bullet William PLANTAGENET(1) was born on 7 Jul 1447 in Fotheringhay, Northamptonshire, England. Parents: Duke Richard YORK and Cecily NEVILLE.

bullet Juanita PLAZOLA(1)

She was married to NormanJerry , Jr BUCHER in San Diego, San Diego Co., California.

bullet PLESSIS (1)

Children were: Grimoult DU PLESSIS, DU PLESSIS.

bulletCicilia Christine PLOUGH(1) was born in 1733 in Norway. She died in 1813 in Etne, Norway.

She was married to Joachim Frederik WELTZIN on 9 Jul 1771 in Stavanger, Norway.

bullet Elizabeth PLUNKETT

She was married to John CLEMENTS . Children were: William CLEMENTS.

bullet Marguerite POILET(1) was born about 1564. She died on 24 Oct 1601.

She was married to Pierre FERRE (FERET) I. Children were: Marie FERRE (FERET) , Pierre FERRE (FERET) II, Vincent FERRE (FERET), Christophe FERRE (FERET) , Elizabeth FERRE (FERET).

bullet Alphonse POITIERS -Count(1) was born about 1220. He died in Aug 1270 in Savona. Parents: King Louis FRANCE VIII and Blanche CASTILE.

bullet Raymond POITIERS(1) was born about 1105. He died in Jun 1149. Parents: Count William VII POITOU and Philippa TOULOUSE.

bullet Rotrud POITIERS -Abbess(1) was born about 852 in France. Parents: King Charles FRANCE II and Ermentrude ORLEANS.

bullet Adelaide POITOU(1) was born between 945 and 952 in Poitou, France. She died in 1004. Parents: Count William I POITOU and Gerloc NORMANDY .

She was married to King Hugh Capet FRANCE in 968. Children were: Adela FRANCE -Princess, Hedwig FRANCE, King Robert II FRANCE, Gilette FRANCE -Princess, Gisele FRANCE -Princess .

bullet Beatrix POITOU(1) Parents: Count William III POITOU and Princess Agnes BURGUNDY .

She was married to Raymond I MELGUEIL -Count before 1055. Children were: Pierre MELGUEIL -Count , Ermengarde MELGUEIL.

bullet Clemence POITOU(1) was born in Poitou, France. Parents: Count Peter POITOU and Ermensinde LUXEMBOURG.

She was married to Gerard I FLAMINIUS -Count. Children were: Gerhard GUELDERS , Yolande GUELDERS, Jutta WASSENBURG.

She was married to Conrad I LUXEMBOURG -Count about 1070. Children were: Ermensinde LUXEMBOURG .

bullet Count Ebles POITOU(1) was born in 890. He died in 934. Parents: Count Ranulf II POITOU and Irmgard.

He was married to Emiliene in 911. Children were: Count William I POITOU.

bullet Enguerrand POITOU -Count(1) died about 1045.

He was married to Adele GHENT. Children were: Helissende DE PONTHIEU, Hugh II PONTHIEU -Count .

bullet Count Peter POITOU(1) was born about 1023. He died in 1058. Parents: Count William III POITOU and Princess Agnes BURGUNDY.

He was married to Ermensinde LUXEMBOURG. Children were: Clemence POITOU.

bullet Count Ranulf I POITOU(1) was born in 820. He died in Oct 866 in Brisarte. Parents: Gerard I AUVERGNE and Princess Hildegard.

He was married to Bilchilde DE MAINE in 845. Children were: Count Ranulf II POITOU.

bullet Count Ranulf II POITOU(1) was born in 848. He died on 3 Aug 890. Parents: Count Ranulf I POITOU and Bilchilde DE MAINE.

He was married to Irmgard. Children were: Count Ebles POITOU .

bullet William POITOU -Count(1) was born on 21 Jul 1136 in Argentan, Orne, France. Parents: Geoffrey V Plantagenet ANJOU -Count and Matilda ENGLAND -Princess .

bullet Count William I POITOU(1) was born about 915. He died on 3 Apr 963. Parents: Count Ebles POITOU and Emiliene.

