bullet Arron STEUSSY(1) Parents: Samuel STEUSSY and Rosa PFEIFFER.

bullet Edward STEUSSY(1) Parents: Samuel STEUSSY and Rosa PFEIFFER.

bullet Henry STEUSSY(1) Parents: Samuel STEUSSY and Rosa PFEIFFER.

bullet Samuel STEUSSY(1)

He was married to Rosa PFEIFFER on 2 Feb 1881. Children were: Alvin STEUSSY, Edward STEUSSY, Henry STEUSSY, Anna STEUSSY, Arron STEUSSY.

bullet Martha STEVENS(1) was born about 1573. She died on 9 May 1626.

She was married to John WASHBURN . Children were: John WASHBURN.

bullet Rhoda STEVENSON(1)

She was married to John Proctor LAY in 1856. Children were: Margaret LAY, John P. LAY.

bullet W. J. STEWARD(1)

He was married to Ellen. Children were: Lewis SEWARD.

bullet Gloria STEWART(1) Parents: Jay STEWART and Ruth SEAMAN.

bullet Jay STEWART(1)

He was married to Ruth SEAMAN. Children were: Gloria STEWART .

bullet Ephraim Sr. STILES(1) Parents: John Jr. STILES and Dorcas BURT.

He was married to Abigail NEAL on 2 Aug 1694. Children were: Hannah STILES.

bullet Hannah STILES(1) was born on 31 Jul 1708 in Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts. She died in 1763. Parents: Ephraim Sr. STILES and Abigail NEAL.

She was married to David JONES about 1740. Children were: David Jr. JONES, Hannah JONES , David Jr. JONES, Asa JONES .

bullet John Jr. STILES(1) was born about 1633 in England. He died on 8 Dec 1683 in Windsor, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Parents: Thomas Jr. STILES.

He was married to Dorcas BURT on 28 Oct 1658. Children were: Ephraim Sr. STILES.

bullet Thomas Jr. STILES(1) was born on 7 Feb 1611/12 in Milbrook, Bedford, England. Parents: Thomas Sr. STILES and Maria.

Children were: John Jr. STILES.

bulletThomas Sr. STILES(1) was born before Nov 1593 in Milbrook, Bedford, England. He died in 1614.

He was married to Maria. Children were: Thomas Jr. STILES.

bullet Anna STILLMAN was born on 6 Apr 1699 in Hadley, Hampshire, Massachusetts. She died on 7 Nov 1767 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Parents: George STILLMAN and Rebecca SMITH.

She was married to Hezekiah MAY on 27 Apr 1721 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. Children were: Elizabeth MAY.

bullet George STILLMAN was born in 1654 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut. He died on 17 Nov 1728 in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut.

He was married to Rebecca SMITH in 1686. Children were: Anna STILLMAN.

bullet Biagota STOCKOW(1)

She was married to Boleslaw I BOHEMIA -Duke. Children were: Dobrawa BOHEMIA, Boleslaw II BOHEMIA -Duke.

bullet Drahomir STODAR(1)

She was married to Wratislaw I BOHEMIA before 910. Children were: Boleslaw I BOHEMIA -Duke.

bullet STOKES

Children were: Jane STOKES, Ann STOKES.

bulletAnn STOKES was born about 1812 in Groby, Leicester, England. Parents: STOKES.

She was married to John ROUSE on 27 Mar 1836 in Saint Mary, Leicester, Leicester, England.

bullet Jane STOKES Parents: STOKES.

She was married to Francis DOLEMAN on 12 Nov 1829 in Ratby, Leicester, England. Children were: Francis DOLEMAN, Mary DOLEMAN, Hannah DOLEMAN, William DOLEMAN, John DOLEMAN, George DOLEMAN, Henry DOLEMAN, Charles DOLEMAN, Ann DOLEMAN, Alfred DOLEMAN, Sarah Jane DOLEMAN.

bullet Jewel STOKES(1) was born in 1899.

She was married to Hugo Miller SHOOP. Children were: Orville D SHOOP, Eutheta SHOOP.

bullet Martha Ann STOKES was born on 19 Apr 1847 in Preston, Ohio. She died on 4 Apr 1925 in Hamilton Co., Ohio.

She was married to Jerome Place MARVIN on 16 Apr 1868 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Children were: Mabel MARVIN.

bullet Joane STOKEY(1) was born about 1339 in Stockhay, Devonshire, England. Parents: Robert Roger STOKEY .

She was married to John BEAUMONT Sir. Children were: William BEAUMONT.

bullet Robert Roger STOKEY(1)

Children were: Joane STOKEY.

bulletHarold A. STOLLE(1).

He was married to Joanne Margaret GREEN on 31 May 1991 in Brooklyn Center, Hennepin Co., Minnesota.

bullet Nancy STOLTZ(1) was born on 18 Oct 1945.

