bullet Cleophea BILAGERIN(1) died in Dec 1660 in Switzerland. She was born in Switzerland.

She was married to Malifior LUTSCHG in Switzerland. Children were: Jacob LUTSCHG.

bullet Kathleen BILLINGTON(1)

She was married to Harold Eugene SHOOP. Children were: Rodney SHOOP, Pamela Sue SHOOP, Mark Alan SHOOP, Troy SHOOP.

bullet Schwanhilde BILLUNG(1) died on 26 Nov 1014. She was born in Saxony. Parents: Duke Herman Billung SAXONY and Hildegarde WESTERBOURG.

She was married to Dietmar I EASTMARK -Margrave. Children were: Gero NORDMARK -Margrave.

She was married to Ekkhard I MEISSEN -Margrave after 979. Children were: Mathilda VON MEISSEN.

bullet Stbcks BILLUNG Seigneur(1) was born about 885 in Luneburg, Saxony, Germany. He died on 26 May 967.

He was married to Frederunda. Children were: Duke Herman Billung SAXONY.

bullet Heram BILSTAD(1) was born on 25 Apr 1879 in Joyce, Iowa.

He was married to Caroline Regine WELTZIN.

bullet BIORNSSON (1) was born about 1010 in Denmark. Parents: Bjorn ULSIUSSON.

bullet Siward BIORNSSON -Earl(1) was born about 1020 in Denmark. He died in 1055 in York, Yorkshire, England. Parents: Bjorn ULSIUSSON.

He was married to Aelflaed III . Children were: Waltheof II HUNTINGTON -Earl, Sybilla, Osbeorn.

bullet Addie Elma BIRDSALL(1) was born on 22 Jun 1870. She was buried in 1895 in Riverside Cem., Morristown, Rice Co., Minnesota. She died on 8 Aug 1895 in Morristown, Rice Co., Minnesota. Parents: Seth Wilson BIRDSALL and Jenny Lind THAYER .

She was married to Lewis Eddy TEMPLE on 4 Mar 1891. Children were: Lyle E. TEMPLE, Ray Arthur TEMPLE, Maude Ida TEMPLE.

bullet Benjamin BIRDSALL(1) was born on 3 Jan 1783 in Bucks Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 22 Jan 1854 in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada. He Info on 27 Jun 2002 in Brenda Hubbard.

He was married to Sarah WILSON. Children were: Daniel BIRDSALL .

bullet Daniel BIRDSALL(1) was born on 12 Jul 1807 in Welland Phelhem, Ontarion, Canada. He died on 4 May 1894 in Sioux Agency, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota. Parents: Benjamin BIRDSALL and Sarah WILSON.

He was married to Gulielma WILSON. Children were: Seth Wilson BIRDSALL .

bullet Seth Wilson BIRDSALL(1) was born on 14 Jun 1845 in London, Ontario, Canada. He died on 15 Jan 1940 in Clear City, Roberts Co., South Dakota. He Info on 27 Jun 2002 in Brenda Hubbard. Parents: Daniel BIRDSALL and Gulielma WILSON.

He was married to Jenny Lind THAYER on 22 Dec 1867. Children were: Addie Elma BIRDSALL.

bullet Asleik BJORNSSON(1) was born about 812 in Sweden. Parents: Bjorn ROGNARSSON.

bullet King Erik BJORNSSON(1) was born about 814 in Sweden. Parents: Bjorn ROGNARSSON.

Children were: King Edmund ERIKSSON, Bjorn ERIKSSON.

bulletRefil BJORNSSON(1) was born in 796 in Sweden. Parents: Bjorn ROGNARSSON.

bullet Sarah BLACKWELL(1)

She was married to Job SWIFT. Children were: Jeriah SWIFT.

bullet Kurt BLAKE(1) Divorced UNKNOWN in Unknown.

He was married to Lori Lee VERNON.

bullet Ruth Mae BLANCHARD(1) died on 16 Oct 1959 in Goldendale, Washington.

She was married to Wilhelm Fredrick WELTZIN.

bullet James Royal BLANCO(1) was born on 3 Jun 1951 in Oberlin, Ohio.

