bullet Oreguen(1)

She was married to Alain I BRITTANY -Duke. Children were: Paskwitan II RENNES -Count.

bullet Orm (1) was born about 1073 in England. Parents: Ketel KENDAL -Baron.

He was married to Gunnilda NORTHUMBERLAND in England. Children were: Gospatric.

bullet Osbeorn (1) was born about 1050 in Northumberland, England. Parents: Siward BIORNSSON -Earl and Aelflaed III.

bullet Queen Osburh(1) was born about 810 in Wessex, England. She died after 876. Parents: Oslac.

She was married to King Ethelbert.

She was married to King Aethelwulf WESSEX. Children were: Judith WESSEX, Duke/King Athelstan, King Ethelbald, King Ethelbert, King Athelred I WESSEX, Ethelswitha -Lady, Alfred ENGLAND The Great.

bullet Oseth (1) was born about 1572 in England. She died on 16 Jun 1609 in Cottesbach, Leicestershire, England.

She was married to Henry DILLINGHAM Rev.. Children were: John DILLINGHAM, Gilbert DILLINGHAM, Henry DILLINGHAM, Mary DILLINGHAM, Oseth DILLINGHAM, Edward DILLINGHAM, Martha DILLINGHAM.

bullet Oslac (1)

Children were: Queen Osburh.

bulletOtto -Duke(1). Parents: Hugh MAGNUS Duke and Hedwig GERMANY.

bulletPancalo (1).

She was married to Konstantinos. Children were: Bardas -Magistros , Basil I MACEDONIA -Emperor.

bullet Papinilla (1)

She was married to Tonantius FERREOLUS. Children were: Tonantius FERREOLUS , Ruricius -Bishop.

bullet Patience (1) was born about 1600 in Lenham, Kent, England.

She was married to Ralph PARTRIDGE. Children were: George PARTRIDGE.

bullet Paula (1)

She was married to Orville C SHOOP. Children were: Shane SHOOP , Sherry SHOOP, Steven SHOOP, Shawn SHOOP.

bullet Pauline (1)

She was married to Harris GUILMETTE. Children were: Mary Jeanne S GUILMETTE.

bullet Peck (1)

He was married to Myra Ann WILDER.

bullet Peggy (1)

She was married to Gregory KOPPOLA. Children were: Trisha KAPPOLA .

bullet Penardim (1)

She was married to King Lediaith Llyr BRITAINS. Children were: Bran -The Blessed.

bullet Pepin (1) Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Himiltrud.

bullet Pepin (1) was born about 751 in Aachen, Prussia. Parents: King Pepin III and Bertha DE LAON.

bullet Mayor Pepin(1) died in 639. Parents: Carloman.

He was married to Itha ITTA. Children were: St Beggue.

bullet Mayor Pepin I(1) was born about 605 in Austrasia. He died about 640. Parents: Bishop Arnoul and Clothide DODE.

He was married to St Beggue before 639. Children were: Pepin II D'HERISTAL .

bullet King Pepin III(1) was born in 714 in Aachen, France. He died on 24 Sep 768 in Liege, Belgium. Parents: Mayor Charles MARTEL and Duchess Chartrudis ROTRUDE OR.

He was married to Bertha DE LAON in France. Children were: Carloman, Gisela, Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST, Rothaide, Adelaide, Gertrude , Pepin, Giles.

bullet Petronilla (1) was born about 1218 in Chichester, Sussex, England.

She was married to Robert CHICHESTER . Children were: Richard CHICHESTER, Robert CHICHESTER.

bullet Petronille (1) died after 6 Jun 1050.

She was married to Englebert IV BRIENNE -Count between 1048 and 1050. Children were: Walter I BRIENNE -Count.

bullet Phila Zela(1) was born in 1857. She died in 1915.

She was married to James M. GARNER. Children were: Rosa Alice GARNER.

bullet Philip -Prince(1) was born about 1116. He died in 1130. Parents: King Louis FRANCE VI and Adela\Adelaide MAURIENNE.

bullet Philip (1) Parents: Alfonso X.

bullet King Philip I(1) was born in 1053 in France. He died on 29 Jul 1108 in Mulan, France. Parents: King Henry FRANCE I and Anna (Agnes) Agnesa JAROSLAWNA Duchess.

He was married to Bertha. Children were: King Louis FRANCE VI.

bullet Philippa (1)

She was married to Walter DEVEREUX. Children were: Edward DEVEREUX .

bullet Poppo I -Count(1) Parents: Heinrich -Count.

Children were: Poppo II -Margrave .

bulletPoppo II -Margrave(1). Parents: Poppo I -Count.

Children were: Poppo III -Count .

bulletPoppo III -Count(1) died in 945. Parents: Poppo II -Margrave.

Children were: Otto I TULLFELD.

bulletPoston (1).

He was married to Leida Gertrude FREITAG(FRIDAY).

bullet Pountois (1) was born about 1035 in Mantes, Normandy, France. Parents: Count Druex Drogo VEXIN and Princess Goda Godgifu ENGLAND.

bullet Premislava Princess(1) was born about 980 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Parents: St Vladimir I SWJATOSLAWITSCH -Grand Prince and Rogneida DE POLOTSK.

bullet Prescott (1) Parents: Richard PRESTCOTE Sir.

He was married in England. Children were: James PRESCOTT.

bullet Ragnhild Knutsdtr.M. Tumheim(1) was born in Norway. She died in Norway.

She was married to Paul MIKKELSEN. Children were: Mikkel HELLEBUST (Hellebust) , Gjertrud MIKKELSEN (Hellebust), Johannes MIKKELSEN (Hellebust), Solvi MIKKELSEN (Hellebust), Knut PAULSEN.

bullet Raimodis (1)

She was married to Mayeul NARBONNE -Viscount. Children were: Viscount Aubri NARBONNE.

bullet Raingarde (1) was born about 956.

She was married to Arnaud ANGOULEME. Children were: William IV ANGOULEME -Count.

bullet Raoul Eudes(1) was born in France. Parents: King Robert II FRANCE and Constance ARLES.

bullet Reed (1)

He was married to Lucy O. WILDER.

bullet Regenald (1)

Children were: Archard de La FERTE-SUR-AUBE.

bulletRegilinda (1).

She was married to William PERIGORD -Count. Children were: Emma PERIGORD -Countess.

bullet Regina (1) was born on 15 Oct 1784. She died on 11 Mar 1849 in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.

She was married to J. Ludwig SWEIGERT.

bullet Regnhild (1) was born about 830. Parents: King Sigurd HIORT and Dag FRODE.

She was married to King Halfdan VESTFOLD. Children were: Harold I NORWAY.

bullet Reitrude (1)

She was married to Ansaud II. Children were: Thibault MONTLHERY Grand Forester.

bullet Remigius (1)

He was married to Arsinde. Children were: Berta.

bullet Renaud (1) died after 1047.

Children were: Hugh.

bulletRenaud II -Count(1) died in 1162. Parents: Hugh DE CREIL -Seigneur and Margaret DE ROUCY.

He was married to Clemence BAR-LE-DUC .

bullet Reting I(1) Parents: Boto I.

Children were: Boto II.

bulletPrince Richard(1) was born about 1054 in Normandy, France. He died in 1081. Parents: King William I ENGLAND and Queen Maud\Matilda FLANDERS.

bullet Richard -Duke(1) was born about 860. He died on 1 Sep 921 in Auxerre, France. Parents: Budwine ITALY -Count and Richilde ARLES.

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