bullet Raoul III VEXIN -Count(1) was born in 1025. He died on 8 Sep 1074. Parents: Count Raoul II VEXIN and Adelaide DE BRETUIL.

He was married to Adele DE BAR-SUR-AUBE. Children were: Adela DE VALOIS, Simon DE VEXIN, DE VEXIN.

bullet Boso II VIENNE -Count(1) was born about 840 in France. He died on 11 Jan 886/87. Parents: Budwine ITALY -Count and Richilde ARLES.

He was married to Trungard -Princess in 876. Children were: Queen Willa VIENNE, King Louis III BERONIDES.

bullet Stephen VIENNE -Count(1) died on 27 May 1102 in Rama, Palestine. Parents: William II BURGUNDY -Count and Stephanie LONGWY.

He was married to Beatrice UPPER LORRAINE. Children were: Renaud III MACON Count, William IV AUXERRE -Count.

bullet Queen Willa VIENNE(1) died on 14 Jun 929. Parents: Boso II VIENNE -Count and Trungard -Princess.

She was married to King Rudolph I UPPER BURGUNDY. Children were: Waldrada BURGUNDY , King Rudolph II BURGUNDY, Princess Willa BURGUNDY.

bullet Rostaing I VIENNEOIS -Seigneur(1) was born about 800. He died in 844.

He was married to Sufficia . Children were: Rostaing II D'ANNONAY -Seigneur.

bullet Guigo IX VIENNOIS -Count(1)

He was married to Beatrice DE MONTFERRAT. Children were: Beatrice DE VIENNOIS.

bullet Gaton VIERO(1)

He was married to Egilona. Children were: Hermesinde GATONEZ .

bullet Anne Mortensdotter VIK(1) was born in 1738 in Norway. She died in 1791 in Norway. Parents: Morten Knutsson VIK and Birte Andersd..

She was married to Lars Larsson SAURDAL in 1762 in Norway. Children were: Morten Larsson SAURDAL.

bullet Brit Clemtsd. VIK(1) was born in Norway.

bullet Elise Knutsd. VIK(1) was born in 1791 in Norway. She died in 1861 in Norway. Parents: Knut Mikkelsson Myklebost VIK and Marte Olsd. NORDAL .

She was married to Mons Paulsson MYKLEBOST in 1811 in Norway. Children were: Marte Monsd. ROYS\MYKLEBOST .

bullet Knut Mikkelsson Myklebost VIK(1) was born in 1752 in Norway. He died in 1810 in Norway.

He was married to Marte Olsd. NORDAL in 1785 in Norway. Children were: Elise Knutsd. VIK.

bullet Lars Larson VIK(1) was born in 1751 in Norway. He died in 1775 in Norway.

He was married to Anna Rasmusd. MYKLEBOST in Norway. Children were: Lars Larsson VIK.

bullet Lars Larsson VIK(1) was born in 1775 in Norway. Parents: Lars Larson VIK and Anna Rasmusd. MYKLEBOST.

He was married to Inger Pedersdotter LOSETSTRAND. Children were: Lars Larsson LOSETSTRAND.

bullet Morten Knutsson VIK(1) was born in Norway.

He was married to Birte Andersd. in Norway. Children were: Anne Mortensdotter VIK.

bullet Jane VINCENT(1)

She was married to Charles BOWER(S) in 1575 in Braithwell, Yorkshire, England. Children were: George BOWER(S).

bullet Gisela VINCENZA(1) Parents: Adalberto II ESTE -Marchese.

She was married to Anselm I SAVONA -Marchese. Children were: Oberto I SAVONA -Lord.

bullet Count Gerold I VINGAU(1) was born about 726. He died in 788. Parents: Bishop Gerold MAYENNE .

He was married to Duchess Imma ALLEMANIA. Children were: Irmintrudis -Lady, Hadrian WORMSGAU, Ulrich I ARGENGAU -Count, Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

bullet Tina VIOCONN(1)

She was married to Irvin Clarence HOLZHOUSER. Children were: Terry HOLZHOUSER, Linda HOLZHOUSER.

bullet Domaldi VISBURSSON(1) was born in 340 in Sweden. Parents: Visbur VANLANDASSON.