He was married to Gail Ann HOLBROOK on 21 Oct 1972.

bullet John BLANDFORD(1) was born in England.

He was married to Mary. Children were: Mary BLANDFORD.

bullet Mary BLANDFORD(1) was born about 1627 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. She died on 1 Feb 1675/76 in Framingham, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Parents: John BLANDFORD and Mary.

She was married to Thomas EAMES. Children were: Gershom EAMES .

bullet BLATHMAC (1)

He was married to ETAIN. Children were: ALMAITH.

bullet Maredydd Powys ap BLEDDYN -Prince(1) was born about 1047 in Montgomery, Wales. He died between 1124 and 1129. Parents: Bleddyn ap CYNVYN -Prince and Haer Verch CYNYLLYN .

He was married to Hunydd Verch EUNYDD. Children were: Madog Powys ap MAREDYDD -Prince, Gruffydd MAREDYDD, Hywel ap MAREDYDD, Dyddgu Verch MAREDYDD.

bullet Karen Katharina BLICHFELDT(1) was born on 8 Sep 1800 in Hosanger, Norway. She died on 27 Mar 1868 in Nordfjord, Norway.

She was married to Jens Friedrich Undahl WELTZIN in Norway. Children were: Frantz Jacob WELTZIN , Ingeborg Marie WELTZIN, Anton Jacob Frantzen WELTZIN, Fredrik Gudbrand Aamodt WELTZIN, Christian Marius WELTZIN, Carl Fredrik WELTZIN, Anna Inger Most WELTZIN , Charlotte Christine WELTZIN, Mathilde Claudine WELTZIN, Jens Christian WELTZIN , Mathilde Claudine WELTZIN, Nicoline Henriette WELTZIN.

bullet Erenfried I BLIESGAU -Count(1)

He was married to Adalgunde BURGUNDY. Children were: Eberhard BONNGAU -Count.

bullet George W. BLOCKER(1)

He was married to Austie Avis LAY in 1920.

bullet Adelaide BLOIS(1) was born about 1140. She died on 4 Jun 1206 in Paris, France. Parents: Count Theobald II BLOIS and Mathilda VON SPONHEIM .

She was married to King Louis FRANCE VII on 18 Nov 1160. Children were: King Philippe II AUGUSTUS , Alice FRANCE -Princess.

bullet Agnes BLOIS(1) was born about 1138 in France. She died on 7 Aug 1207. Parents: Count Theobald II BLOIS and Mathilda VON SPONHEIM.

She was married to Renaud II BAR. Children were: Theobald I BRIEY -Count.

bullet Alice BLOIS -Countess(1) was born in 1150. Parents: King Louis FRANCE VII and Eleanor AQUITAINE.

bullet Aubri I BLOIS -Count(1) was born about 700. Parents: Adela.

Children were: Aubri II BLOIS -Count.

bulletAubri II BLOIS -Count(1). Parents: Aubri I BLOIS -Count.

Children were: THEIDLINDIS .

bulletBertha BLOIS(1) died in Apr 1085. Parents: Eudes II BLOIS -Count and Ermengarde DE AUVERGNE.

She was married to Alan III BRITTANY -Duke about 1027. Children were: Havoise BRITTANY -Duchess.

bullet Emma BLOIS(1) Parents: Count Stephen BLOIS.

She was married to Herbert WINCHESTER Chamberlain. Children were: William York FITZ HERBERT -Archbishop, Herbert FITZ HERBERT .

bullet Emma BLOIS(1) was born about 950. She died on 1 Aug 1003.

She was married to Count William II POITOU in 968. Children were: Count William III POITOU.

bullet Eudes I BLOIS Count(1) was born about 950. He died on 12 Mar 995/96. Parents: Thibaud II BLOIS -Count and Liutgarde DE VERMANDOIS.

He was married to Princess Bertha BURGUNDY about 983. Children were: Eudes II BLOIS -Count.

bullet Eudes II BLOIS -Count(1) was born about 990. He died on 15 Nov 1037. Parents: Eudes I BLOIS Count and Princess Bertha BURGUNDY.