She was married to Terrel Kenneth BORNE on 8 Aug 1970 in Blooming Prairie, Steele Co., Minnesota.

bullet Betha Delila STONE was born on 6 May 1874.

She was married to John M. KIER on 25 Mar 1896 in La Blanche, Kansas. Children were: Catherine Stone KIER, Willard Clack KIER, Florence Berneice KIER.

bullet Eddie STONE(1)

He was married to Charlotte Caltha CAPPS.

bullet Fred STONE(1)

He was married to Cora Frances CAPPS.

bullet Mary E. STONE was born on 4 May 1849 in Adair Co., Missouri. She died on 29 Mar 1897 in Adair Co., Missouri.

She was married to Joshua L. OWINGS about 1871. Children were: Edina May OWINGS.

bullet Eli Olsd. STOREIDE(1) was born in 1793 in Norway. She died in 1870 in Norway.

She was married to Peder Jakobsson LANDSVERK in 1816 in Norway. Children were: Dorte LANDSVERK, Vendel LANDSVERK, Jakob LANDSVERK, Eli Petersd. LANDSVERK, Oline Pedersd. LANDSVERK.

bullet Donald STOREIM(1) Parents: Oscar STOREIM and Amelia MICHAELSON.

bullet Oscar STOREIM(1)

He was married to Amelia MICHAELSON. Children were: Donald STOREIM .

bullet Alice STORNTON(1) was born in Preston, England. Parents: John STORNTON.

She was married to William DAUBENEY -Baron. Children were: Giles D' AUBENEY.

bullet John STORNTON(1) was born in Preston, England.

Children were: Alice STORNTON.

bulletEdwin STOTT(1) was born on 5 Nov 1836 in Greenacres, Oldham, Lancashire, England. He died on 19 Feb 1928 in Meadow, Millard Co., Utah. Parents: William STOTT and Sarah LEES.

He was married to Elizabeth PAUL on 18 Feb 1876 in Holden, Millard Co., Utah. Children were: Mable Ann STOTT.

bullet Jessie STOTT(1) was born on 22 Jun 1739 in Ripponden, Yorkshire, England. He died in 1791 in Elland, Yorkshire, England.

He was married to Ruther HOLDEN. Children were: John STOTT.

bullet John STOTT(1) was born in 1769 in Ripponden, Yorkshire, England. Parents: Jessie STOTT and Ruther HOLDEN.

He was married to Susannah SUTCLIFFE on 26 Dec 1792 in Ripponden, Yorkshire, England. Children were: William STOTT.

bullet Mable Ann STOTT(1) was born on 10 Sep 1891 in Meadow, Millard Co., Utah. She died on 13 Jan 1985 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Parents: Edwin STOTT and Elizabeth PAUL.

She was married to Frederick William CLEGG on 23 Dec 1914 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah. Children were: Frederick Lowell CLEGG.

bullet Sarah STOTT(1) was born in 1720 in Soyland, Yorkshire, England.

She was married to John COCKROFT . Children were: Sarah COCKROFT.

bullet William STOTT(1) was born on 16 Apr 1803 in Ladywell, Soyland, Yorkshire, England. He died on 31 Oct 1883 in Meadow, Millard Co., Utah. Parents: John STOTT and Susannah SUTCLIFFE.

He was married to Sarah LEES on 31 Aug 1822 in Halifa, Yorkshire, England. Children were: Edwin STOTT.

bullet Agnes STOURTON(1) was born in Stourton, Eng.

She was married to Philip DE BAMVILLE Sir in England. Children were: Joan DE BAMVILLE.

bullet Cecil STOURTON(1)

She was married to John HILL. Children were: Elizabeth HILL.

bullet Ida Elizabeth STOVER was born on 1 May 1862 in Mount Sidney, Augusta Co., Virginia. She died on 11 Sep 1946 in Abilene, Dickenson Co., Kansas.

She was married to David Jacob EISENHOWER on 23 Sep 1885 in Hope, Dickenson Co., Kansas. Children were: General and President Dwight David EISENHOWER.

bullet Elizabeth STOW(1)

She was married to John HADLOCKE. Children were: Deborah HADLOCKE .

bullet Ellen STOWELL(1) was born in 1840 in New York. Parents: Earl S. GREEN and Lucinda.

bullet Emily STOWELL(1) was born in 1843 in New York. Parents: Earl S. GREEN and Lucinda.

bullet STRADA -The Fair(1) Parents: CADVAN and Gladys.

She was married to King COEL. Children were: Saint HELENA.

bullet Heinrich STRADE -Count(1) Parents: Lothar II STADE -Count and Swanhilde.

He was married to Hildegarde VON RHEINHAUSEN. Children were: Hildegarde VON STADE.

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