bullet Bertha(1) Parents: Theodard.

She was married to Martin LAON . Children were: Haribert LAON.

bullet Bertha (1)

She was married to William MONTACUTE. Children were: Simon MONTACUTE .

bullet Bertha (1) was born about 760. Parents: Count Thierry AUTUN and Auda ALDANE.

She was married to Fredelon. Children were: Senegonde.

bullet Bertha (1)

She was married to Gerhard RIENECK. Children were: Agnes VON MAINZ .

bullet Bertha \ Adeliza(1) was born about 1076 in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England. Parents: Waltheof II HUNTINGTON -Earl and Judith LENS.

bullet Berthilda (1)

She was married to Rostaing II D'ANNONAY -Seigneur. Children were: Guigues I D'ANNONAY -Seigneur.

bullet Berthold (1)

Children were: HERMENLINDIS.

bulletCount Berthold II(1) died after 1060. Parents: Count Frederick I and Hemma OHNINGEN.

He was married to N.N. VON HOHENWART . Children were: Otto II WOLFRATSHAUSEN -Count .

bullet Count Berthold I(1) died on 26 Aug 990. Parents: Arnulf BAVARIA -Pfalzgrave.

Children were: Count Frederick I.

bulletBertrada (1).

She was married to Haribert LAON. Children were: DE LAON, Bertha DE LAON.

bullet Bessie J.(1) was born in 1892.

She was married to William SCHUPP(SHOOP).

bullet Biletrude (1) died before 1048.

She was married to Archambaud III DE BOURBON. Children were: Archambaud IV DE BOURBON.

bullet Birte Andersd.(1) was born in 1713 in Norway. She died in 1783 in Norway.

She was married to Morten Knutsson VIK in Norway. Children were: Anne Mortensdotter VIK.

bullet Birte Arnesd.(1)

bullet Princess Blanche(1) was born in 1290 in England. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Queen Eleanor CASTILE.

bullet Bodegeisel I(1) died in 581. Parents: Lord Munderic FRANKS and Arthemia.

He was married to Palatina MAGNUS. Children were: Bodegisel II.

bullet Bodegisel II(1) Parents: Bodegeisel I and Palatina MAGNUS.

He was married to Oda DE SAVOY.

bullet Bodilon (1)

He was married to Sigrada. Children were: Count Marinus GUERIN , St Leger -Bishop.

bullet Boleslaw (1) was born in Wroclaw, Lower Silesia. Parents: King Wladislaw II POLAND and Agnes BABENBERG.

bullet Bonifacio I(1) died before 785. Parents: Richbald.

Children were: Bonifacio II LUCCA -Count .

bulletBonifacio IV -Marchese(1). Parents: Adalbert I TUSCANY -Margrave and Rothieda SPOLETO .

Children were: Adalbert III TUSCANY -Marchese .

bulletBonnie (1).

She was married to Theodore Almn DOAN in Canada. Children were: Oidane Canton DOAN.

bullet Count Boso III(1) died in 855. He was born in Turin. Parents: Count Boso II.

Children were: Richilde ARLES, Marquis Herbert TRANSJURAN.

bulletCount Boso II(1). Parents: Count Boso I.

Children were: Count Boso III .

bulletCount Boso I(1).

Children were: Count Boso II.

bulletBoto II(1). Parents: Reting I.

Children were: Count Reting BAVARIA II.

bulletBoto I(1).

Children were: Reting I.

bulletBouchard (1). Parents: Aubri -Count.

Children were: Unknown.

bulletBouchard (1). Parents: Guerin THURGOVIE -Count and Adelindis.

Children were: Aubri -Count.

bulletBovin -Seigneur(1) died after 950. Parents: Landeric II -Seigneur.

Children were: Landeric III NEVERS -Count.

bulletBozena (1) died in 1055. Parents: Kresina.

She was married to Udalrich BOHEMIA -Duke . Children were: Bretislaw I BOHEMIA -Duke.

bullet Bran -The Blessed(1) Parents: King Lediaith Llyr BRITAINS and Penardim.

Children were: CARADOC.

bulletBulmer (1) was born in Brancepeth, England.

He was married in England. Children were: Ansketil DE BULMER.

bullet Burhhfard (1) was born about 1030 in Mercia. Parents: Algar\Alfgar MERCIA -Earl and Princess Elfgifu ENGLAND.

bullet Burrhed (1) was born in Mercia. Parents: Earldorman Aethelred MUCEL and Eadburh MERCIA .

bullet Cacilie (1)

She was married to Gudrod NORWAY. Children were: Harold GRANSKE .

bullet Cadwalladr (1)

Children were: FRIGG.

bulletCanute (1) was born about 995. Parents: King Sweyn DENMARK.

He was married to Aelfgifu . Children were: King Sweyn NORWAY, Harold I.

He was married to Emma DENMARK on 2 Jul 1017.

bullet Carloman (1) died in 771. He was born in France. Parents: King Pepin III and Bertha DE LAON.

bullet Carloman -Mayor(1) died in 754. Parents: Mayor Charles MARTEL and Duchess Chartrudis ROTRUDE OR.

Children were: Rotrou.

bulletCarloman (1) died in 645.

Children were: Mayor Pepin.

bulletCaroline was born about 1837 in Derby, England. She appeared on the census in 1881 in Leicester St Margaret, Leicester, England.(2)

She was married to Francis DOLEMAN. Children were: William DOLEMAN.

bullet Carrie (1) was born in England.

She was married to Benjamin BATES Sr. in England. Children were: Benjamin BATES.

bullet Carter (1)

He was married to Hoy. Children were: Allen Walter CARTER.

bullet Cassandra was born about 1687.

She was married to Thomas MUDD about 1709 in Charles, Maryland. Children were: William MUDD.

bullet Castillon (1)

Children were: Anton DE COURTENAY.

bulletCatharine (1).

She was married to Leonard SNYDER. Children were: Leonard SNYDER .

bullet Catherina (1) was born in 1616 in Alsace Lorraine, France/Germany. She died on 6 Mar 1697/98 in Eckendorf, Alsace/Lorraine, France/Germany. AFN:1262-1S5.

She was married to Hans MATTER in 1642 in Germany/France. Children were: Catharina MATTER, Johannes (Hans) MATTER, Diebold MATTER, Jacob MATTER, George MATTER, Maria MATTER, Andreas MATTER.

bullet Catherine -Princess(1) was born on 25 Nov 1253 in Westminster, London, England. She died on 3 May 1256. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND III and Queen Eleanor PROVENCE .

bullet Catherine was born on 7 Nov 1671 in Lyenard, Switzerland. She died in Jan 1689 in Moutier, Bern Canton, Switzerland.

She was married to Jean JORAY on 19 Mar 1685 in Switzerland. Children were: Isaac JORAY.

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