bullet Thomas Edward FRENCH(1) was born in 1562 in Wetherfield, Essex, England. He died on 27 Jan 1612/13 in Halstead, Essex, England. AFN;K4QX-S4.

He was married to Anne (Agnes) OLMSTEAD in 1587 in Farnham, Essex, England. Children were: William FRENCH.

bullet William FRENCH(1) was born on 15 Mar 1602/3 in Halstead, Essex, England. He died on 20 Nov 1681 in Billerica, Middlesex, Massachusetts. AFN;8GXW-RS. Parents: Thomas Edward FRENCH and Anne (Agnes) OLMSTEAD.

He was married to Elizabeth SYMMES on 20 Nov 1631. Children were: Mary FRENCH.

bullet Charles FREY(1)

He was married to Icel Hilda LAY.

bullet FREYA (1) was born about 237 in Uppsala, Sweden. Parents: King Njord SWEDES.

bullet Caraline FRIDAY(1) was born on 20 Apr 1863 in Sullivan Co., E. of Green City, Missouri. She appeared on the census in 1880 in Penn, Sullivan Co., Missouri.(3) She was buried in 1947 in Novinger Cemetery, Nineva Twp., Adair Co, Missouri. She died on 10 Feb 1947 in Novinger, Adair Co., Missouri. Note 1900 Census Age 34
Note 1930 Census Age 66
Kent Funeral Home Records, Green City, Sullivan Co.,Mo Lists bith year as 1863, and name as Caroline Parents: John Joseph FREITAG and Katharina PFEIFFER.

She was married to Nathaniel SHOOP on 1 Jan 1888. Children were: Katherine Elizabeth SHOOP, Rosa Sophia SHOOP .

bullet Frodi FRIDLEIFSSON(1) was born in 479 in Denmark. Parents: Fridleif FRODASSON.

Children were: Ingjald FRODASSON, Halfdan FRODASSON, Frodi FRODASSON.

bulletFrodi FRIDLEIFSSON(1) was born in 281 in Hleithra, Denmark. Parents: Fridleif SKJOLDSSON .

Children were: Fridleif FRODASSON.

bulletHavar FRIDLEIFSSON(1) was born in 325 in Denmark. Parents: Fridleif FRODASSON.

Children were: Frodi HAVARSSON.

bulletOlaf FRIDLEIFSSON(1) was born about 477 in Denmark. Parents: Fridleif FRODASSON.

bullet Jodi Lynne FRIEND(1) was born on 12 Jun 1954 in Galesburg, Knox Co., Illinois.

She was married to Philip Carter GOTTENBORG on 14 Sep 1980 in Kittridge, Colorado. Children were: Madisyn Joann GOTTENBORG.

bullet Nelson FRIES(1)

He was married to Eleanor FLOYD.

bullet Count Godfrey FRIESLAND(1)

He was married to Mathilda. Children were: Ludmilla RAGNHILDIS.

bullet King Ratbodus FRIESSLAND(1)

Children were: Princess Sindacilla FRIESSLAND.

bulletPrincess Sindacilla FRIESSLAND(1) was born about 756 in Friessland, Holland. Parents: King Ratbodus FRIESSLAND.

She was married to Wigbert Wikbert SAXONY -Duke. Children were: Count Walpert Walbert RINGLEHEIM.

bullet FRIGG (1) was born about 219 in Asgard, Asia. Parents: Cadwalladr.

She was married to Odin. Children were: King Skjold.

bullet Catharina Elisabeth FRITZ(1) was born on 7 Oct 1783 in Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. Parents: George FRITZ and Elisabeth.

She was married to Philip SCHOTT.

bullet Catharina Magdalena FRITZ(1) was born on 2 Apr 1769 in Germany. She died on 24 Aug 1855 in Summit Twp., Erie Co., Pennsylvania. Parents: George FRITZ and Elisabeth.

She was married to Peter SCHOTT . Children were: Anna Catharina SCHOTT, Maria Elisabeth SCHOTT, Johann Wendell SCHOTT , Mary Magdalena SCHOTT, Peter SCHOTT, Phillip SCHOTT, Anna Maria SCHOTT, Christian SCHOTT.

bullet George FRITZ(1)

He was married to Elisabeth. Children were: Catharina Elisabeth FRITZ .

bullet George FRITZ(1)

He was married to Elisabeth. Children were: Catharina Magdalena FRITZ .

bullet Helwise FRIULE(1) died in 895. Parents: Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave and Gisela.

bullet FRIULI (1) Parents: Hunroch FRIULI -Margrave and Engeltron.

She was married to Gebhard LOGENAHE -Count. Children were: Eudes LOGENAHE -Count.

bullet Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave(1) died on 16 Dec 866. Parents: Hunroch FRIULI -Margrave and Engeltron.

He was married to Gisela about 836. Children were: Hatwige BURGUNDY, Helwise FRIULE, Heilwise FRIULI, Hunroch III FRIULI, King Berenger I ITALY, Judith FRIULI.

bullet Princess Gisela FRIULI(1) was born between 880 and 890. She died on 13 Jun 910. Parents: King Berenger I ITALY and Bertila SPOLETO.

She was married to Marquis Adalbert IVREA. Children were: King Berengarius II.

bullet Hadamut FRIULI(1) Parents: Wirigaud VON FRIULI -Count and Wilibirg EBERSBURG .

