnold EINRICH -Count.

Children were: Agnes VON ARNSTEIN.

bulletDyfnwallon ap ARTHEN(1).

Children were: Meurig ap DYFNWALLON.

bulletQueen Blanche ARTOIS(1) was born about 1248 in Arras, Pas-de-Calais, France. She died on 2 May 1302 in Paris, France. Parents: Robert I ARTOIS -Count and Matilda BRABANT -Countess.

She was married to King Henry I TROYES in 1269. Children were: Thibaut NAVARRE -Prince, Jeanne NAVARRE -Princess.

She was married to Edmund LANCASTER -Earl on 29 Oct 1276. Children were: Thomas LANCASTER -Earl , Henry Plantagenet LANCASTER -Earl, John BEAUFORT -Lord, Mary PLANTAGENET.

bullet Robert I ARTOIS -Count(1) was born in Sep 1216. He died on 8 Jan 1249/50. Parents: King Louis FRANCE VIII and Blanche CASTILE.

He was married to Matilda BRABANT -Countess on 14 Jun 1237. Children were: Queen Blanche ARTOIS.

bullet Elizabeth ARUNDEL(1) Parents: John ARUNDEL Sir.

She was married to Giles D' AUBENEY . Children were: Henry Bridgewater D' AUBENEY Earl , Cicely D' AUBENEY.

bullet John ARUNDEL Sir(1) was born in Lanhern, Cornwall, England.

Children were: Elizabeth ARUNDEL .

bulletAdeline ASHLEY(1) was born on 4 Mar 1914.

She was married to Merril Philip LEE on 14 Sep 1949 in Canada. Children were: Graham William LEE.

bullet Alvin ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

bullet Amelia ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

She was married to THOMPSON.

bullet Benedict ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

bullet Celestial ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

She was married to BAIRD.

bullet Edwin ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

bullet Esther Malvina ASHLEY(1) was born on 18 Mar 1829. She was buried in 1870 in Monroe Township, Butler Co., Iowa. She died on 25 Nov 1901 in Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota. Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

She was married to John Lafayette COLLER. Children were: Lucia Evaline COLLER, Allen Millard COLLER, Charles Edgar COLLER, Bion Adelbert COLLER, John Fremont COLLER, Mina Elizabeth COLLER, Walter Elisha COLLER , Arthur Carroll COLLER, Lola COLLER.

bullet Jobes ASHLEY(1)

He was married to Lola. Children were: Esther Malvina ASHLEY , Alvin ASHLEY, Edwin ASHLEY , Benedict ASHLEY, Celestial ASHLEY, Amelia ASHLEY, Winfeild ASHLEY, Newton ASHLEY.

bullet Newton ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

bullet Winfeild ASHLEY(1) Parents: Jobes ASHLEY and Lola.

bullet Beltsa ASIA(1) was born in Asgard, Asia.

She was married to Frithuwald. Children were: Odin, Ve, Vili.

bullet Finn ASIA(1) was born about 130.

Children were: Freothelaf ASIA.

bulletFreothelaf ASIA(1) was born about 160 in Asgard, Asia. Parents: Finn ASIA.

Children were: Frithuwald.

bulletGuinigenta ASNAREZ(1). Parents: Asnar DATO.

She was married to Ramon I RIBAGORZA -Count. Children were: Bernard I RIBAGORZA -Count .

bullet Arnaldo ASTARAC -Count(1) died after 960. Parents: Garcia SANCHES -Count and Aminiana.

Children were: Faquilena ASTARAC .

bulletFaquilena ASTARAC(1) died after 990. Parents: Arnaldo ASTARAC -Count.

She was married to Raymund I DATO -Count. Children were: Arnold I BIGORRE -Count.

bullet Guillermo I ASTARAC -Count(1)

Children were: Rica D' ASTARAC.

bulletGundwald ASTI -Duke(1) died in 612. Parents: Duke Garibaldi BAVARIA and Waldrada.

Children were: Aripert I LOMBARDS -Viscount .

bulletAlice ASTLEY(1) was born about 1344. Parents: Thomas ASTLEY -Lord.

She was married to Richard CHAMPERNOUN. Children were: Alexander CHAMPERNOUN .

bullet Thomas ASTLEY -Lord(1)

Children were: Alice ASTLEY.

bulletKing Ordono II ASTURIA(1) was born about 873. He died on 3 Jan 923/24. Parents: King Alfonso III ASTURIAS and Jimena GARCES.

He was married to Nunja Elvira MENENDEZ. Children were: King Ramiro II LEON.

bullet King Alfonso III ASTURIAS(1) was born about 848. He died on 20 Dec 910. Parents: King Ordono I ASTURIAS and NUNA.

He was married to Jimena GARCES between 869 and 870. Children were: King Ordono II ASTURIA.

bullet Gondemaro ASTURIAS(1) died in 1011. Parents: Piniola JIMENO -Count and Eldonzo MUNEZ.

Children were: Fernando GUNDEMARIZ .

bulletKing Ordono I ASTURIAS(1) was born about 830. He died on 27 May 866. Parents: King Ramiro I ASTURIAS and Paterna CASTILE.

He was married to NUNA. Children were: LEODEQUANDIA, Nunio ORDONEZ, King Alfonso III ASTURIAS.

bullet King Ramiro I ASTURIAS(1) was born about 790. He died on 1 Feb 849/50. Parents: King Vermudo I ASTURIAS and Ursinda MUNILONA.

He was married to Paterna CASTILE. Children were: Rodrigo, King Ordono I ASTURIAS.

bullet King Vermudo I ASTURIAS(1) was born about 740 in Spain. He died in 797. Parents: Fruela BARDALIA -Count.

He was married to Ursinda MUNILONA . Children were: King Ramiro I ASTURIAS.

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