He was married to Gerloc NORMANDY in 935. Children were: Count William II POITOU, Adelaide POITOU.

bullet Count William II POITOU(1) was born about 937. He died on 3 Apr 995. Parents: Count William I POITOU and Gerloc NORMANDY.

He was married to Emma BLOIS in 968. Children were: Count William III POITOU.

bullet Count William III POITOU(1) was born about 969 in Poitu, France. He died on 31 Jan 1029/30. Parents: Count William II POITOU and Emma BLOIS.

He was married to Princess Agnes BURGUNDY in 1019. Children were: Beatrix POITOU, Agnes BURGUNDY, Count Peter POITOU, Count William VI POITOU, Guillaume VIII Guido AQUITAINE .

bullet Count William VI POITOU(1) was born about 1024. He died on 25 Sep 1086. Parents: Count William III POITOU and Princess Agnes BURGUNDY.

He was married to Hildegarde BURGUNDY between 1068 and 1069. Children were: Count William VII POITOU.

bullet Count William VII POITOU(1) was born on 22 Oct 1071 in France. He died on 10 Feb 1126/27. Parents: Count William VI POITOU and Hildegarde BURGUNDY .

He was married to Philippa TOULOUSE in 1094. Children were: William VIII POITOU -Count, Maud AQUITAINE, Raymond POITIERS.

bullet William VIII POITOU -Count(1) was born in 1099 in France. He died on 9 Apr 1137 in Galicia. Parents: Count William VII POITOU and Philippa TOULOUSE .

He was married to Eleanor Aquitaine CHASTELLERAULT Duchess in 1121. Children were: Petronilla AQUITAINE , William AIGRET, Eleanor AQUITAINE.

bullet Anna Margeret POKIN(1) was born about 1722. She died after 1799.

She was married to John Christoper SCHUPP on 16 Aug 1742.

bullet King Boleslas III POLAND(1) was born in 1086. He died on 28 Oct 1138. Parents: King Wladyslaw I POLAND and Judith BOHEMIA.

He was married to Zbyslava KIEV about 1103. Children were: Conrad MASOVIA -Prince, King Wladislaw II POLAND .

bullet King Boleslaw I POLAND(1) was born in 967. He died on 17 Jul 1025. Parents: King Mieszko I POLAND and Dobrawa BOHEMIA.

He was married to Emnilde SILICIA in 987. Children were: King Mieszka II POLAND.

bullet Gertrude POLAND(1) was born about 1025. She died on 4 Jan 1106/7. Parents: King Mieszka II POLAND and Richenza PFALZ-LORRAINE.

She was married to Isjarlaw I KIEV -Grand Prince about 1043. Children were: Sviatpolk II KIEV -Grand Prince.

bullet King Kazimierz I POLAND(1) was born on 25 Jul 1016. He died on 19 Mar 1057/58 in Poland. Parents: King Mieszka II POLAND and Richenza PFALZ-LORRAINE .

He was married to Debronega Marie KIEV between 1040 and 1042. Children were: King Wladyslaw I POLAND .

bullet Michael POLAND -Regent(1) was born about 950 in Hungary. Parents: Taksony HUNGARY and VON KUMANIEN.

He was married to Adelaide. Children were: King Vasul POLAND.

bullet King Mieszka II POLAND(1) was born about 990 in Poland. He died on 10 May 1034. Parents: King Boleslaw I POLAND and Emnilde SILICIA.

He was married to Richenza PFALZ-LORRAINE. Children were: King Kazimierz I POLAND, Rixa POLAND, Gertrude POLAND.

bullet King Mieszko I POLAND(1) was born about 922. He died on 25 May 992. Parents: Ziemomysl POLAND .

He was married to Dobrawa BOHEMIA about 965. Children were: King Boleslaw I POLAND.

bullet Rixa POLAND(1) was born about 1020. She died after 1051. Parents: King Mieszka II POLAND and Richenza PFALZ-LORRAINE.

