bullet Ulsius(1) was born in Denmark. Parents: Shrotlingus.

Children were: Bjorn ULSIUSSON.

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: Ricfrid BETHUWE and Hamesindis.

Children were: Adele LOUVAIN.

bulletUnknown (1).

She was married to Romanos I LEKAPENA -Emperor before 908. Children were: Agatha LEKAPENA.

bullet Unknown (1) Parents: Ethelred MERCIA -Duke/Earl and Ethelfleda MERCIA -Lady.

Children were: Earl of Mercia ALFERE .

bulletUnknown (1) died before 1757.

Children were: Jacob SCHOTT, Michael SCHOTT , Ludwig SCHOTT.

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: ETHELBALD.

Children were: King Offa MERCIA .

bulletUnknown (1) was born about 1553 in Beglingen, Glarus, Switzerland.

She was married to Jacob PFEIFFER about 1574 in Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland. Children were: Anna PFEIFFER, Margaretha PFEIFFER, Michael PFEIFFER, Peter PFEIFFER.

bullet Unknown (1) was born about 777. Parents: Bernard and DE LAON.

Children were: King Bernard LOMBARDY.

bulletUnknown (1).

Children were: Elizabeth -Princess, Robert Gloucester FITZ HENRY -Earl.

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: Leutharius and Gerberge.

Children were: Sigrada.

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: Bouchard.

Children were: Aubri ORLEANS -Vicomte .

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: N.N. KOURKOUAINA.

Children were: Marie BULGARIA .

bulletUnknown (1) was born about 1000 in Courtenay, Loiret, France.

She was married to Anton DE COURTENAY about 1030. Children were: Joscelin DE COURTENAY -Lord .

bullet Unknown (1) Parents: Senator Flavius Afranius SYAGRIOUS.

Children were: Tonantius FERREOLUS.

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: Regnier II HAINAULD and Adelaide BURGUNDY.

She was married to Nevelung BETUWE -Count before 943. Children were: Rudolph BETUWE.

bullet Unknown (1) Parents: Frederick I BAR -Count and Beatrice.

Children were: Count Frederick I.

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: Unknown.

Children were: Raoul BAR-SUR-SEINE -Count .

bulletUnknown (1). Parents: Renaud AUXERRE -Vicomte.

Children were: Unknown .

bulletUnknown . Parents: Musa Ibn FORTUN -Chief.

Children were: Inigo ARISTA.

bulletUrraca (1) was born about 1185 in Castile, Spain. She died on 3 Nov 1220. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND.

bullet Urraca (1)

She was married to King Garcia I INIGUEZ. Children were: Sancho GARCIA , Fortun GARCIA, Jimena GARCES.

bullet Ursus (1) was born in Denmark.

Children were: Shrotlingus.

bulletUtilia (1).

She was married to William FAUCIGNY -Lord. Children were: Aimon I FAUCIGNY.

bullet Ve (1) was born about 217 in Asgard, Asia. Parents: Frithuwald and Beltsa ASIA.

bullet Vemceslav -Prince(1) was born about 1033 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Parents: Jaroslav I WLADIMIROWWITSCH -Grand Prince and Ingegerd SWEDEN -Princess .

bullet Vera (1) Parents: Pete SANDERS and Della SWIFT.

bullet Vili (1) was born about 219 in Asgard, Asia. Parents: Frithuwald and Beltsa ASIA.

bullet Vislaus -Prince(1) was born about 974 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. He died before 1015. Parents: St Vladimir I SWJATOSLAWITSCH -Grand Prince and Rogneida DE POLOTSK.

bullet Vladimer II -Prince(1) was born about 1019 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. He died in 1052. Parents: Jaroslav I WLADIMIROWWITSCH -Grand Prince and Ingegerd SWEDEN -Princess.

bullet Wacho (1) Parents: Zucchilo LOMBARDS.

He was married to Princess Ostrogotha GEPIDAE. Children were: Waldrada .

bullet Walchisus (1)

He was married to Waldrada. Children were: Hermanfried.

bullet Waldrada (1) Parents: Wacho and Princess Ostrogotha GEPIDAE.

She was married to Duke Garibaldi BAVARIA. Children were: Theudelinde, Gundwald ASTI -Duke.

bullet Waldrada (1)

She was married to Walchisus. Children were: Hermanfried.

bullet Walechise -Count(1) was born about 610 in Austrasia. Parents: Bishop Arnoul and Clothide DODE.

bullet Waltania (1) was born in England.

She was married to Richard BOLD OF BOLD. Children were: Matthew DE BOLD OF BOLD Sir.

bullet Walter I(1) was born in Cambrai, England.

He was married in England. Children were: Walter II .

bullet Walter II(1) died in 1041 in England. He was born in Cambrai, England. Parents: Walter I .

He was married to Ermentrude in England. Children were: Adela.

bullet Wandregisi (1)

He was married to Farahild. Children were: Amalaberga.

bullet Wanzia (1)

She was married to Landolfo II BENEVENTO -Prince. Children were: Sikelgaita SALERNO, Landolfo III BENEVENTO -Prince.

bullet Welf I -Count(1) died before 876.

Children were: Eticho -Count.

bulletWelf II(1) was born about 745. He died before 800. Parents: Ruthard ARGENGAU -Count and HERMENLINDIS.

Children were: Welf BAVARIA -Count, Guelph BAVARIA Count.

bulletWelf II -Count(1) was born about 995. He died on 10 Mar 1029/30 in Altdorf. Parents: Rudolph II -Count.

He was married to Ermentrude LUXEMBURG about 1015. Children were: Welf III CARINTHIA -Count , Kunigunde.

bullet Wendelgarde (1)

She was married to Ulrich V ARGENGAU -Count. Children were: Ulrich VI UPPER HATIEN -Count.

bullet White (1)

He was married to Harriet Newell HASTINGS. Children were: Mary Francilia WHITE.

bullet Wialdruth (1) Parents: Hadrian WORMSGAU and WALDRAT.

bullet Wichburg (1)

She was married to Hartwig CARINTHIA -Count. Children were: Frederick I PUSTERTHAL -Count.

bullet Wilfred (1)

Children were: Berta.

bulletKing William(1) was born in 1143 in Scotland. He died on 4 Dec 1214 in Stirling. Parents: Henry HUNTINGDON Earl and Ada DE WARENNE.

He was married to Isabel AVENAL in Never Married. Children were: Isabel, Alexander II .

bullet William -Prince(1) was born about 1103 in England. He died on 25 Nov 1120. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND I and Matilda MacDuncan ENGLAND.

bullet William -Prince(1) was born about 1256 in London, England. He died about 1256. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND III and Queen Eleanor PROVENCE .

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