bullet Geriberge(1)

She was married to Antgarius DE LODEVE -Vicomte. Children were: Odo DE LODEVE -Vicomte.

bullet Gerlinde (1) was born in Alsace.

She was married to Duke Adelbert ALSACE. Children were: Duke Luitfride I ALSACE.

bullet Gersende (1)

She was married to Aldradus DE CHATELLERAULT -Vicomte in 969. Children were: Boson I DE CHATELLERAULT -Vicomte.

bullet Gersinda (1)

She was married to Foucauld DE LA ROCHE. Children were: Gerberge de La ROCHEFOUCAULD.

bullet Gertrude (1) was born about 748 in Aachen, Prussia. Parents: King Pepin III and Bertha DE LAON.

bullet Gertrude (1)

She was married to Ricuin LORRAINE -Count. Children were: Duke Otto LORRAINE, Godfrey -Duke, Frederick Lorraine ST HUBERT -Abbot.

bullet Geva (1) was born about 736 in Denmark. Parents: Knight Eystein WESTFOLD and Hild AGNARSSON.

She was married to Widukind WESTPHALIAN . Children were: Count Wicibert WESTPHALIA, Wigbert Wikbert SAXONY -Duke.

bullet Gibica (1)

Children were: Godomar.

bulletGiles (1) was born about 755 in Aachen, Prussia. Parents: King Pepin III and Bertha DE LAON.

bullet Giolahaire (1) Parents: Godomar.

Children were: King Gundicaire BURGUNDY .

bulletGisela (1). Parents: King Pepin III and Bertha DE LAON.

bulletGisela (1). Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

bulletGisela (1) died after 19 May 856. Parents: Emperor Lothar I ITALY and Queen Ermengarde ORLEANS .

bullet Gisela (1) was born about 844 in Italy.

She was married to Anscarius ANCHIER The Burgundian. Children were: Marquis Adalbert IVREA.

bullet Gisela (1) was born about 820 in France. She died after Jul 874. Parents: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I and Judith BAVARIA.

She was married to Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave about 836. Children were: Hatwige BURGUNDY, Helwise FRIULE, Heilwise FRIULI, Hunroch III FRIULI, King Berenger I ITALY, Judith FRIULI.

bullet Gisela (1) was born about 1016 in Genf, Genf, Switzerland. She died in 1060.

She was married to Gerold VON GENF. Children were: Johanna VON GENF .

bullet Gisela (1) Parents: King Lothair II LORRAINE.

She was married to King Godefrid HAITHABU. Children were: Reginhilde VON FRIESLAND.

bullet Gisele (1)

She was married to Berenger MELGUEIL. Children were: Bernard II MELGUEIL -Count.

bullet Gladys (1) Parents: Lucius.

She was married to CADVAN. Children were: STRADA -The Fair.

bullet Godepert (1) Parents: Aripert I LOMBARDS -Viscount.

Children were: Reginpert TURIN -Duke.

bulletGodfrey -Duke(1) died in 964. Parents: Ricuin LORRAINE -Count and Gertrude.

bullet Godith (1)

She was married to Gilbert Kendal DE LANCASTER -Baron. Children were: William I Kendal DE LANCASTER -Baron.

bullet Godomar (1) Parents: Gibica.

Children were: Giolahaire.

bulletEarl Godwin(1) was born in England.

Children were: Editha.

bulletGodwin (1) was born about 979 in Mercia. He died in 1039. Parents: Leofwine -Earl MERCIA and Alwara Verch ATHELSTAN -Lady.

bullet Goldie (1)

She was married to Arthur KEENAN. Children were: Jimmy KEENAN .

bullet Gometrude (1)

She was married to King Dagobert I AUSTRASIA. Children were: Sigebert III AUSTRASIA.

bullet Bishop Gondolfus(1) Parents: Lord Munderic FRANKS and Arthemia.

Children were: Bishop Arnoul.

bulletGormflaith (1) was born about 960 in Naas, Leinster, Ireland. She died in 1030. Parents: King Murchad LEINSTER .

She was married to King Olaf Kvaaran DUBLIN . Children were: King Sihtric DUBLIN.

She was married to Monarch Brian Boru IRELAND about 1000. Children were: King Donnchad MUNSTER.

bullet Gospatric (1) died in 1179 in England. He was born in High Ireby, England. Parents: Orm and Gunnilda NORTHUMBERLAND.

He was married to Egeline in England. Children were: Thomas WORKINGTON.

bullet Gospatric (1) died in 1212 in Hindley, England. He was born in Hindley, England. Parents: Swain .

He was married in England. Children were: Roger DE SAMLESBURY.

bullet Gothelon II -Duke(1) died in 1046. Parents: Gonzelon I ANTWERP -Margrave.

bullet Grace (1) was born in England.

She was married to Henry BOLD Esq. in England. Children were: Sibyl DE BOLD.

bullet Grace (1) was born in England.

She was married to Thomas WORKINGTON in England. Children were: Thomas Jr. WORKINGTON, Ada WORKINGTON.

bullet Gregoras (1) Parents: Konstantinos and N.N. IBERITZES.

Children were: Andronikos DOUKAS.

bulletGregoria (1). Parents: Basileos -Rector.

She was married to N.N. SKLEROS . Children were: Bardas SKLEROS, Konstantin SKLEROS.

bullet Gregory V -Pope(1) died on 18 Feb 998/99. Parents: Otto FRANCONIA -Duke and Judith BAVARIA.

bullet Gripho (1) died in 753. Parents: Mayor Charles MARTEL and Swanhilda SONICHILDE OR .

bullet Gui -Count(1) died in 814. Parents: Lambert HORNBACH -Count.

Children were: Lambert NANTES.

bulletGuido -Marchese(1). Parents: Ardoino IV -Marchese.

Children were: Odelrico DI RAMAGNANO -Marchese.

bulletGuillenette (1).

She was married to N.N. MELGUEIL. Children were: Bernard I MELGUEIL -Count.

bullet Guldregut (1)

She was married to Count Galindo AZAREZ I. Children were: Aznar GALINDEZ II.

bullet Gundred (1) was born about 1055 in Normandy, France. She died on 27 May 1085 in Castle Acre, Norfolk, England. Parents: King William I ENGLAND and Queen Maud\Matilda FLANDERS .

She was married to William DE WARENNE I -Earl . Children were: William DE WARENNE II 2nd Earl .

bullet Gunhilda (1) was born in Sweden. Parents: King Olaf EDMUNDSON and Ingelberg.

She was married to King Harold III DENMARK. Children were: Thyra DENMARK, King Sweyn DENMARK.

bullet Gunnor (1) Parents: Gunnar DEIRA.

Children were: Thored GUNNARSSON Earl.

bulletGunnora (1).

She was married to Gilbert DE BRIONNE -Count. Children were: Richard FITZ GILBERT.

bullet King Guntram(1) died in 592. Parents: King Clotaire I and Ingund.

bullet Gutiar (1)

He was married to Elvira. Children were: Hermegildo GUTIERREZ , Osorio GUTIERREZ.

bullet Gutina (1) was born in Castile. Parents: Diego Rodriguez PORCELOS -Count.

She was married to Fernando NUNEZ. Children were: Gonzalo Fernandez DE LARA -Count.

bullet Gwladys or Beatrice(1)

She was married to Walter FITZ OTHER. Children were: Geraldus DE WINDSOR.

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