She was married to Poppo I VON WIEMAR -Margrave . Children were: Udalrich I ISTRIA -Margrave.

bullet Heilwise FRIULI(1) died in 936. Parents: Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave and Gisela.

She was married to Hucbald OSTERVANT. Children were: Count Raoul I VALOIS D'AMIENS.

bullet Hunroch FRIULI -Margrave(1) Parents: Berenger.

He was married to Engeltron. Children were: Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave, FRIULI.

bullet Hunroch III FRIULI(1) was born about 840. He died in 874. Parents: Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave and Gisela.

He was married to Ava. Children were: Eberhard SULICHGAU -Count .

bullet Judith FRIULI(1)

She was married to Arnulf BAVARIA -Duke. Children were: Eberhard BAVARIA -Duke, Arnulf BAVARIA -Pfalzgrave, Herman I RHINE -Count, Judith BAVARIA, Leopold I BAVARIA -Count, Berthold VON BABENBERG .

bullet Judith FRIULI(1) was born about 846 in Germany. Parents: Eberhard FRIULI -Margrave and Gisela.

She was married to Adalbert II THURGAU -Count. Children were: Berkhard BAAR -Count , Adalbert III ZURICHGAU -Count.

She was married to Konrad II BURGUNDY -Margrave. Children were: Adalgunde BURGUNDY.

bullet Fridleif FRODASSON(1) was born in 456 in Denmark. Parents: Frodi OLAFSSON.


bulletFridleif FRODASSON(1) was born in 303 in Hleithra, Denmark. Parents: Frodi FRIDLEIFSSON.

Children were: Havar FRIDLEIFSSON.

bulletFrodi FRODASSON(1) was born about 505 in Denmark. Parents: Frodi FRIDLEIFSSON.

bullet Halfdan FRODASSON(1) was born in 503 in Denmark. Parents: Frodi FRIDLEIFSSON.

He was married to Sigris. Children were: Signa HALFDANSSON, Hroar HALFDANSSON, Helgi HALFDANSSON.

bullet Halfdan FRODASSON(1) was born about 454 in Denmark. Parents: Frodi OLAFSSON.

bullet Ingjald FRODASSON(1) was born about 501 in Denmark. Parents: Frodi FRIDLEIFSSON.

bullet Vermund FRODASSON(1) was born about 366 in Denmark. Parents: Frodi HAVARSSON.

Children were: Olaf VERMUNDSSON.

bulletDag FRODE(1).

She was married to King Sigurd HIORT. Children were: Regnhild .

bullet Elisabeth FROLICH(1) was born about 1805.

She was married to Johannes SCHUPP on 29 Apr 1824.

bullet Jacob FROLICH(1) died in 1891 in Richland Co., Ohio.

He was married to Elisabeth SCHUPP on 27 Apr 1824 in St. David's Church, Killinger, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. Children were: Susan FRALICK.

bullet Edward FROST(1)

He was married to Thomasine BELGRAVE. Children were: Thomasine FROST .

bullet Felma FROST(1) was born on 21 Apr 1902. She died in May 1984 in Adair Co., Missouri.(4) She Divorced UNKNOWN. 

She was married to Hallie Kline CAPPS. Children were: Georgia Phyllis CAPPS, Evelyn CAPPS, Varine CAPPS, Hallene CAPPS, Harold CAPPS, Adreen William CAPPS.

bullet Thomasine FROST(1) was born about 1600 in England. She died on 13 Jun 1654 in Sudbury, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Edward FROST and Thomasine BELGRAVE.

She was married to Edmund RICE on 15 Oct 1618 in St. Mary's Church, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk Co., England. Children were: Mary RICE, Henry RICE, Edward RICE, Thomas RICE, Lydia RICE, Matthew RICE, Samuel RICE, Joseph RICE, Benjamin RICE.

bullet Skjalf FROSTASSON(1) was born in 428 in Finland. Parents: FROSTI.

She was married to Agni DAGSSON. Children were: Alrek AGNASSON , Eric AGNASSON.

bullet FROSTI (1)

Children were: Skjalf FROSTASSON.

bulletElizabeth FRY(1).

She was married to John Henry SHOOP on 10 Nov 1836.

bullet Francis FRY(1)

He was married to Della Esther SHOWERS on 28 Jan 1944.

bullet Bertrand I FULK -Count(1) died on 27 Apr 1051. Parents: William II PROVENCE and Gerberge DE BOURGOGNE.

He was married to N.N. DE TOULOUSE. Children were: Gerberga PROVENCE .

bullet Margaret Ruth FULLER(1) was born on 30 Oct 1941 in New Ulm, Minnesota.

She was married to Arthur Willard Jr DAVIS on 28 Dec 1966 in Hamline Meth Ch, St Paul, Minnesota. Children were: Andrew Jay DAVIS, Ryan John DAVIS.

bullet Isabell FURNER(1)

Children were: Susanna FURNER.

bulletSusanna FURNER(1) was born in 1564 in Canterbury, Kent, England. She died after 11 Jan 1620/21 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Isabell FURNER.

She was married to James CHILTON before 1587 in Canterbury, Kent, England. Children were: Christian CHILTON, Ingle CHILTON, James CHILTON, Joel CHILTON, Mary CHILTON, Jane CHILTON, Mary CHILTON, Elizabeth CHILTON, Isabella CHILTON.

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