Children were: Domar DOMALDASSON.

bulletCyurena Frances VITTETOE(1).

She was married to Isaiah Columbus CAPPS.

bullet Barbara VOEGELI(1) was born about 1514 in Mollis, Beglingen, Glarus, Switzerland. AFN:PQ6X-DR.

She was married to Thomas SCHINDLER. Children were: Jacob SCHINDLER .

bullet Katharina VOGELL(1) was born on 16 Aug 1769 in Linthal, Glarus, Switzerland. She died on 31 Dec 1843 in Scwanden, Switzerland.

She was married to Heinrich BEGLINGER on 8 Jan 1796 in Linthal, Canton-Glarus, Switzerland. Children were: Verena (Fanny) BEGLINGER, Heinrich BEGLINGER , Kaspar BEGLINGER, Catharina BEGLINGER, Fridolin BEGLINGER, Jost BEGLINGER, Jacob BEGLINGER, Sibila BEGLINGER, Marie BEGLINGER.

bullet Condoha VOGENA(1) was born about 1062 in Angouleme, Aquitaine, France. Parents: Robert EU -Count.

She was married to Fulk ANGOULEME -Count. Children were: William V ANGOULEME -Count, TAILLEFER.

bullet Per VOKSA\VIK(1)

He was married to Jorid LADE\NEDREBERG in 1966 in Norway.

bullet Barent VOLLEMAN(1) was born about 1680.

He was married to TRYNTIE. Children were: Geertje VOLLEMAN.

bullet Geertje VOLLEMAN(1) was born about 1698 in New York. She died after 15 Feb 1773. Parents: Barent VOLLEMAN and TRYNTIE.

She was married to Reynier REYNIERSEN in 1735. Children were: Auke RYNEARSON, Geertie REYNIERSEN, Eydae REYNIERSEN, Barent REYNIERSEN, Catherine REYNIERSEN, Magdalena REYNIERSEN , Sarah REYNIERSEN.

bullet Ida VON ALSHAUSEN(1)

She was married to Eberhard V NELLENBURG -Count. Children were: N.N. VON NELLENBURG.

bullet Mathilda VON ARNEBURG(1) Parents: Bruno ARNEBURG -Count.

She was married to Lothar II WALBECK -Count. Children were: Lothar III WALBECK -Margrave, Eiliswintha VON WALBECK.

bullet Agnes VON ARNSTEIN(1) was born about 1120. She died in 1179. Parents: Ludwig ARNSTEIN -Count .

She was married to Henry I GUELDERS in 1135. Children were: Agnes GUELDERS, Otto I GUELDERS -Count.

bullet Berthold VON BABENBERG(1) was born about 935. He died on 15 Jan 979/80. Parents: Arnulf BAVARIA -Duke and Judith FRIULI.

He was married to Eiliswintha VON WALBECK. Children were: Henry VON SCHWEINFURT -Margrave.

bullet Reinhild VON BEICHLINGEN(1)

She was married to Dietmar II LAUSNITZ -Margrave. Children were: Oda VON DER OSTMARK.

bullet Adelaide VON BOTENSTEIN(1) died after 13 Aug 1106. Parents: Boto VON BOTENSTEIN and Judith VON SCHWEINFURT.

She was married to Henry I LIMBURG -Count. Children were: Mathilda LIMBURG , Waleran III ARLON -Count.

bullet Boto VON BOTENSTEIN(1) was born about 1026. He died on 1 Mar 1103/4. Parents: Hartwig II -Pfalzgrave and Frideruna.

He was married to Judith VON SCHWEINFURT after 1055. Children were: Adelaide VON BOTENSTEIN.

bullet Agatha VON BRAUNSCHWEIG(1) was born about 1025 in Bavaria, Germany. She died after 1066. Parents: Ludwig VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count and Gertrude VON EGISHEIM .

