bullet Senegonde(1) Parents: Fredelon and Bertha.

She was married to Fulcaud ROUERGUE -Count. Children were: Raymond I TOULOUSE -Count.

bullet Senegunde (1) died in 989.

She was married to Bernard II MELGUEIL -Count. Children were: N.N. MELGUEIL.

bullet Shadle (1) was born about 1912.

He was married to Elsie M. WERT.

bullet Sharon (1)

She was married to Lorenzo Ben HOLZHOUSER.

bullet Shelton (1)

He was married to Carie Ann FREITAG(FRIDAY).

bullet Shrotlingus (1) was born in Denmark. Parents: Ursus.

Children were: Ulsius.

bulletSibil (1).

She was married to King Duncan I Mac Crinan SCOTLAND about 1030. Children were: King Malcolm CANMORE III.

bullet Sibyl (1) died after 1330 in England. She was born in England.

She was married to William LE BOTELER in England. Children were: William LE BOTELER .

bullet Sibyl (1) was born in Scotland.

She was married to Richard AVENAL. Children were: Isabel AVENAL.

bullet King Sigebert I(1) was born about 535. He died in 575. Parents: King Clotaire I and Ingund.

bullet Sigehelm Earl(1)

Children were: Egwina.

bulletSigrada (1). Parents: Ansaud and Unknown.

She was married to Bodilon. Children were: Count Marinus GUERIN , St Leger -Bishop.

bullet Sigris (1) was born about 507.

She was married to Halfdan FRODASSON. Children were: Signa HALFDANSSON, Hroar HALFDANSSON, Helgi HALFDANSSON.

bullet King Sisbert II(1)

Children were: Berswinde AUTUN.

bulletKing Skjold(1) was born in 237 in Hleithra, Denmark. Parents: Odin and FRIGG.

He was married to Gefion. Children were: Fridleif SKJOLDSSON.

bullet Skoglar-Toste (1)

Children were: Sigrid SWEDEN.

bulletSophia (1).

She was married to Stephen SPONDHEIM -Count. Children were: Meginhard I SPONDHEIM -Count.

bullet Sophia (1) Parents: Elizabeth .

Children were: King George I ENGLAND.

bulletSophia (1) was born about 1825. She died in 1895.

She was married to James BALDWIN. Children were: Anthony Sheets BALDING.

bullet Sophie (1)

She was married to Hermann LUXEMBURG -Count. Children were: Otto I LUXEMBURG -Count.

bullet St Beggue(1) died between 694 and 698. She was born in Landen, Liege, Belgium. Parents: Mayor Pepin and Itha ITTA.

She was married to Mayor Pepin I before 639. Children were: Pepin II D'HERISTAL.

bullet St Leger -Bishop(1) died in 677. Parents: Bodilon and Sigrada.

bullet Queen St. Alfgifu(1) was born about 922 in Wessex, England. She died in 944 in England.

She was married to King Edmund I ENGLAND in England. Children were: King Eadwig, King Edgar ENGLAND.

bullet Straight (1)

He was married to Eva May FREITAG(FRIDAY).

bullet Sue (1)

She was married to Gary DUDA. Children were: Joshua Christian DUDA , Jericho DUDA.

bullet Sufficia (1)

She was married to Rostaing I VIENNEOIS -Seigneur. Children were: Rostaing II D'ANNONAY -Seigneur.

bullet Susan (1)

She was married to Robert W. MESSERSMITH.

bullet Princess Susanna(1) died in 1003. She was born in Italy. Parents: King Berengarius II and Queen Willa ITALY.

She was married to Arnulf\Arnoul II FLANDERS -Count. Children were: Eudes CAMBRAI -Count, Baldwin IV DE LILLE Count.

bullet Susanna (1) was born about 1575 in England. She died before 1635.

She was married to George ALLEN about 1609. Children were: Samuel ALLEN.

bullet Swain (1) was born in Hindley, England. Parents: Leofwine.

He was married in England. Children were: Gospatric.

bullet Swanhilde (1)

She was married to Lothar II STADE -Count. Children were: Heinrich STRADE -Count.

bullet Syantslav -Prince(1) was born about 1032 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Parents: Jaroslav I WLADIMIROWWITSCH -Grand Prince and Ingegerd SWEDEN -Princess .

bullet Sybilla (1) was born about 1048 in Northumberland, England. Parents: Siward BIORNSSON -Earl and Aelflaed III.

bullet Tertulle (1) was born about 821 in Anjou, France. Parents: Hugh BOURGES -Count.

He was married to Petronille D'AUXERE. Children were: Count Ingelgar ANJOU.

bullet Theodard (1) Parents: Theotar.

Children were: Bertha.

bulletTheotar (1) died after 682.

Children were: Theodard.

bulletTheudelinde (1) died in 625. Parents: Duke Garibaldi BAVARIA and Waldrada.

She was married to Agilolf LOMBARD. Children were: Chrodald.

bullet Theutberga (1) died on 13 Apr 1013. She was born in Le Forez, Provence, France. Parents: Hugh BURGUNDY -Count and Willa BURGUNDY.

She was married to Artaud II DE FOREZ. Children were: Gerald DE FOREZ -Count.

bullet Duke Thibaud(1) died in 744. Parents: Duke Godfrey ALLEMANIA.

bullet Thierry (1) was born about 806. Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Adelinda.

bullet Count Thierry I(1) died before 880. Parents: Lord Childebrand II and Autun.

Children were: Richard, Thierry II CHAUNOIS -Count.

bulletThierry II -Count(1) was born about 1045. He died on 2 Jan 1104/5. Parents: Louis II BAR -Count and Sophia BAR.

He was married to Ermentrude BURGUNDY. Children were: Renaud I BAR-LE-DUC -Count, Mathilda DE BAR.

bullet Thrond (1)

Children were: Eystein THRODHEIM -Earl.

bulletThurfinda (1) was born about 1014 in Lincolnshire, England.

She was married to Hereward BOURNE -Lord . Children were: THURFINDA, Ediva or Eve.

bullet Tigrida (1) died after 940.

She was married to Diego MUNOZ -Count about 920. Children were: Elvira DIAZ.

bullet Toscanda (1) was born in France.

She was married to Garnier DE LOCHE. Children were: Roscilla.

bullet Trudegarde (1)

She was married to Gausberto I AMPURIAS -Count. Children were: Ermengarde AMPURIAS.

bullet Trungard -Princess(1) was born between 852 and 855. She died in 896.

She was married to Boso II VIENNE -Count in 876. Children were: Queen Willa VIENNE, King Louis III BERONIDES.

bullet Tuger (1) was born in England.

Children were: Richard BOLD OF BOLD.

bulletUchtred (1) was born in Co Durham, England.

He was married in England. Children were: Dolphin .

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