bullet Thomas Jefferson CAPPS(1) was born on 21 Feb 1861 in On Spring Creek, W of Novinger, Mo. He appeared on the census in 1880 in Morrow Twp., Adair Co., Missouri. (3) He died on 10 Apr 1933 in Kirksville, Adair Co., Missouri. Parents: Henry CAPPS and Charlotte THORPE.

He was married to Hannah Mary HOPPER on 30 Aug 1893. Children were: David Sherman CAPPS , John Dee CAPPS.

He was married to Mary Jane REESE (CREED) on 21 May 1916.

bullet Thomas Johnson CAPPS(1) was born on 20 Oct 1884 in Adair Co., Missouri. He died on 23 Nov 1900 in Adair Co., Missouri. History of Adair County Missouri, by E.M. Violette. Pub by the Denslow History Co. 1911.

Name may have been Johnson T. Capps. Parents: David CAPPS and Keturah E LAKE.

bullet Varine CAPPS(1) Parents: Hallie Kline CAPPS and Felma FROST.

bullet Vidal Duane CAPPS(1) was buried in 1932 in Oberlin Cem.. He was born on 8 Jan 1932 in Kansas. He died on 23 Feb 1932 in Colorado. Parents: Luther Lynn CAPPS and Pearl Violet TROTTER.

He was married to Alice Gay JOHNSON.

bullet Virginia "Jane" CAPPS(1) was born in 1801 in Union Co., Tennessee. She died on 20 Dec 1877 in Camden Co., Missouri. Parents: Sampson CAPPS and Esther SMITH.

She was married to Henry EVANS .

She was married to Hugh VANCE.

bullet W. J. CAPPS(1) Parents: David Franklin CAPPS and Edina May OWINGS.

bullet William CAPPS(1) was born on 10 Jan 1865. He died on 6 Aug 1865. Parents: Henry CAPPS and Charlotte THORPE.

bullet William CAPPS(1) was born about 1762 in North Carolina. He died on 26 Aug 1840 in Grainger County, Tennessee. He was buried in Grainger County, Tennessee. This information on Williams offspring was found in a book, Down in The Barnes: the Kecks of Claiborne County, Tennessee, by Virgini Billingsley Fletcher. It appers that William was in the Grainger County area at least by 1788, since their daughter Rachel was born in Hickory Valley.
William Possibly died Aug.22, 1840 Parents: Thomas CAPPS.

He was married to Rachel SMITH in 1781. Children were: Esther CAPPS, Josiah CAPPS, Kinny D.(John) CAPPS, Rachel CAPPS, Rebeca CAPPS, Joab CAPPS, David CAPPS.

bullet William CAPPS(1) Parents: Jacob CAPPS and Sarah SANDERS.

He was married to Margaret (Peggy) YADON.

bullet William CAPPS(1) was born in 1803 in Union Co., Tennessee. He died in Keokuk Co., Iowa. Parents: Sampson CAPPS and Esther SMITH.

He was married to Anna (Annie) CABAGE.

bullet William A. CAPPS(1) was born on 14 Jul 1854 in Adair Co., Missouri. Parents: Andrew J CAPPS and Lucretia J. ALLEN.

bullet William Burage CAPPS(1) was born on 17 Sep 1867 in Missouri. He died on 24 Sep 1919 in Kansas. Parents: Thomas Armstrong CAPPS and Mary Malinda YADON .

He was married to Agnes Gertrude INGLES. Children were: Mary CAPPS, Lillian Elenor CAPPS, Elmoin CAPPS, Luther Lynn CAPPS.

bullet William Daniel CAPPS(1) was born about 1829. Parents: John L. CAPPS and Elizabeth (Betsy) COOK.

He was married to Susan POWELL. Children were: Benjamin Franklin CAPPS .

bullet William Isaac CAPPS(1) was born on 29 Oct 1875 in Novinger, Adair Co., Missouri. He died on 10 Jan 1963 in Green City, Sullivan Co., Missouri. Parents: Isaac CAPPS and Sarah A. MCPHETRIDGE.