He was married to Ermengarde DE AUVERGNE. Children were: Bertha BLOIS, Thibaud BLOIS -Count, Stephen II CHAMPAGNE -Count.

bullet Mary BLOIS -Princess(1) was born about 1131 in Blois, Loir-et-Cher, France. She died on 25 Jul 1180. Parents: King Stephen BLOIS and Queen Mathilda BOULOGNE .

She was married to Matthieu D' ALSACE -Count in 1160. Children were: Mathilda FLANDERS, Ida.

bullet Maud BLOIS -Countess(1) was born about 974 in Normandy, France. She died before 1017. Parents: Duke Richard I NORMANDY and Gonnora DE CREPON .

bullet Count Stephen BLOIS(1) was born in 1046 in Blois, Loir-et-Cher, France. He died on 19 May 1102 in Battle of Ramieh, Holy Land. Parents: Thibaud BLOIS -Count and Gersenda MAINE.

Children were: Emma BLOIS.

He was married to Princess Adela ENGLAND in 1081 in Breteuil, France. Children were: Count William CHARTRES , Maud DE BLOIS, Count Theobald II BLOIS, King Stephen BLOIS, Lithuise Adele DE BLOIS, Alix DE BLOIS, Bishop Henry WINCHESTER, Eleonore DE BLOIS.

bullet King Stephen BLOIS(1) was born between 1095 and 1096 in Blois, Loir-et-Cher, France. He died on 25 Oct 1154. Parents: Count Stephen BLOIS and Princess Adela ENGLAND .

He was married to Queen Mathilda BOULOGNE between 1119 and 1120. Children were: Maud DE BLOIS, Baldwin DE BLOIS, Eustace IV BOULOGNE -Count , Mary BLOIS -Princess.

bullet Count Theobald II BLOIS(1) was born about 1093 in Blois, Loir-et-Cher, France. He died on 8 Oct 1152 in Ligny. Parents: Count Stephen BLOIS and Princess Adela ENGLAND.

He was married to Mathilda VON SPONHEIM between 1122 and 1126. Children were: Count Henry I CHAMPAGNE, Marie DE CHAMPAGNE, Agnes BLOIS, Adelaide BLOIS .

bullet Thibaud BLOIS -Count(1) was born before 1012 in Blois, France. He died on 30 Sep 1089 in Epernay. Parents: Eudes II BLOIS -Count and Ermengarde DE AUVERGNE .

He was divorced from Gersenda MAINE. He was married to Gersenda MAINE. Children were: Count Stephen BLOIS .

bullet Thibaud I BLOIS -Count(1) died after 942. Parents: Eudes CHARTRES -Count and THIBAUT.

He was married to Richilde BOURGES . Children were: Thibaud II BLOIS -Count.

bullet Thibaud II BLOIS -Count(1) was born about 910. He died on 16 Jan 974/75. Parents: Thibaud I BLOIS -Count and Richilde BOURGES.

He was married to Liutgarde DE VERMANDOIS about 943. Children were: Emma DE BLOIS, Eudes I BLOIS Count.

bullet Brandon Charles BLOMMER(1) was born on 15 Aug 1985. Parents: Charles BLOMMER and Laynae Carol ERDAHL.

bullet Charles BLOMMER(1)

He was married to Laynae Carol ERDAHL on 22 Jul 1978. Children were: Kelsey Jo BLOMMER, Brandon Charles BLOMMER.

bullet Kelsey Jo BLOMMER(1) was born on 5 Nov 1980. Parents: Charles BLOMMER and Laynae Carol ERDAHL.

bullet Ann Palmer BLOSSOM(1) Parents: William Sr. PALMER and Francis.

She was married to Henry ROWLEY. Children were: Sarah ROWLEY.

bullet Anne BLUET(1) was born about 1493 in Kittesford, Somerset, England. She died about 4 Mar 1555/56. Parents: Richard BLUET.

She was married to Thomas HATCH Barrister. Children were: Lewis HATCH.

bullet Richard BLUET(1)

Children were: Anne BLUET.

bulletFridolin BLUM(1) was born in Mollis, Begligen, Glarus, Switzerland.

Children were: Joachim BLUM .

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