bullet Ava(1) Parents: Liutfried -Duke.

She was married to Hunroch III FRIULI. Children were: Eberhard SULICHGAU -Count .

bullet Aveline (1) was born about 1114 in Dulling, Norfolk, England.

She was married to James ST HILARY in England. Children were: Maud ST HILARY.

bullet Avie (1) was born in 1196 in England.

She was married to William DE MOWBRAY. Children were: Roger DE MOWBRAY.

bullet Avis (1) was born in England.

She was married to Adam DE HOGHTON Sir. Children were: Richard DE HOGHTON.

bullet Avis (1)

She was married to Thomas DE PYNE. Children were: Matilda Hawise DE PYNE.

bullet Ayalmus (1)

She was married to Giraud AMIC -Seigneur. Children were: Constance AMIC.

bullet Barbara (1) was born in 1608 in Alsace, Lorraine, France/Germany. She died on 31 Oct 1688 in Altdorf, Alsace, France/Germany.

She was married to Hans KEISER. Children were: Jacob KEISER.

bullet Barbara (1)

She was married to Roger Guy BUCHER on 24 Dec 1992 in Bemidji, Beltrami Co., Minnesota.

bullet Barbara (1)

She was married to William MILLINGTON. Children were: Janet MILLINGTON .

bullet Barbara (1) was born about 1712.

She was married to Johan Ulrich SCHUPP. Children were: Ulrich SCHUPP(SHOPP), Henry SCHUPP, Martia SCHUPP, Catherine SCHUPP.

bullet Barbara (1) was born about 1720.

She was married to Johan Jacob SCHUPP. Children were: Jacob SHUPP, Martin SHUPP, Louise SHUPP, Peter SHUPP.

bullet Barbara

She was married to Charles LAMARCHE. Children were: Anne Frances LAMARCHE.

bullet Barbro Rasmusd.(1) was born in 1702 in Norway. She died in 1766 in Norway.

She was married to Lars Johannesson LOSETSTRAND in 1726 in Norway. Children were: Barbro Larsdotter LOSETSTRAND.

bullet Bardas -Magistros(1) Parents: Konstantinos and Pancalo.

Children were: Basileos -Rector.

bulletBardas (1) died in 791.

Children were: Arschavier KAMSARAKAN -Prince.

bulletBasileos -Rector(1). Parents: Bardas -Magistros.

Children were: Gregoria .

bulletBathild (1).

She was married to King Chiodovech II FRANKS. Children were: Theuderick III FRANKS.

bullet King Baudouin(1) was born between 1058 and 1064. Parents: Eustace II BOULOGNE and Ida BOUILLON.

bullet Baudouin IX -Count(1) was born in Jul 1171 in Valenciennes. He died in Apr 1206 in Adrionople. Parents: Baldwin V HAINAUT -Count and Marguerite LORRAINE .

He was married to Marie DE CHAMPAGNE. Children were: Joan FLANDERS -Countess, Margaret HAINAULT -Countess.

bullet Beatrice (1)

She was married to Raimond DE UZES -Seigneur. Children were: Rosine DE UZES.

bullet Beatrice (1) was born in England.

Children were: Joan DE STAINFORD.

bulletPrincess Beatrice(1) was born in 1286 in Aquitaine, France. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Queen Eleanor CASTILE.

bullet Beatrice Princess(1) was born on 25 Jun 1242 in Bordeaux, France. She died on 24 Mar 1274/75. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND III and Queen Eleanor PROVENCE .

bullet Beatrice (1) Parents: Hugh MAGNUS Duke and Hedwig GERMANY.

She was married to Frederick I BAR -Count in 954. Children were: Unknown, Dietrich BAR -Count.

bullet Beatrix (1)

She was married to Walter II DE SALINS. Children were: Humbert III DE SALINS.

bullet Beletrude (1)

She was married to Rostaing. Children were: Emenon DE SABRAN .

bullet Beliarde (1)

She was married to William II DE MONTPELLIER -Seigneur. Children were: William III DE MONTPELLIER -Seigneur.

bullet Beliarde (1)

She was married to Archambaud IV DE BOURBON. Children were: Aimon II DE BOURBON.

bullet Belielde (1)

She was married to Adalelme AVIGNON before 937. Children were: Peter AVIGNON, Berenger AVIGNON -Viscount.

bullet Bellon -Count(1) died after 812.

Children were: Sunifred URGEL -Count, Oliva I CARCASSONNE -Count, Suniario I AMPURIAS .

bulletBenedict (1).

He was married to GUINODEON. Children were: Alan Canhiard CORNOUAILLE -Count.

bullet Benno (1) Parents: Berhard .

Children were: Dietrich HALDENSLEBEN -Lord .

bulletBeorn (1) was born about 301 in Saxony, Germany. Parents: Brand SCANDINAVIA.

bullet Princess Berengaria(1) was born in 1276 in Kennington, London, England. She died between 1277 and 1279. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Queen Eleanor CASTILE .

bullet Berengaria (1) died on 12 Apr 1237. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE IX and Berengaria CASTILE .

bullet King Berengarius II(1) was born about 905 in Ivrea, Italy. He died on 6 Aug 961 in Italy. Parents: Marquis Adalbert IVREA and Princess Gisela FRIULI .

He was married to Queen Willa ITALY. Children were: Princess Susanna, King Adelbert LOMBARD, Gerberga IVREA.

bullet Berenger (1)

Children were: Hunroch FRIULI -Margrave.

bulletBerhard (1). Parents: Dietrich .

Children were: Benno.

bulletBerlinda (1) was born about 962 in Ortenburg, Germany.

She was married to Hugues III LOWER LORRAINE -Count . Children were: Hugh IV LORRAINE -Count, Gisele METZ -Countess, Eberhard LORRAINE -Viscount .

bullet Bernard (1) was born about 730. He died in 784. Parents: Mayor Charles MARTEL and Swanhilda SONICHILDE OR.

He was married to DE LAON . Children were: Unknown.

bullet Berta (1)

She was married to Walter FITZ ROGER. Children were: Maude FITZ WALTER , Miles Hereford FITZ WALTER -Earl.

bullet Berta (1) died after 902. Parents: Wilfred.

She was married to Suppo II SPOLETO -Margrave . Children were: Bertila SPOLETO.

bullet Berta (1)

She was married to Folmar METZ -Count. Children were: Folmar METZ -Count, RICHILDE.

bullet Berta (1)

She was married to Ulrich III ARGENGAU -Count. Children were: Ulrich IV ARGENGAU -Count.

bullet Berta (1) Parents: Bonifacio I VASTO -Marchese and Agnes DE VERMANDOIS .

She was married to Teto II VASTO -Marchese .

bullet Berta (1) Parents: Remigius and Arsinde.

She was married to Raymond I TOULOUSE -Count. Children were: Fulk DE LIMOGES, Eudes TOULOUSE -Count.

bullet Bertha (1)

She was married to Godizo BETUWE -Count. Children were: Eberhard BETUWE -Count.

bullet Bertha (1) was born between 776 and 780 in Aachen, Rhineland, Prussia. She died after 829. Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

bullet Bertha (1) was born in Holland.

She was married to King Philip I. Children were: King Louis FRANCE VI.

bullet Bertha (1) died after 7 May 852. Parents: Emperor Lothar I ITALY and Queen Ermengarde ORLEANS .

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