bullet Richilde VON EGISHEIM(1) was born about 1033. She died on 15 Mar 1085/86.

She was married to Baldwin I HAINAULT -Count in 1051. Children were: Arnoul FLANDERS -Count, Baldwin II HAINAUT -Count .

bullet Adelaid VON EILENBURG(1) died on 26 Jun 1071. Parents: Dedi II EILENBURG -Count and Oda VON DER OSTMARK.

She was married to Ernst AUSTRIA -Margrave. Children were: Leopold II AUSTRIA .

bullet Markwart I VON EPPENSTEIN -Count(1)

Children were: Markwart II VON EPPENSTEIN -Count.

bulletMarkwart II VON EPPENSTEIN -Count(1). Parents: Markwart I VON EPPENSTEIN -Count.

Children were: Richgardis VON VIEHBACH, Markwart III VON EPPENSTEIN -Lord.

bulletMarkwart III VON EPPENSTEIN -Lord(1) was born after 930. He died between 995 and 1000. Parents: Markwart II VON EPPENSTEIN -Count.

He was married to Mardemut CARINTHIA. Children were: Adalbert EPPENSTEIN -Margrave.

bullet Bernhard VON FILMSBACH(1)

He was married to Cecilia. Children were: Hedwig FILMSBACH.

bullet Hedwig VON FORMBACH(1) was born about 1056. She died between 1085 and 1090. Parents: Fredrick FORMBACH -Count and Gertrude HALDENSLEBEN.

She was married to Dietrich II ALSACE -Duke about 1075. Children were: Gisela LORRAINE, Gertrude ALSACE, Simon I ALSACE -Duke.

bullet Hedwig VON FORMBACH(1) died on 16 Jul 1178. Parents: Eckbert II FORMBACH-PUTTIN -Count and Wilibirg VON STEIRMARK.

She was married to Berthold V ANDECHS -Count in 1152. Children were: Berthold VI ANTIOCH -Duke.

bullet Reginhilde VON FRIESLAND(1) Parents: King Godefrid HAITHABU and Gisela.

She was married to Count Dietrich SAXONY in 900. Children were: Amalrada, Frederunda SAXONY, Lambert LOUVAIN -Count.

bullet Wirigaud VON FRIULI -Count(1) died before 1040.

He was married to Wilibirg EBERSBURG. Children were: Hadamut FRIULI.

bullet VON GENF(1)

He was married to Berta BURGUNDY. Children were: Gerold VON GENF .

bullet Gerold VON GENF(1) was born about 1012 in Genf, Genf, Switzerland. He died about 1061. Parents: VON GENF and Berta BURGUNDY.

He was married to Gisela. Children were: Johanna VON GENF.

bullet Johanna VON GENF(1) died in 1095. She was born in Genf, Genf, Switzerland. Parents: Gerold VON GENF and Gisela.

She was married to Amadeus II VON MAURIENNE between 1065 and 1070. Children were: Humbert II de Maurienne SAVOY -Count.

bullet Arnold VON GILCHING(1) Parents: Meginhard -Count.

He was married to Ermengarde . Children were: Ermengarde VON GILCHING.

bullet Ermengarde VON GILCHING(1) Parents: Arnold VON GILCHING and Ermengarde.

She was married to Frederick II VON DIESSEN -Count. Children were: Haziga VON DIESSEN, Uta VON DIESSEN.

bullet Agnes VON GROITZSCH(1) was born about 1160. She died on 25 Mar 1195. Parents: Dedo V GROITZSCH -Count and Mathilda VON HEINSBERG.

She was married to Berthold VI ANTIOCH -Duke. Children were: Gertrude VON MERAN.

bullet Thietburga VON HALDENSLABEN(1) Parents: Dietrich HALDENSLEBEN -Lord.

