bullet Kresina(1)

Children were: Bozena.

bulletKunigunde (1) was born about 1020 in Altdorf. She died after 1055. Parents: Welf II -Count and Ermentrude LUXEMBURG.

She was married to Alberto II AZZO in 1035. Children were: Welf IV BAVARIA -Duke.

bullet Kuno I(1) Parents: Rudolph II -Count and Itha VON ONIGEN.

Children were: N.N. ALTDORF.

bulletKunza (1). Parents: Bishop St. Clodoule METZ.

She was married to Count Marinus GUERIN. Children were: Bishop Leutwinus LIEVEN, Lambert.

bullet Lambert (1) Parents: Count Marinus GUERIN and Kunza.

Children were: Robert HESBAYE -Count.

bulletLanderic I -Seigneur(1).

He was married to Hildegard before 868. Children were: Landeric II -Seigneur.

bullet Landeric II -Seigneur(1) Parents: Landeric I -Seigneur and Hildegard.

Children were: Bovin -Seigneur.

bulletLantbertus I(1).

Children were: Robert.

bulletLantbertus II(1) was born about 665. He died before 741. Parents: Robert and DODA.

He was married to Chrotlind. Children were: Rupert I -Count.

bullet Lantsind (1)

She was married to Matfried METZGAU -Count. Children were: Adalbert METZ -Count.

bullet Lavina (1)

She was married to Charles SWIFT.

bullet Lendisius (1)

Children were: Duke Adalric ETICHO.

bulletLentfroy -Duke(1) died in 726. Parents: Duke Godfrey ALLEMANIA.

bullet Leo VI -Emperor(1) was born on 1 Sep 866. He died on 12 May 912. Parents: Basil I MACEDONIA -Emperor and Eudocia INGERINA.

He was married to Zoe TZAUTZINA. Children were: Constantine VII THE EAST -Emperor, Anna BYZANTIUM .

bullet Leofwine (1) was born in Hindley, England.

He was married in England. Children were: Swain.

bullet Leutharius (1) Parents: Erchenaud.

He was married to Gerberge. Children were: Unknown.

bullet Levina (1) was born about 1530 in Banbury, Oxford, England. She died in 1562.

She was married to Godfredus WING (WYNGE) in England. Children were: Matthew WING (WYNGE).

bullet Lisiar (1)

Children were: Ansaud I.

bulletLiutfried -Duke(1).

Children were: Ava.

bulletLiutgard (1) died on 4 Jun 800.

She was married to Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST in 794.

bullet Lleian (1) was born about 505 in South Wales. Parents: Brychan WALES.

She was married to Gabran Mac DOMANGART. Children were: King Aidan Mac GABRAN.

bullet Lola (1)

She was married to Jobes ASHLEY. Children were: Esther Malvina ASHLEY , Alvin ASHLEY, Edwin ASHLEY , Benedict ASHLEY, Celestial ASHLEY, Amelia ASHLEY, Winfeild ASHLEY, Newton ASHLEY.

bullet Lorreta (1) was born in England.

She was married to Henry DE TRAFFORD in England. Children were: Henry DE TRAFFORD Sir.

bullet King Lothair(1) was born in 941 in Laon, Aisne, France. He died on 2 Mar 985/86. Parents: King Louis FRANCE IV and Gerberga GERMANY.

bullet Lothar (1) was born in Aug 778 in Casseneuil, France. He died in 780. Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

bullet Louis -Emperor(1) was born about 822. He died on 12 Aug 875. Parents: Emperor Lothar I ITALY and Queen Ermengarde ORLEANS.

bullet Louis (1) was born between 948 and 951 in Laon, Aisne, France. He died in 954. Parents: King Louis FRANCE IV and Gerberga GERMANY.

bullet King Louis(1) died in 911. Parents: Emperor Arnulf GERMANY and Oda BAVARIA.

bullet King Louis(1) was born about 830. He died about 882. Parents: King Louis GERMANY II and Emma BAVARIA.

bullet Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I(1) was born in Aug 778 in Casseneuil, Leige, France. He died on 20 Jun 840 in Petersaue, Germany. Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

He was married to Ermengarde DE HESBAYE. Children were: Adele\Adelaide FRANCE, Emperor Lothar I ITALY, Princess Hildegard, King Pepin AQUITAINE, King Louis GERMANY II , Rotrud, Adelheid Hildegard LAON -Abbess.

He was married to Judith BAVARIA in Feb 818/19. Children were: Gisela, King Charles FRANCE II.

bullet Lowry (1) Parents: Gruffyd FYCHAN II and Helen ISCOED.

She was married to Robert PULESTON. Children were: John PULESTON.

bullet Lucinda (1) was born in 1829 in New York.

She was married to Earl S. GREEN. Children were: Ellen STOWELL, Emily STOWELL, George W. GREEN.

bullet Lucius (1) Parents: Coilus COEL.

Children were: Gladys.

bulletLucy (1) was born in England.

She was married to Hugh DE CORONA in England. Children were: Elen DE CORONA.

bullet Lucy (1) died after 1201. She was born in Cambridge, England.

She was married to William DE MOHUM. Children were: Reynold DE MOHUM Sir.

bullet Lucy (1)

She was married to William DU HOMMET. Children were: Agnes DU HOMMET .

bullet Lucy (1)

She was married to Richard DE ARCHES. Children were: Joan ARCHES .

bullet Luitgarde (1)

She was married to Giselbert LOOS -Count. Children were: Emmo III LOOS -Count.

bullet Lydia (1)

She was married to Johann Frederick SCHOTT.

bullet Lydia (1)

She was married to Timothy NORTON. Children were: Susannah NORTON .

bullet M. Jane was born about 1856 in Missouri.(3) She appeared on the census in 1880 in Miller, Scotland, Missouri. (3)

She was married to Oliver P. MUIR. Children were: Arrena Alice MUIR , James MUIR.

bullet Maelcorcre (1) was born about 1000 in Ireland. Parents: King Dunlaing LEINSTER.

She was married to Olaf. Children were: RANHULT.

bullet Magdalena (1)

She was married to John CRAWFORD. Children were: Jeremiah CRAWFORD .

bullet Magnhild (1) was born in Norway.

She was married to Halstein OLSSON. Children were: Paul OLSSON, Anders OLSSON, Steinar HALSTEINSSON.

bullet Magnhild Jensd.(1) was born in Norway. She died in Norway.

She was married to Rasmus Johannesson MYKLEBOST in 1744 in Norway. Children were: Anna Rasmusd. MYKLEBOST.

bullet King Malcolm IV(1) was born on 20 Mar 1140/41 in Scotland. He died on 9 Dec 1165. Parents: Henry HUNTINGDON Earl and Ada DE WARENNE.

bullet Maldred (1) was born about 1045. Parents: Maldred DUNBAR -Earl and EALDGYTH.

bullet Mandana (1)

She was married to Aribert I OBOTRITES. Children were: Billung I OBOTRITES.

bullet Margaret (1)

She was married to John FAIRBANKS in Halifax, England. Children were: Gilbert FAIRBANKS.

bullet Margaret (1)

She was married to Richard BANGS. Children were: John BANGS.

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