bullet Ida NORFOLK -Countess(1) was born about 1152 in Suffolk, England.

She was married to Roger BIGOD. Children were: Hugh Norfolk BIGOD -Earl , William BIGOD, Thomas BIGOD , Adeliza BIGOD, Margaret BIGOD, Mary BIGOD.

bullet Thomas Brotherton NORFOLK -Earl(1) was born on 1 Jun 1300 in Brotherton, Yorkshire, England. He died on 4 Aug 1338. Parents: King Edward ENGLAND I and Marguerite FRANCE -Princess.

bullet Hugh V NORGAU -Count(1) died before 986.

Children were: Gerhard II ALSACIAN NORDGAU -Count .

bulletDebora NORMAN(1). Parents: Vernon NORMAN and Marilyn SAUFERER.

bulletScott NORMAN(1). Parents: Vernon NORMAN and Marilyn SAUFERER.

bulletStephen NORMAN(1). Parents: Vernon NORMAN and Marilyn SAUFERER.

bulletVernon NORMAN(1).

He was married to Marilyn SAUFERER. Children were: Stephen NORMAN , Debora NORMAN, Scott NORMAN.

bullet Adelaide NORMANDY -Countess(1) was born about 1030 in Falais, Calvados, France. She died between 1081 and 1084. Parents: Robert I NORMANDY -Duke and Harlette DE FALAIS.

She was married to Lambert BOULOGNE -Count. Children were: Judith LENS .

She was married to Eudes CHAMPAGNE -Count between 1054 and 1060.

bullet Viscountess Beatrice NORMANDY(1) was born about 980 in Normandy, France. She died on 18 Jan 1034/35. Parents: Duke Richard I NORMANDY and Gonnora DE CREPON .

She was married to Viscount Ebles I DE TURENNE in 1000.

bullet Gerloc NORMANDY(1) was born about 920. She died after 969.

She was married to Count William I POITOU in 935. Children were: Count William II POITOU, Adelaide POITOU.

bullet King Henry II NORMANDY(1) was born on 5 Mar 1132/33 in Le Mans, Sarthe, France. He died on 6 Jul 1189 in Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, France. Parents: Geoffrey V Plantagenet ANJOU -Count and Matilda ENGLAND -Princess.

He was married to Eleanor AQUITAINE. Children were: William of Anjou, Henry -Prince, Matilda, King Richard I, Geoffrey, Princess Eleanor ENGLAND, Joanna, King John Lackland ENGLAND.

He was married to Annabel BALLIOL. Children were: William Longspee SALISBURY -Earl.

bullet Hrolf\Rollo NORMANDY(1) was born about 870 in Norway. He died before 930 in Normandy, France. Parents: Earl Rognvald Maer EYSTEINSSON and Ragnhild HROLFSSON .

He was married to Duchess Poppa DE BAYEUX. Children were: Robert CORBEIL -Count, Adele AQUITAINE -Duchess, Duke William I NORMANDY .

bullet Judith NORMANDY(1) was born between 995 and 1005 in Normandy, France. Parents: Richard II NORMANDY -Duke.

She was married to Baldwin IV DE LILLE Count about 1031. Children were: Judith FLANDERS.

bullet Judith or Alice NORMANDY -Countess(1) was born about 1003 in Normandy, France. She died after 1 Jul 1037. Parents: Richard II NORMANDY -Duke and Duchess Judith RENNES .

She was married to Count Renaud I BURGUNDY in 1023. Children were: William II BURGUNDY -Count , Albereda.

bullet Kadwidge NORMANDY(1)

She was married to Geoffrey BRITTANY -Count. Children were: Emma BRITTANY .

bullet Duke Richard I NORMANDY(1) was born about 933 in Fecamp, Normandy, France. He died on 20 Nov 996 in Fecamp, Normandy, France. Parents: Duke William I NORMANDY and Sprote DE BRETAGNE.

