bullet Katharina BEGLINGER(1) was born on 2 Oct 1659 in Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland. She died on 3 Mar 1736/37 in Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland. Parents: Jacob BEGLINGER and Katharina CHRISTEN.

She was married to Kaspar ZWIDN on 5 Oct 1680 in Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland.

bullet Laura BEGLINGER(1) was born on 22 Apr 1915. Parents: Herbert Lincoln (Bert) BEGLINGER and Dea Ann BIGLOW.

She was married to Clayton BOWDEN .

bullet Lowel BEGLINGER(1) was born on 18 Aug 1951 in Watertown, South Dakota. Parents: Herbert Lincoln (Bert) BEGLINGER and Florence Marie KULUS.

bullet Lowell Fridolin BEGLINGER(1) was born on 8 Jan 1894 in Superior, Douglas Co., Wisconsin. He died on 13 Apr 1911. Parents: Fridolin BEGLINGER and Emma M.T. DOPP.

bullet Margareth BEGLINGER(1) was born on 23 Aug 1635 in Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland. She died on 23 Feb 1708/9 in Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland. Parents: Jacob BEGLINGER and Katharina CHRISTEN.

She was married to Johannes (Hans) LAAAGER.

bullet Marie BEGLINGER(1) Parents: Heinrich BEGLINGER and Katharina VOGELL.

bullet Merriam BEGLINGER(1) was born on 11 May 1918. She died in May 1982 in Gordon, Douglas, Wisconsin. (4) Parents: Herbert Lincoln (Bert) BEGLINGER and Dea Ann BIGLOW.

She was married to Lyle KUNERT.

bullet Regula BEGLINGER(1) was born in 1831 in Switzerland. She emigrated about 1885 from Probably Wisconsin. She died on 7 Apr 1895 in Superior, Douglas Co., Wisconsin. She was a Was supervisor in a lace factory in either Glarus, or Mollis, Switzerland. Parents: Heinrich BEGLINGER and Regula STUSSI.

She was married to Heinrich BEGLINGER. Children were: Fridolin BEGLINGER, Heinrich BEGLINGER.

bullet Robert Lincoln (Rob BEGLINGER(1) was born on 1 Oct 1947 in Huron, South Dakota. Parents: Herbert Lincoln (Bert) BEGLINGER and Florence Marie KULUS .

bullet Rosina BEGLINGER(1) was born on 25 May 1648 in Mollis, Glarus, Switzerland. Parents: Jacob BEGLINGER and Katharina CHRISTEN.

She was married to Melchior ZWIDN.

bullet Sibila BEGLINGER(1) Parents: Heinrich BEGLINGER and Katharina VOGELL.

bullet Verena (Fanny) BEGLINGER(1) was born on 21 Dec 1796 in Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland. She was buried in 1862 in Mt. Olivet Cem., Green City, Sullivan Co., Missouri. She died on 29 Dec 1862 in Green City, Sullivan Co., Missouri. Parents: Heinrich BEGLINGER and Katharina VOGELL.

She was married to Caspar PFEIFFER on 14 Jan 1817 in Switzerland. Children were: Fridolin PFEIFFER, Hennrich PFEIFFER, Katharina PFEIFFER, Henry John PFEIFFER, Verena (Fannie) PFEIFFER, Anna Maria PFEIFFER .

bullet Elizabeth Louise BEHLES(1)

She was married to Donald William DAVIS. Children were: Carolyn Louise DAVIS, Donna Marie DAVIS, Christine Anne DAVIS, Paul Raymond DAVIS, James Martin DAVIS.

bullet Esther Viola BEINHAUER(1) was born on 25 May 1910.

She was married to Martin Luther WERT on 17 Sep 1927.

bullet Abraham BELAT was born about 1671 in Belprahon, Switzerland.

Children were: Marguerite BELAT.

bulletMarguerite BELAT was born about 1691 in Belprahon, Switzerland. Parents: Abraham BELAT.

She was married to Isaac JORAY on 21 May 1715 in Switzerland. Children were: Abraham JORAY Sr..

bullet Albert BELAU(1)

He was married to Olive COLLER in Friendship, Adams Co., Wisconsin. Children were: Queenie BELAU, Zefiel BELAU.

bullet Queenie BELAU(1) died in 1903. Parents: Albert BELAU and Olive COLLER.

bullet Zefiel BELAU(1) Parents: Albert BELAU and Olive COLLER.

bullet John BELCHER was born about 1806.

He was married to Rachel COLLER.

bullet Thomasine BELGRAVE(1)

She was married to Edward FROST. Children were: Thomasine FROST .

bullet BELI (1) died in 599. Parents: RHUN.

Children were: IAGO.

bulletAda Mae BELL(1) was born on 18 Jun 1888 in Hannibal, Marion, Missouri. Parents: Daniel BELL and Ida May GLEN.

She was married to Ira (Ivo) James GITTINGS. Children were: Jessie Mae GITTINGS.

bullet Daniel BELL(1) was born in 1859 in Missouri. He died in 1939.

He was married to Ida May GLEN on 30 Apr 1882 in Clark, Missouri. Children were: Ada Mae BELL.

bullet David Louis BELL(1) was born on 14 Feb 1945.

He was married to Barbara Jo BRISBIN on 9 Aug 1980 in St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri.

bullet Dorothy BELL(1) was born in England.

