bullet Matilda(1)

She was married to Hugh VII DAGSBURG -Count. Children were: Henry I VON EGISHEIM -Count.

bullet Matilda (1) was born in 1156 in London, England. She died on 28 Jun 1189. Parents: King Henry II NORMANDY and Eleanor AQUITAINE.

She was married to Henry SAXONY-BAVARIA Duke. Children were: Henry PALATINE-RHINE Count.

bullet Princess Matilda(1) was born about 1192 in Castile, Spain. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND.

bullet Matilda (1) was born about 1112.

She was married to Pharamus DE BOULOGNE. Children were: William DE BOULOGNE, Thomas DE BOULOGNE, Sibyl DE BOULOGNE.

bullet Matilda (1) was born about 1150 in Scotland. She died in 1152. Parents: Henry HUNTINGDON Earl and Ada DE WARENNE.

bullet Matilda (1) was born about 1064 in Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Parents: Ralph FITZ HUBERT.

She was married to Edward DEVEREUX. Children were: Walter D' EVEREAUX.

bullet Matilda (1)

She was married to William DE TURENNE -Viscount. Children were: Boson I DE TURENNE -Viscount.

bullet Matilda (1) was born about 1074 in Eye, Suffolk, England.

She was married to Hervey DE GLANVILLE . Children were: Gerard DE GLANVILLE, Ranulph DE GLANVILLE.

bullet Matilda (1) was born after 1160 in France. She died after 1233. Parents: Wulgram III ANGOULEME -Count and PONCE.

She was married to Hugh IX LUSIGNAN. Children were: Ralph EU -Count , Hugh X DE LUSIGNAN.

bullet Maud (1) was born in England.

She was married to John DE VERDON in England. Children were: DE VERDON, Margaret (de Verdon) DE BRADSHAGH .

bullet Maud (1) was born in England.

She was married to Hugh DE STANDISH in England. Children were: Robert DE HAYDOCK.

bullet Maud (1)

She was married to King William I ENGLAND. Children were: William PEVERELL.

bullet Maud (1)

She was married to Ranulphus DE WHITTINGTON. Children were: Miletta DE WHITTINGTON.

bullet Maud (1)

She was married to William I DE PONTHIEU. Children were: Ernicule BOULOGNE -Count.

bullet McDugle (1)

He was married to Elizabeth SMITH.

bullet Mechtild (1) Parents: Schwarzenburg VON and Hedwig FILMSBACH.

She was married to Adalbert (Adolph VON SAFFENBERG -Count about 1120. Children were: Mathilda VON SAFFENBURG .

bullet Meginhard -Count(1) died after 987.

Children were: Arnold VON GILCHING.

bulletMelisendis (1).

She was married to Ademar DE BROSSE -Vicomte. Children were: Rothilde DE BROSSE.

bullet Melissende (1)

She was married to Ademar SEGUR -Count. Children were: Emma SEGUR .

bullet Mercy N(1)

She was married to Samuel KINGSLEY. Children were: Silence KINGSLEY .

bullet Merovaeus (1)

Children were: Cloderic I FRANKS.

bulletMerovech -Chief(1).

Children were: King Clovis, King Childeric I.

bulletMildred was born about 1724 in Montgomery, Maryland.

She was married to Jeremiah BERRY about 1745. Children were: Jeremiah BERRY.

bullet Mitchell (1)

He was married to Jessie E. DOSS. Children were: Inez C. MITCHELL .

bullet Moalda (1) was born about 594 in Jutland, Denmark.

She was married to King Halfdan HAROLDSSON. Children were: King Ivar HALFDANSSON of Sweden.

bullet Muriel (1)

She was married to Robert Harewood ROMILLY Lord. Children were: Cecily DE ROMILLY.

bullet Muriel (1) Parents: Eudo AL CHAPEL and Muriel DE CONTEVILLE.

She was married to Robert DE LA HAYE. Children were: Richard DE LA HAYE.

bullet Nancy

She was married to John BURCHETT. Children were: John BURCHETT Jr..

bullet Nantilda (1)

bullet Nantilda (1)

She was married to King Dagobert I AUSTRASIA. Children were: King Chiodovech II FRANKS.

bullet Naughton (1)

He was married to Margaritta WERT.

bullet Nievelong (1)

Children were: Aimard DE SAUVIGNY.

bulletLord Nivelon I(1) died on 9 Oct 768. Parents: Lord Childebrand I PERRACY and Rolande.

Children were: Lord Childebrand II .

bulletKing Norbril(1) was born about 510 in Northumberland, England.

Children were: Ogne Princess.

bulletNormannus\Norman (1) was born about 981 in Mercia. He died in 1017. Parents: Leofwine -Earl MERCIA and Alwara Verch ATHELSTAN -Lady.

bullet Oatillo -Count(1) Parents: Duke Godfrey ALLEMANIA.

bullet Oda (1)

She was married to St. Arnulf METZ -Bishop. Children were: Bishop St. Clodoule METZ.

bullet Odilie -Saint(1) died on 5 Dec 720. Parents: Duke Adalric ETICHO and Berswinde AUTUN.

bullet Odin (1) was born about 215 in Asgard, Asia. Parents: Frithuwald and Beltsa ASIA.

Children were: Beldig SCANDINAVIA .

He was married to FRIGG. Children were: King Skjold.

bullet Odulgarde (1)

She was married to Remi DE MARCILLAC. Children were: Senegunde DE MARCILLAC .

bullet Ogne Princess(1) was born in 530 in Northumberland, England. Parents: King Norbril.

She was married to Hroar HALFDANSSON. Children were: Valdar HROARSSON, Agner HROARSSON.

bullet Ogye (1)

He was married to Emse. Children were: Almos.

bullet Olaf (1) was born about 540.

He was married to Helgi HALFDANSSON. Children were: Yrsa HELGASSON.

bullet Olaf (1) was born about 1000 in Dublin, Ireland. He died in 1034. Parents: King Sihtric DUBLIN and SLANI.

He was married to Maelcorcre. Children were: RANHULT.

bullet Olgus -Prince(1) was born about 954 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Parents: Svatislav I KIEV -Grand Duke and Maloucha DEBRIMA.

bullet Olnedobel (1)

Children were: Emse.

bulletOmortag -Khan(1). Parents: Khum -Khan.

Children were: Enrovota.

bulletOneca (1).

She was married to Inigo ARISTA. Children were: King Garcia I INIGUEZ .

bullet Ordgar Earl(1) was born in Devonshire, England.

Children were: Queen Elfrida.

bulletOrdrad (1).

She was married to Count Wicibert WESTPHALIA. Children were: Count Walbert THREKWITIGAU.

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