She was married to Dedi I HESSEGAU -Count before 19 Dec 985. Children were: Dietrich II VON WETTIN -Count.

bullet Mathilda VON HEINSBERG(1) died on 10 Jan 1188/89. Parents: Goswin II HEINSBERG -Lord and Aleidis SOMMERSCHENBURG.

She was married to Dedo V GROITZSCH -Count before 1160. Children were: Agnes VON GROITZSCH.

bullet Maria VON HOHENSTAUFEN(1) was born in 1201 in Germany. She died about 1235 in Louvain, Belgium. Parents: King Philip VON HOHENSTAUFEN and Eirene ANGELICA .

She was married to Henry II BRABANT -Duke. Children were: Matilda BRABANT -Countess, Henry III BRABANT -Duke.

bullet King Philip VON HOHENSTAUFEN(1) was born in 1176. He died on 21 Jun 1208 in Bamberg, Germany. Parents: Frederick III BARBAROSA -Emperor and Beatrice BURGUNDY .

He was married to Eirene ANGELICA on 25 May 1197. Children were: Maria VON HOHENSTAUFEN, Elizabeth GERMANY.

bullet N.N. VON HOHENWART(1)

She was married to Count Berthold II. Children were: Otto II WOLFRATSHAUSEN -Count.

bullet Irmengard VON HORNES(1)

She was married to Immo IV LOOS -Count before 1055. Children were: Arnulf LOOS -Count.

bullet Albuin VON JAUN(1)

He was married to Hildegarde. Children were: Hartwig CARINTHIA -Count .

bullet VON KUMANIEN(1)

She was married to Taksony HUNGARY. Children were: Michael POLAND -Regent.

bullet Adelaide VON LAUFEN(1) Parents: Henry LAUFEN -Count and Ida VON WERL.

She was married to Frederick I SOMMERSCHENBURG -Count. Children were: Aleidis SOMMERSCHENBURG.

bullet Richgard VON LAVANT(1) Parents: Engelbert PUSTERTHAL -Count and Luitgard ISTRIA .

She was married to Siegfried VON SPONHEIM -Count before 1023. Children were: Engelbert I SPONHEIM -Count.

bullet Margaret VON LIMBOURG(1) was born about 1138. She died between 1172 and 1173. Parents: Henry II LIMBURG -Duke and Mathilda VON SAFFENBURG.

She was married to Godfrey III BRABANT -Count. Children were: Henry I BRABANT -Duke.

bullet Adelaide VON LOOS(1) was born about 1153. She died about 1190. Parents: Lewis I LOOS -Count and Agnes VON METZ.

She was married to Theobald I BRIEY -Count.

bullet Agnes VON LOOS(1) was born about 1150. She died on 26 Mar 1191. Parents: Lewis I LOOS -Count and Agnes VON METZ.

She was married to Otto I VON WITTELSBACH -Duke. Children were: Richardis VON WITTESBACH.

bullet Sophia VON LOOS(1) was born about 1077. Parents: Emmo III LOOS -Count and Irmengard.

She was married to Almos CROATIA -Duke . Children were: King Bella II HUNGARY.

bullet Agnes VON MAINZ(1) Parents: Gerhard RIENECK and Bertha.

She was married to Arnulf LOOS -Count. Children were: Lewis I LOOS -Count.

bullet Amadeus II VON MAURIENNE(1) was born about 1045 in Marnn, France. He died in 1080. Parents: Odo Otton MAURIENNE -Count and Adelaide VON SUSA .

He was married to Johanna VON GENF between 1065 and 1070. Children were: Humbert II de Maurienne SAVOY -Count.

bullet Mathilda VON MEISSEN(1) Parents: Ekkhard I MEISSEN -Margrave and Schwanhilde BILLUNG .

She was married to Dietrich II VON WETTIN -Count about 1016. Children were: Thiemo I BREHNA -Count , Dedi II EILENBURG -Count.

bullet Gertrude VON MERAN(1) was born about 1185. She died on 8 Sep 1213. Parents: Berthold VI ANTIOCH -Duke and Agnes VON GROITZSCH.