She was married to Henry HOBART. Children were: Edmund HOBART.

bullet Elizabeth (Betsy) BELL(1)

She was married to Jacob CAPPS.

bullet Richard BELL(1)

He was married to Deborah Ann FERRE (FERRY).

bullet Ivo II BELLEMONTENSIS(1) died about 1036. Parents: Ivo I HAM.

Children were: Ivo III BELLEMONTENSIS -Count.

bulletIvo III BELLEMONTENSIS -Count(1) died on 22 May 1059. Parents: Ivo II BELLEMONTENSIS.

He was married to Emma. Children were: Ivo IV BEAUMONT -Count.

bullet Julia Lucretia (Mae) BELNAP(1) was born on 1 Mar 1903 in Blackfoot, Bingham, Idaho. She died on 31 Aug 1978 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake Co., Utah.

She was married to Virgil Ray PRICE on 1 Mar 1921 in Pocatello, Bannock, Idaho. Children were: Veda Marie PRICE.

bullet Erv E BELTZ(1) was born on 19 Apr 1921.

He was married to Mary Louise MEARS on 15 Apr 1944 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.

bullet BENEDICTO (1) was born in Liebana.

He was married to ELLESINDA. Children were: DIVIGRA, OSILIA.

bullet Atenolfo I BENEVENTO -Prince(1) died on 10 Apr 910. Parents: Landolfo CAPUA -Bishop.

He was married to Sikelgaita LOMBARD. Children were: Landolfo I BENEVENTO -Prince.

bullet Atenolfo II BENEVENTO -Prince(1) died in 940.

Children were: Atenolfo TEANO -Count.

bulletGaitelgrima BENEVENTO(1) died in 1027. Parents: Pandolfo BENEVENTO -Prince.

She was married to Guimar III SALERNO -Prince. Children were: Guaimar IV SALERNO -Prince.

bullet Landolfo I BENEVENTO -Prince(1) Parents: Atenolfo I BENEVENTO -Prince and Sikelgaita LOMBARD .

He was married to Gemma NAPLES. Children were: Landolfo II BENEVENTO -Prince.

bullet Landolfo II BENEVENTO -Prince(1) died on 27 May 961. Parents: Landolfo I BENEVENTO -Prince and Gemma NAPLES.

He was married to Wanzia. Children were: Sikelgaita SALERNO, Landolfo III BENEVENTO -Prince.

bullet Landolfo III BENEVENTO -Prince(1) died in 969. Parents: Landolfo II BENEVENTO -Prince and Wanzia.

Children were: Pandolfo BENEVENTO -Prince .

bulletN.N. BENEVENTO(1). Parents: Rofrit BENEVENTO.

She was married to Landolfo CAPUA -Ruler. Children were: Landolfo CAPUA -Bishop .

bullet Pandolfo BENEVENTO -Prince(1) died on 13 Aug 1014. Parents: Landolfo III BENEVENTO -Prince.

Children were: Gaitelgrima BENEVENTO.

bulletRofrit BENEVENTO(1).

Children were: N.N. BENEVENTO.

bulletJolene BENGTSON(1). Parents: Richard BENGTSON and Virginia TEMPLE.

bulletRichard BENGTSON(1).

He was married to Virginia TEMPLE. Children were: Jolene BENGTSON.

bullet Juhel BERENGER(1) died in 970. Parents: Paskwitan II RENNES -Count and N.N. RENNES.

He was married to Gerberga. Children were: Duke Conan I BRITTANY.

bullet Raymond III BERENGER -Count(1) was born on 11 Nov 1080. He died on 19 Aug 1131. Parents: Raymund III BARCELONA -Count and Maud\Matilda DE HAUTEVILLE .

He was married to Dulce DI GIEVAUDUN on 3 Feb 1111/12. Children were: Raymond IV BERENGER -Count , Berengeria BARCELONA.

bullet Raymond IV BERENGER -Count(1) was born about 1113. He died on 8 Aug 1162 in San Dalmacio. Parents: Raymond III BERENGER -Count and Dulce DI GIEVAUDUN .

He was married to Petronilla ARAGON in 1151. Children were: Raymond Beranger PROVENCE, Sancho PROVENCE -Count, Aldonza BARCELONA, King Alfonso II ARAGON.

bullet Raymond V BERENGER(1) was born in 1198 in France. He died on 9 Aug 1245 in Aix, France. Parents: Alfonso ARAGON -Prince and Gersinde SABRAN.

He was married to Beatrice SAVOY -Countess in Dec 1220. Children were: Queen Eleanor PROVENCE, Sancha BERENGER, Margaret PROVENCE, Beatrice SAVOY.

bullet Sancha BERENGER(1) Parents: Raymond V BERENGER and Beatrice SAVOY -Countess .

bullet Anna Sophie BERG(1) was born on 22 Sep 1899 in Donnelly, Stevens Co., Minnesota. She died on 17 May 1994 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota. Parents: Petter Olai NEDREBERG and Olivia Anderson LYSTEBAKKEN.

She was married to Gustav Lorenz RONHOLM on 13 Aug 1924. Children were: Olive Pearl RONHOLM, Ellen Marie RONHOLM, Elsie Irene RONHOLM, Grace Adelle RONHOLM, Palmer Lawrence RONHOLM , James Arnold RONHOLM, David Peter RONHOLM.

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