bullet Gytha(1) Parents: Jarl THORKILL.

She was married to Earl Godwine WESSEX in 1019. Children were: Druella, Tostig NORTHUMBERLAND -Earl, King Harold ENGLAND II.

bullet Haldetrude (1) died in 604.

She was married to King Clothaire II NEUSTRIA. Children were: King Dagobert I AUSTRASIA.

bullet Hamesindis (1)

She was married to Ricfrid BETHUWE. Children were: Unknown.

bullet Hannah (1) was baptized on 6 Jul 1737 in Shrewsbury, Worcester Co, Massachusetts.

She was married to Benjamin TEMPLE about 1729. Children were: Sarah TEMPLE , Thomas TEMPLE, Richard TEMPLE, Jemima TEMPLE, Elizabeth TEMPLE, Timothy TEMPLE, Abigail TEMPLE, Solomon TEMPLE, Amos TEMPLE, Tilly TEMPLE, Seth TEMPLE, Salmon TEMPLE, Zebuda TEMPLE.

bullet Hannah (1) was born in England.

She was married to Benjamin ALBEE about 1640 in England. Children were: Hannah ALBEE, James ALBEE, Benjamin Jr. ALBEE.

bullet Hannah (1)

She was married to Edwin TSCHOPP. Children were: Susan Salome TSCHOPP , Julia TSCHOPP.

bullet Hannah (1) was born in 1853 in Pennsylvania.

She was married to John L SCHUPP(SHOOP). Children were: Andrew L. SCHUPP(SHOOP), Katie C. SCHUPP(SHOOP).

bullet Hannah (1)

She was married to Josheph JENKINS about 1709. Children were: Keziah JENKINS, Jemima JENKINS.

bullet Harold I(1) Parents: Canute and Aelfgifu.

bullet Harriet

She was married to Francis DOLEMAN. Children were: John Edward DOLEMAN, James Alfred DOLEMAN, Mary Jane DOLEMAN, Elizabeth DOLEMAN, Annie DOLEMAN, Sophia DOLEMAN, Frank DOLEMAN.

bullet Harriet A. (Hattie)(1) was born in Sep 1843 in New York. She appeared on the census in Jun 1900 in Morristown, Rice Co., Minnesota. She Death Record in 1923 in See Notes. She appeared on the census in Jun 1980 in Morristown, Rice Co., Minnesota. She died in Morristown, Rice Co., Minnesota. TEMPLE, HATTIE
CertID# 1923-MN-019169
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Mother Maiden Name: n/a
Date of Death:
County of Death: 04/03/1923

She was married to Marshall Allen TEMPLE . Children were: Blanche E. TEMPLE, Lillian E. TEMPLE.

bullet Harry (1)

He was married to Hannah Estella TENNANT.

bullet Hartwick (1) Parents: Arpo and N.N. VON CHADALHOCH -Countess.

Children were: Aribo I -Pfalzgrave.

bulletHartwig II -Pfalzgrave(1) died on 24 Nov 1027. Parents: Aribo I -Pfalzgrave and Adela.

He was married to Frideruna. Children were: Boto VON BOTENSTEIN.

bullet Hasalda (1)

She was married to Bruno SAXON-ENGEN -Count. Children were: Bruno SAXONY -Duke.

bullet Havlive (1) was born about 960 in Normandy, France.

She was married to Robert ROUEN -Archbishop. Children were: Richard EVREUX -Count, Rodolphe Normandy DE WACY -Constable.

bullet Hawise (1)

She was married to Elias DAUBENEY -Baron. Children were: Ralph DAUBENEY -Baron.

bullet Hawise (1) died after 1135.

She was married to Stephen DE BRETAGNE. Children were: Maud DE BRETAGNE, Agnorie Penthievre DE BRETAGNE , Alain II Richmond DE BRETAGNE.

bullet Hawise (1) was born about 1049 in Cheshire, England.

She was married to Ilbert DE LACY. Children were: Robert DE LACY, Hugh DE LACY .

bullet Hawyse (1)

She was married to William MANDUIT. Children were: William MANDUIT .

bullet Heather (1)

She was married to Eric Sigurd LEE on 17 Dec 1983 in Canada. She was divorced from Eric Sigurd LEE.

bullet Hedwig (1)

She was married to Eberhard IV THURGAU -Count about 1009. Children were: Eberhard V NELLENBURG -Count.

bullet Heinrich -Count(1) Parents: Heinrich -Count.