He was married to Cora Ethel WILLIAMS on 28 Apr 1896 in Green Castle, Sullivan Co., Missouri. Children were: Cecil Wayne CAPPS, Hazel Ethel CAPPS, Dott CAPPS, Eskie Lyle CAPPS, Paul William CAPPS, Bonnie "Pauline" CAPPS.

bullet William L CAPPS(1) was born on 29 Jul 1869 in Novinger, Adair Co., Missouri. He died on 28 Sep 1870 in Novinger, Adair Co., Missouri. Parents: Isaac CAPPS and Amanda M LAY.

bullet William S. CAPPS(1) was born in 1841. He appeared on the census in 1860 in Adair Co., Missouri. Parents: Joab CAPPS and Jemima LONG.

bullet Willis CAPPS(1) was born on 11 Mar 1780 in North Carolina. He died on 10 Mar 1855. Parents: Thomas CAPPS.

He was married to Elizabeth Jane YADON.

bullet Winona Margret CAPPS(1) was born on 22 Nov 1895 in Novinger, Adair Co., Missouri. She died on 11 Nov 1986 in La Plata, Macon Co., Missouri. Parents: Isacc Newton CAPPS and Ida May UBER.

She was married to MABIS.

bullet Landolfo CAPUA -Bishop(1) Parents: Landolfo CAPUA -Ruler and N.N. BENEVENTO.

Children were: Atenolfo I BENEVENTO -Prince.

bulletLandolfo CAPUA -Ruler(1) died in 842.

He was married to N.N. BENEVENTO. Children were: Landolfo CAPUA -Bishop.

bullet Trahaiarn Arwystli ap CARADAWG -Lord(1) was born about 1044 in Arwystli, Wales. He died in 1080 in Battle of Carno. Parents: Caradawg ap GWYN.

Children were: Llywarch AP TRAHAEARN, Meurig ap TRAHAIARN, Gruffydd ap TRAHAIARN, Ednowain ap TRAHAIARN, Madog ap TRAHAIARN.

bulletCARADOC (1). Parents: Bran -The Blessed.

Children were: Cyllin.

bulletGwrhydyr ap CARADOC(1).

Children were: Gwaethfoed ap GWRHYDYR.

bulletFulk CARBON -Count(1).

Children were: Helvise CARBON.

bulletHelvise CARBON(1). Parents: Fulk CARBON -Count.

She was married to Geoffrey II CHATEAUDUN -Vicomte. Children were: Rotrou I MONTAGUE -Count.

bullet Fulk CARBONAIS -Count(1) was born about 915 in Normandy, France.

He was married to Rolais CARBONAIS -Countess.

bullet Rolais CARBONAIS -Countess(1) was born about 919 in Normandy, France.

She was married to Fulk CARBONAIS -Count.

bullet Acfrid II CARCASSONNE -Count(1) died between 934 and 935. Parents: Oliva II CARCASSONNE -Count .

Children were: Arsenda CARCASSONNE.

bulletArsenda CARCASSONNE(1). Parents: Acfrid II CARCASSONNE -Count.

She was married to Arnold I CONSERANS -Count in 940. Children were: Rodger I DE COMMINGES -Seigneur.

bullet Oliva I CARCASSONNE -Count(1) died in 837. Parents: Bellon -Count.

He was married to Ermentrude. Children were: Oliva II CARCASSONNE -Count.

bullet Oliva II CARCASSONNE -Count(1) died in 879. Parents: Oliva I CARCASSONNE -Count and Ermentrude.

Children were: Acfrid II CARCASSONNE -Count.

bulletEllen CARDWELL(1) was born on 15 Apr 1788 in Barton, Broughtone, Lancashire, England. She died on 7 Oct 1874 in Walton-Le-Dale, Lancashire, England. Parents: James CARDWELL and Margaret LEWTAS.

She was married to Henry CLEGG on 2 Oct 1804 in Walton-Le-Dale, Lancashire, England. Children were: Henry C. CLEGG.

bullet James CARDWELL(1) was born on 29 Apr 1751 in Barton Hall, , Broughton, Lincolnshire, England. Parents: William CARDWELL and Margaret HINDLE.

He was married to Margaret LEWTAS. Children were: Ellen CARDWELL.

bullet William CARDWELL(1) was born on 15 Apr 1712 in Barton Hall, , Broughton, Lincolnshire, England. He died in Nov 1782 in Broughton, Lincolnshire, England.