He was married to Gonnora DE CREPON. Children were: William EU -Count, Richard II NORMANDY -Duke, Robert DE NORMANDY, Robert ROUEN -Archbishop , Mauger MORTAIN -Count, DE NORMANDY, DE NORMANDY, Maud BLOIS -Countess, Hawise BRETAGNE -Duchess , Viscountess Beatrice NORMANDY, Emma DENMARK.

Children were: Geoffrey EU -Count .

bulletRichard II NORMANDY -Duke(1) was born about 958 in Normandy, France. He died on 23 Aug 1027 in Fecamp, Normandy, France. Parents: Duke Richard I NORMANDY and Gonnora DE CREPON.

He was married to Duchess Judith RENNES. Children were: Richard III NORMANDY , Robert I NORMANDY -Duke, Guillaume DE NORMANDY, Judith or Alice NORMANDY -Countess, DE NORMANDY.

Children were: FRASENDA, Judith NORMANDY.

bulletRichard III NORMANDY(1) was born about 997 in Normandy, France. He died on 6 Aug 1028. Parents: Richard II NORMANDY -Duke and Duchess Judith RENNES .

He was married to Adele\Adela FRANCE -Princess . Children were: Alix DE NORMANDY.

bullet Robert I NORMANDY -Duke(1) was born about 1000 in Normandy, France. He died on 22 Jul 1035 in Nicocea, Bithynia, Turkey. Parents: Richard II NORMANDY -Duke and Duchess Judith RENNES.

He was married to Harlette DE FALAIS in France. Children were: King William I ENGLAND, Adelaide NORMANDY -Countess.

bullet Duke William I NORMANDY(1) was born about 900 in Normandy, France. He died on 17 Dec 943 in Normandy, France. Parents: Hrolf\Rollo NORMANDY and Duchess Poppa DE BAYEUX.

He was married to Sprote DE BRETAGNE. Children were: Duke Richard I NORMANDY .

bullet Joan Elinor NORRIES(1) was born about 1397 in Norries, Devonshire, England. Parents: William NORRIES and DE COLLATON.

She was married to John FORTESCUE Sir. Children were: Henry FORTESCUE , John FORTESCUE Sir, Richard FORTESCUE.

bullet William NORRIES(1)

He was married to DE COLLATON. Children were: Joan Elinor NORRIES .

bullet Aeelfhelm NORTHAMPTONSHIRE -Earl(1) was born about 973 in Mercia. Parents: Leofwine -Earl MERCIA and Alwara Verch ATHELSTAN -Lady.

bullet Henry NORTHEIM(1) died in 1101.

He was married to Gertrude VON BRAUNSCHWEIG. Children were: Gertruda VON NORTHEIM.

bullet Aldred NORTHUMBERLAND -Earl(1) was born about 1009 in Bernicia, Northumberland, England. Parents: Uchtred NORTHUMBRIA -Earldorman and Ecgfrida DURHAM .

Children were: Aelflaed III.

bulletAlice NORTHUMBERLAND(1) was born about 1078 in Huntingdon, Huntingdonshire, England. She died after 1126. Parents: Waltheof II HUNTINGTON -Earl and Judith LENS .

She was married to Ralph IV DE TOENI in 1103. Children were: Roger III DE TOENI, Margaret DE TOENI.

bullet Gunnilda NORTHUMBERLAND(1) was born in England. Parents: Gospatric I DUNBAR -Earl and AETHELREDA.

She was married to Orm in England. Children were: Gospatric.

bullet Morcar NORTHUMBERLAND -Earl(1) was born about 1028 in Mercia. He died in 1089. Parents: Algar\Alfgar MERCIA -Earl and Princess Elfgifu ENGLAND.

bullet Tostig NORTHUMBERLAND -Earl(1) died on 25 Sep 1066 in Battle of Stamford Bridge, England. Parents: Earl Godwine WESSEX and Gytha.

bullet Oswulf NORTHUMBRIA -Earl(1) died about 965. Parents: Ealdred BAMBOROUGH -Lord.

Children were: Waltheof I NORTHUMBRIA -Earldorman.

bulletUchtred NORTHUMBRIA -Earldorman(1) was born about 989 in Northumberland, England. He died in 1016 in Wighill, Yorkshire, England. Parents: Waltheof I NORTHUMBRIA -Earldorman .