She was married to Prince Edward ENGLAND. Children were: St Margaret SCOTLAND.

bullet Bruno VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count(1) Parents: King Conrad II FRANCONIA and Gisele SWABIA.

He was married to Gisele SWABIA . Children were: Ludwig VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count , Henry III BAVARIA -Duke.

bullet Gertrude VON BRAUNSCHWEIG(1) was born about 1065. She died on 9 Dec 1117. Parents: Ekbert I BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count and Irmingard SUSA.

She was married to Henry NORTHEIM. Children were: Gertruda VON NORTHEIM.

bullet Ludwig VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count(1) was born about 1008. He died on 23 Apr 1038. Parents: Bruno VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count and Gisele SWABIA.

He was married to Gertrude VON EGISHEIM before 1036. Children were: Agatha VON BRAUNSCHWEIG, Ekbert I BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count.

bullet N.N. VON CHADALHOCH -Countess(1) died after 903.

She was married to Arpo. Children were: Hartwick.

bullet Heilwig VON DAGSBURG(1)

She was married to Hugh VI EGISHEIM -Count. Children were: EGISHEIM, Hildegarde EGISHEIM, Hugh VII DAGSBURG -Count.

bullet Oda VON DER OSTMARK(1) died before 1067. Parents: Dietmar II LAUSNITZ -Margrave and Reinhild VON BEICHLINGEN.

She was married to Dedi II EILENBURG -Count after Apr 1039. Children were: Adelaid VON EILENBURG.

bullet Frederick II VON DIESSEN -Count(1) Parents: Count Frederick I and Hemma OHNINGEN.

He was married to Ermengarde VON GILCHING. Children were: Haziga VON DIESSEN , Uta VON DIESSEN.

bullet Haziga VON DIESSEN(1) died about 1104. Parents: Frederick II VON DIESSEN -Count and Ermengarde VON GILCHING.

She was married to Count Herman CASTILE I. Children were: N.N. CASTILE .

She was married to Otto I VON SCHEYERN -Count in 1057. Children were: Otto II VON SCHEYERN -Count .

bullet Uta VON DIESSEN(1) died in 1086. Parents: Frederick II VON DIESSEN -Count and Ermengarde VON GILCHING.

She was married to Kuno VON ROT -Pfalzgrave after 1050. Children were: Irmgard VON ROT.

bullet Heilwig VON DILLIGEN(1)

She was married to Hermann I BONNGAU -Count. Children were: Hermann II NORVENICH -Lord, Ezzo RHEINPHALZ -Count .

bullet Adalbert I VON EBERSBURG -Count(1) died about 969. Parents: Rabold I EBERSBURG -Lord and Engemunt.

He was married to Luitgard VON PREISING . Children were: Mardemut CARINTHIA, Ulrich VON EBERSBURG -Count.

bullet Ulrich VON EBERSBURG -Count(1) died on 11 Mar 1028/29. Parents: Adalbert I VON EBERSBURG -Count and Luitgard VON PREISING.

He was married to Richgardis VON VIEHBACH about 970. Children were: Wilibirg EBERSBURG.

bullet Adalbert II VON EGISHEIM -Count(1) died on 24 Aug 1098. Parents: Henry I VON EGISHEIM -Count and N.N. VON MOKA.

He was married to Ermensinde LUXEMBOURG. Children were: Mathilda DAGSBURG .

bullet Gertrude VON EGISHEIM(1) died on 21 Jul 1077.

She was married to Ludwig VON BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count before 1036. Children were: Agatha VON BRAUNSCHWEIG , Ekbert I BRAUNSCHWEIG -Count.

bullet Heilwig VON EGISHEIM(1) died after 1118. Parents: Gerhard III EGISHEIM -Count and Petronilla VERDUN.

She was married to Gerard I LORRAINE -Count before 1092. Children were: Gisela DE VAUDEMONT.

bullet Henry I VON EGISHEIM -Count(1) died on 28 Jun 1098. Parents: Hugh VII DAGSBURG -Count and Matilda.

He was married to N.N. VON MOKA. Children were: Adalbert II VON EGISHEIM -Count .

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