He was married to Margaret HINDLE. Children were: James CARDWELL.

bullet Conrad CARINTHIA -Duke(1) Parents: Otto FRANCONIA -Duke and Judith BAVARIA.

bullet Hartwig CARINTHIA -Count(1) Parents: Albuin VON JAUN and Hildegarde.

He was married to Wichburg. Children were: Frederick I PUSTERTHAL -Count.

bullet Mardemut CARINTHIA(1) Parents: Adalbert I VON EBERSBURG -Count and Luitgard VON PREISING.

She was married to Markwart III VON EPPENSTEIN -Lord. Children were: Adalbert EPPENSTEIN -Margrave.

bullet Ottokar I CARINTHIA -Count(1) died in Aug 907. Parents: Aubert BAVARIA -Count.

He was married to TRAUNGAU. Children were: Ottokar II CHIEMGAU -Count, Arpo.

bullet Welf III CARINTHIA -Count(1) died in 1056. Parents: Welf II -Count and Ermentrude LUXEMBURG.

bullet Catherine M. CARL(1) was born on 27 Feb 1873. She died on 15 Dec 1943. She was buried in Ebenezer Cemetery, Middletown, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania.

She was married to Isaac Franklin WERT on 28 May 1892. Children were: Elsie M. WERT , Hanna L. WERT, Daniel David WERT, Eva Mae WERT, Susan Elizabeth WERT, Carl Adam WERT, Martin Luther WERT.

bullet Helen Louise CARL(1)

She was married to Allan Ronald BORNE.

bullet Adele CARLAT(1) Parents: Gilbert II DE CARLAT -Vicomte and Nobilia DE LODEVE .

She was married to Berenger II DE GIEVAUDUN -Vicomte in 1071. Children were: Gilbert GIEVAUDUN -Vicount .

bullet Elizabeth Annie CARLSON(1) was born on 21 Jan 1960. Parents: Richard CARLSON and Marilyn.

She was married to Donald Guy PETERSON on 5 Jun 1980 in Olympia, Thurston Co., Washington. Children were: Michael Jon PETERSON, Rachel Lynne PETERSON .

bullet Harriet Elizabeth CARLSON(1) was born on 16 Nov 1916 in Canada.

She was married to John Mathias LEE on 6 Jul 1937 in Erickson, Manitoba, Canada. Children were: David John LEE, Garth Carlson LEE, Craig Ervin LEE, Elizabeth Louise LEE, Norval Gordon LEE.

bullet Richard CARLSON(1)

He was married to Marilyn. Children were: Elizabeth Annie CARLSON .

bullet John Phillip CARMINI(1) was born on 2 Dec 1758.

He was married to Anna Maria MATTER on 17 Apr 1784 in Hill Church, Quitapohila, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania.

bullet Matilda CARMINOW(1)

She was married to John WILLINGTON. Children were: Isabell WILLINGTON .

bullet Nancy CARSON(1) was born on 21 Nov 1851 in Noblesville, Hambleton Co., Indiana. She died on 4 Dec 1949 in Scranton, Greene Co., Iowa.

She was married to Isaac Wilson SEAMAN .

bullet Allen Walter CARTER(1) was born on 31 Aug 1899 in Sheldon, Ransom Co, North Dakota. He Death Record in 1956 in See Notes. He died on 17 Feb 1956 in Detroit Lakes, Becker Co., Minnesota. CARTER, ALLAN WALTER
CertID# 1956-MN-000381
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Mother Maiden Name: 08/31/1899
HOY Date of Death:
County of Death: 02/17/1956
BECKER Parents: Carter and Hoy.

He was married to Nellie Christine GREEN on 22 Aug 1923 in Battle Lake, Otter Tail Co., Minnesota. Children were: Edith La Verne CARTER, Lois Ione CARTER.

bullet Edith La Verne CARTER(1) was born on 8 Jul 1924 in Enderlin, Ransom Co, North Dakota. Parents: Allen Walter CARTER and Nellie Christine GREEN .

She was married to Edwin James HUGHES on 17 Jun 1951 in Detroit Lakes, Becker Co., Minnesota. Children were: James Alan HUGHES, Nancy Christine HUGHES, David Edwin HUGHES.

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