He was divorced from Ecgfrida DURHAM. He was married to Ecgfrida DURHAM. Children were: Aldred NORTHUMBERLAND -Earl.

He was married to Princess Elfgifu ENGLAND in England. Children were: EALDGYTH.

bullet Waltheof I NORTHUMBRIA -Earldorman(1) was born about 940 in Northumberland, England. He died in Bamborough, Northumberland, England. Parents: Oswulf NORTHUMBRIA -Earl.

Children were: Uchtred NORTHUMBRIA -Earldorman.

bulletNicholas NORTON(1) was born in 1694 in Edgertown, Dukes Co., Massachusetts.

He was married to Martha DAGGET. Children were: Timothy NORTON.

bullet Susannah NORTON(1) was born on 15 Aug 1746 in Edgertown, Dukes Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Timothy NORTON and Lydia.

She was married to Bethuel LUCE. Children were: Malethia LUCE .

bullet Timothy NORTON(1) was born about 1720 in Edgertown, Dukes Co., Massachusetts. Parents: Nicholas NORTON and Martha DAGGET.

He was married to Lydia. Children were: Susannah NORTON.

bullet Adolph II NORVENICH(1) died after 1041. Parents: Hermann II NORVENICH -Lord.

Children were: Hermann IV SAFFENBERG -Lord.

bulletHermann II NORVENICH -Lord(1) died after 1041. Parents: Hermann I BONNGAU -Count and Heilwig VON DILLIGEN.

Children were: Adolph II NORVENICH.

bulletBerglioth NORWAY(1).

She was married to Jarl Finn ARNESSON. Children were: Ingibjorg HOLLAND .

bullet Princess Bertrade NORWAY(1) Parents: King Harold II EIRIKSSON.

She was married to Duke Bernard II SAXONY. Children were: Ida SAXONY .

bullet Bijorn NORWAY(1) died about 927. Parents: Harold I NORWAY and Schwanhilde .

Children were: Gudrod NORWAY.

bulletKing Eric I NORWAY(1) was born about 895. He died in 954. Parents: Harold I NORWAY and Raganhild JUTLAND.

He was married to Gunhild DENMARK. Children were: King Harold II EIRIKSSON .

bullet King Gewar NORWAY(1) was born about 221 in Scandinavia.

Children were: Nanna SCANDINAVIA .

bulletGudrod NORWAY(1) died in 955. Parents: Bijorn NORWAY.

He was married to Cacilie. Children were: Harold GRANSKE.

bullet Harold I NORWAY(1) was born in 860. He died in 940. Parents: King Halfdan VESTFOLD and Regnhild.

He was married to Schwanhilde. Children were: Bijorn NORWAY.

He was married to Raganhild JUTLAND. Children were: King Eric I NORWAY.

bullet King St Olaf II NORWAY(1) was born about 995. He died on 29 Jul 1030 in Stiklestadt. Parents: Harold GRANSKE and Astrid KULE.

He was married to Astrid SWEDEN in Feb 1018/19. Children were: Ulfhild NORWAY.

bullet King Sweyn NORWAY(1) Parents: Canute and Aelfgifu.

bullet Ulfhild NORWAY(1) was born about 1023 in Norway. She died on 24 May 1071 in Norway. Parents: King St Olaf II NORWAY and Astrid SWEDEN.

She was married to Ordulph SAXONY in 1042. Children were: Magnus SAXONY -Duke.

bullet NOUGOY (1) Parents: Arthur .

Children were: CLOTEN.

bulletIgor NOVGOROD -Prince(1) was born about 875 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. He died in 945 in Kiev, Ukraine, Russia. Parents: Rurick NOVGOROD -Prince.

He was married to St Olga (Helga) IZBORSK -Grand Duchess in 903 in Russia. Children were: Svatislav I KIEV -Grand Duke.

bullet Rurick NOVGOROD -Prince(1) was born about 845. He died in 879.

Children were: Igor NOVGOROD -Prince.

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