She was married to King Bela I HUNGARY. Children were: King Ladislas HUNGARY, Sophia HUNGARY, King Geza I HUNGARY.

bullet King Vasul POLAND(1) was born about 980. He died about 1038. Parents: Michael POLAND -Regent and Adelaide.

Children were: King Andrew I HUNGARY, King Bela I HUNGARY.

bulletKing Wladislaw II POLAND(1) was born in 1105 in Poland. He died on 30 May 1159. Parents: King Boleslas III POLAND and Zbyslava KIEV.

He was married to Agnes BABENBERG between 1125 and 1127. Children were: Boleslaw, MIESZKO, KONRAD, Queen Richilde SILICIA.

bullet King Wladyslaw I POLAND(1) was born about 1043. He died on 4 Jun 1102 in Plotzk, Poland. Parents: King Kazimierz I POLAND and Debronega Marie KIEV .

He was married to Judith BOHEMIA. Children were: King Boleslas III POLAND.

bullet Ziemomysl POLAND(1)

Children were: King Mieszko I POLAND.

bulletCarolyn Arlene POLENSKI(1) was born on 5 Oct 1932.

She was married to Gerald Alan WELTZIN on 19 Dec 1952. She was divorced from Gerald Alan WELTZIN. Children were: Douglas Keith WELTZIN.

bullet Agnes POLLARD(1)

She was married to Maurice MOORE. Children were: Ellen MOORE.

bullet Alma POLZIN(1)

She was married to Edward W RANGE. Children were: Edward Norman RANGE .

bullet Dadone POMBIA -Count(1) died in 1000. Parents: Anskar III CAMERINO -Margrave.

Children were: Ardoino IVREA -Marquis.

bulletPONCE (1) was born about 1030 in France.

She was married to Alberic III LA MARCHE -Count. Children were: Adelaide DE BRETEUIL.

bullet PONCE (1)

She was married to Wulgram III ANGOULEME -Count. Children were: Matilda .

bullet Raymond III PONS -Count(1) Parents: Raymond II TOULOUSE -Count and Gunhilde URGEL .

He was married to Gersende GASCONY. Children were: Luitgarde DE TOULOUSE, Adelheid TOULOUSE, William III TOULOUSE -Count .

bullet Gohilda PONTHIEU(1) was born about 944 in Ponthieu, France. Parents: Hildouin DE PONTHIEU and HERSENDE.

She was married to Yves DE CREIL -Count . Children were: William DE BELLEME -Seigneur, Godhaut DE CREIL, Godchilde DE BELLEME.

bullet Guy I PONTHIEU -Count(1) died on 13 Oct 1101. Parents: Hugh II PONTHIEU -Count and Bertha D'AUMALE.

He was married to Ada AMIENS . Children were: Agnes DE PONTHIEU.

bullet Hugh II PONTHIEU -Count(1) died on 20 Nov 1052. Parents: Enguerrand POITOU -Count and Adele GHENT.

He was married to Bertha D'AUMALE . Children were: Guy I PONTHIEU -Count.

bullet Jean I PONTHIEU -Count(1) was born about 1140 in Normandy, France. He died on 30 Jun 1191 in Acre, Palestine. Parents: Gui II DE PONTHIEU -Count and Ida.

He was married to Beatrice DE ST POL before 1177. Children were: Adela DE PONTHIEU , William II TALVAS -Count.

bullet Marie PONTHIEU -Countess(1) was born on 17 Apr 1199 in Ponthieu, France. She died in Sep 1250. Parents: William II TALVAS -Count and Alice FRANCE -Princess .

She was married to Simon II DE DAMMARTIN -Count . Children were: Jeanne DE DAMMARTIN -Countess.

bullet Hannah PONTUS(1) was born in 1623 in Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands. She died on 22 Dec 1690 in Hobs Hole, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Parents: William PONTUS and Wybra HANSON.

She was married to John CHURCHILL on 18 Dec 1644 in Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Children were: Joseph CHURCHILL, Hannah CHURCHILL, Eleazer CHURCHILL, Mary CHURCHILL, William CHURCHILL, John CHURCHILL.

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