bullet Ermengarde(1)

She was married to Rotbaud PROVENCE -Count about 1005. Children were: Emma PROVENCE.

bullet Ermengardis (1) Parents: Hugh.

She was married to Renaud DE CLERMONT . Children were: Hugh DE CREIL -Seigneur.

bullet Ermentrude (1) was born in Ostrevant, England.

She was married to Walter II in England. Children were: Adela.

bullet Ermentrude (1)

She was married to Oliva I CARCASSONNE -Count. Children were: Oliva II CARCASSONNE -Count.

bullet Ermesende (1)

She was married to Sunifred URGEL -Count. Children were: Wilfred I URGEL -Count.

bullet Ethel (1)

She was married to Amos Martin TAYLOR. Children were: La Vonna Mae TAYLOR, Verna Bernice TAYLOR, Willa Alvera TAYLOR, Lila Belle TAYLOR, Doris Irene TAYLOR, Ethel Janet TAYLOR, Phyllis Estella TAYLOR.

bullet King Ethelbald(1) was born about 840 in Wantage, Berkshire, England. He died in 860 in Sherborne. Parents: King Aethelwulf WESSEX and Queen Osburh.

He was married to Judity\Judith FRANCE in England.

bullet King Ethelbert(1) was born about 842 in Wantage, Berkshire, England. He died in 866 in Sherborne, England. Parents: King Aethelwulf WESSEX and Queen Osburh.

He was married to Queen Osburh .

bullet Ethelreda (1)

She was married to King Duncan II CANMORE about 1090.

bullet Ethelswitha -Lady(1) was born about 846 in Wantage, Berkshire, England. She died in 888. Parents: King Aethelwulf WESSEX and Queen Osburh.

She was married to King of Mercia BURHED. Children were: Ethelred MERCIA -Duke/Earl.

bullet Ethelward (1) was born about 879 in Wessex, England. Parents: Alfred ENGLAND The Great and Queen Ealhswith MERCIA.

bullet King Ethelwulf(1) was born in 849 in England. He died in 901 in England.

bulletEticho -Count(1) died about 910. Parents: Welf I -Count.

He was married to Judith WESSEX. Children were: Henry -Count .

bullet Eupraxia (1)

She was married to Marinus. Children were: Sergius I NAPLES -Duke .

bullet Eva (1) was born about 1175 in Cardiganshire, Wales.

She was married to Oliver DE CHAMPERNON . Children were: Henry CHAMPERNOUN Sir, Elizabeth DE CHAMPERNON.

bullet Eve M.(1) was born on 22 Dec 1793. She was buried in 1875 in St. Paul's (Bowerman's) Lutheran 7 Reformed Church Cem., near Enterline, Dauphin Co., Pennsylvania. She died on 11 Nov 1875.

She was married to Johann Peter SWEIGERT.

bullet Ezerd (1)

Children were: Dietrich.

bulletFaquila (1).

She was married to Donat LOUPA -Count before 835. Children were: Lope I BIGORRE -Count.

bullet Farahild (1) Parents: Hermanfried.

She was married to Wandregisi . Children were: Amalaberga.

bullet Fastrada (1) died in 794. She was born in Rhineland.

She was married to Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST in 783. Children were: Rothaid.

bullet Feldman (1)

She was married to Caspar ZWICKI in Switzerland. Children were: Regula ZWICKI, Johann (Hans) ZWICKI, Fridolin (Fridli) ZWICKI, Hans ZWICKI, Maria Katharina ZWICKI, Rudolf ZWICKI, Columbia ZWICKI, Afra ZWICKI, Melchior ZWICKI, Margaretha ZWICKI, Casper ZWICKI, Katharina ZWICKI.

bullet Prince Ferdinand(1) was born on 29 Nov 1189 in Castile, Spain. He died on 14 Oct 1209. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND .

bullet Flandrina (1) was born about 1044 in Eye, Suffolk, England.

She was married to Ranulph DE GLANVILLE . Children were: Hervey DE GLANVILLE.

bullet Folmar -Count(1) Parents: Folmar -Count and Richilde.

Children were: Folmar METZ -Count.

bulletFolmar -Count(1) died after 930.

He was married to Richilde. Children were: Folmar -Count.

bullet Forne (1) was born in Nunburholme, Yorkshire, England.

Children were: Sigulf FITZ FORNE.

bulletFoulques (1) was born about 1034. Parents: Count Druex Drogo VEXIN and Princess Goda Godgifu ENGLAND.

bullet Francis (1)

She was married to William Sr. PALMER. Children were: Ann Palmer BLOSSOM .

bullet Fredeburga (1) died after 962.

She was married to Count Guigues GRENOBLE IV. Children were: Count Guigues ALBON V.

bullet Fredeburga (1)

She was married to Guigues III DE VION -Sire. Children were: Count Guigues GRENOBLE IV.

bullet Fredegunde (1) was born in 543. She died in 597.

She was married to Chilperic I SOISSONS. Children were: King Clothaire II NEUSTRIA.

bullet Fredelon (1)

He was married to Bertha. Children were: Senegonde.

bullet Count Frederick I(1) Parents: Count Berthold I and Unknown.

He was married to Hemma OHNINGEN. Children were: Count Berthold II, Frederick II VON DIESSEN -Count .

bullet Frederunda (1)

She was married to Stbcks BILLUNG Seigneur. Children were: Duke Herman Billung SAXONY.

bullet Fredrick (1)

Children were: Frederick BUREN.

bulletFrideruna (1). Parents: Count Reting BAVARIA II and Glismode SAXONY .

She was married to Hartwig II -Pfalzgrave. Children were: Boto VON BOTENSTEIN.

bullet Frithuwald (1) was born about 190 in Asgard, Asia. Parents: Freothelaf ASIA.

He was married to Beltsa ASIA. Children were: Odin, Ve, Vili.

bullet Fulk I(1)

Children were: Guarine DE MEER -Sheriff.

bulletGail (1).

She was married to Hallen (Hal) HANSON in Jan 1974. Children were: Bryan HANSON.

bullet Galindo (1)

Children were: Count Aznar GALINDEZ I.

bulletGandalmoda (1).

She was married to Guigues I D'ANNONAY -Seigneur. Children were: Domnus II GUIGUES -Sire.

bullet Gandolf (1)

Children were: Alfhild GANDOLDOTTIER.

bulletGefion (1) was born about 241 in Hleithra, Denmark.

She was married to King Skjold. Children were: Fridleif SKJOLDSSON.

bullet Geila (1) was born in Dec 928.

She was married to Cadelon I D'AUNAY -Vicomte. Children were: Cadelon II D'AUNAY -Viscomte.

bullet Geile (1)

She was married to Yves DE CREIL. Children were: Yves DE CREIL -Count .

bullet Geoffrey (1) was born on 23 Sep 1158 in England. He died on 19 Aug 1186. Parents: King Henry II NORMANDY and Eleanor AQUITAINE.

bullet Gerberga (1)

She was married to Juhel BERENGER. Children were: Duke Conan I BRITTANY .

bullet Gerberge (1) Parents: Count Godfrey VERDUN and Mathilda von Mathilde SAXONY .

She was married to Folmar METZ -Count. Children were: Gottfried METZ -Count.

bullet Gerberge (1)

She was married to Leutharius. Children were: Unknown.

bullet Gerberge (1)

She was married to Count Geoffrey I TURENNE. Children were: Geoffrey II TURENNE.

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