Children were: Poppo I -Count .

bulletHeinrich -Count(1). Parents: Ruport -Count.

Children were: Heinrich -Count .

bulletHeiz (1) was born about 1546 in Haetzingen, Glarus, Switzerland. AFN:FW14-ZX. Parents: Gebhard HEIZ and Magdalena DUERST.

She was married to Jacob SCHINDLER. Children were: Balthasar SCHINDLER, Jacob SCHINDLER, Melchior SCHINDLER, Magdalena SCHINDLER, Anna SCHINDLER.

bullet Heiz (1)

She was married to Samuel ZWICKI.

bullet Helawise (1)

She was married to Walter BOLEBEC. Children were: Hugh II de Walter BOLEBEC.

bullet Helen (1) was born in England.

She was married to Stephen BATCHELER. Children were: Stephen BACHILER, Francis BACHILER, Henry BACHILER, Theodate BACHILER, Nathaniel BACHILER, Deborah BACHILER.

bullet Helen (1)

She was married to Ralph PRESCOTT. Children were: Helen PRESCOTT , Roger PRESCOTT, Alice PRESCOTT, Cecelia PRESCOTT, John PRESCOTT.

bullet Helewise (1) was born about 1104 in Cottingham, Yorkshire, England.

She was married to Robert DE STUTEVILLE . Children were: Helwise DE STUTEVILLE, William DE STUTEVILLE.

bullet Helvise (1)

She was married to Renaud TONNERREE -Count. Children were: Ermengarde TONNERREE.

bullet Hemma (1) died about 1005.

She was married to Boleslaw II BOHEMIA -Duke. Children were: Udalrich BOHEMIA -Duke.

bullet Henry -Duke(1) died on 15 Oct 1002. Parents: Hugh MAGNUS Duke and Hedwig GERMANY.

bullet Henry -Prince(1) was born about 1258 in London, England. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND III and Queen Eleanor PROVENCE.

bullet Henry -Prince(1) was born on 28 Feb 1154/55 in London, England. He died on 11 Jun 1183 in Martel. Parents: King Henry II NORMANDY and Eleanor AQUITAINE .

bullet Prince Henry(1) was born about 1182 in Castile, Spain. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND.

bullet Henry (1) was born in 953 in Laon, Aisne, France. He died between 953 and 954. Parents: King Louis FRANCE IV and Gerberga GERMANY.

bullet King Henry IV(1) was born on 3 Apr 1367 in Castle, Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire, England. He died on 21 Mar 1412/13 in Westminster, England. Parents: John Gaunt LANCASTER -Prince and Blanche LANCASTER.

He was married to Mary DE BOHUN. Children were: King Henry ENGLAND V, Thomas CLARENCE -Duke, John BEDFORD -Duke.

bullet Henry -Count(1) was born about 883. He died after 934. Parents: Eticho -Count and Judith WESSEX.

Children were: Rudolph I -Count .

bulletPrince Henry Charles Albert David (Harry) was born on 15 Sep 1984 in St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington, London, England. Parents: Charles Philip Arthur George WALES Prince of Wales and Princess Diana Frances SPENCER.

bullet Prince Henry I(1) was born between 1267 and 1268 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. He died on 20 Oct 1274. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Queen Eleanor CASTILE .

bullet King Henry I(1) was born on 14 Apr 1203 in Castile, Spain. He died on 7 Jun 1217. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND .

bullet Hermanfried (1) Parents: Walchisus and Waldrada.

Children were: Farahild.

bulletHermengarde (1).

She was married to Geoffrey I DE CHATEAUDUN -Vicomte. Children were: Hugh I DE CHATEAUDUN -Vicomte.

bullet Hidda (1)

She was married to Christian. Children were: Dietmar I EASTMARK -Margrave .

bullet Hildebrand (1) was born about 678 in Heristal, Leige, Belgium. Parents: Pepin II D'HERISTAL and Alpaide.

bullet Hildegard (1) was born in 783 in Aachen, Prussia. She died on 9 Jun 783. Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

bullet Hildegard -Princess(1) was born about 944 in Laon, Aisne, France. Parents: King Louis FRANCE IV and Gerberga GERMANY.

bullet Princess Hildegard(1) was born in 802. Parents: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I and Ermengarde DE HESBAYE.

She was married to Gerard I AUVERGNE. Children were: Count Ranulf I POITOU .

bullet Hildegard (1) Parents: Otto II SWABIA.

She was married to Frederick BUREN . Children were: Frederick I ALSACE -Duke.

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