She was married to King Andrew II HUNGARY in 1203. Children were: Elizabeth HUNGARY -Saint, King Bela IV HUNGARY.

bullet Gunter VON MERSEBURG -Margrave(1) died on 19 Jul 982 in Possano, Calabria. Parents: Eckard II THURINGIA -Count.

He was married to Dobrawa BOHEMIA before 965. He was divorced from Dobrawa BOHEMIA. Children were: Ekkhard I MEISSEN -Margrave.

bullet Agnes VON METZ(1) was born about 1120. She died after 1175. Parents: Folmar V METZ -Count and Mathilda DAGSBURG.

She was married to Lewis I LOOS -Count after 1140. Children were: Imaine LOOS, Agnes VON LOOS, Adelaide VON LOOS.

bullet N.N. VON MOKA(1) Parents: Albert MOKA -Lord.

She was married to Henry I VON EGISHEIM -Count. Children were: Adalbert II VON EGISHEIM -Count.

bullet Liutold VON MOMPELGARD(1) died after 1044.

He was married to Willebirg VON WOLFLINGEN. Children were: Adelheid VON WULFINGEN.

bullet Mechtild VON MORSBERG(1) was born about 1102. Parents: Adalbert MORSBERG -Count and Mathilda DE BAR.

She was married to Meginhard I SPONDHEIM -Count before 1124. Children were: Mathilda VON SPONDHEIM.

bullet N.N. VON NELLENBURG(1) Parents: Eberhard V NELLENBURG -Count and Ida VON ALSHAUSEN .

She was married to Adalbert BURGELM -Lord. Children were: Adalbert MORSBERG -Count.

bullet Benno VON NORTHEIM -Count(1) died between 1047 and 1049. Parents: Siegfried RITTEGAU -Count and Mathilda.

Children were: Otto I VON NORTHEIM -Count.

bulletGertruda VON NORTHEIM(1) died after 1165. Parents: Henry NORTHEIM and Gertrude VON BRAUNSCHWEIG.

She was married to Otto I LUXEMBURG -Count. Children were: Sophia RHEINECK.

bullet Ida VON NORTHEIM(1) Parents: Otto I VON NORTHEIM -Count and Richenza SWABIA .

She was married to Thiemo I BREHNA -Count. Children were: Conrad BREHNA -Count.

bullet Otto I VON NORTHEIM -Count(1) died on 11 Jan 1082/83. Parents: Benno VON NORTHEIM -Count .

He was married to Richenza SWABIA after 1050. Children were: Ida VON NORTHEIM.

bullet Itha VON ONIGEN(1) died about 1020. Parents: Kuno OHNINGEN -Count and Richilde.

She was married to Rudolph II -Count . Children were: Kuno I.

bullet N.N. VON ORLAMUNDA(1) died on 16 Apr 1039.

She was married to Bernard II HALDENSLEBEN -Lord . Children were: Konrad HALDENSLEBEN -Count.

bullet Waldrada VON ORLEANS(1)

She was married to Rupert III -Count. Children were: Rupert IV -Duke.

bullet Uta VON PASSAU(1) died in Sean. Parents: Ulrich PASSAU -Count and Adelaide FRANTENHAUSEN.

She was married to Engelbert II VON SPONHEIM in 1105. Children were: Mathilda VON SPONHEIM.

bullet Heilika VON PETTENDORF(1) died on 13 Sep 1170. She was born in Lengenfeld.

She was married to Otto IV VON WITTLESBACH -Count before 13 Jul 1116. Children were: Otto I VON WITTELSBACH -Duke.

bullet Luitgard VON PREISING(1) Parents: Papo VON PREISING.

She was married to Adalbert I VON EBERSBURG -Count. Children were: Mardemut CARINTHIA, Ulrich VON EBERSBURG -Count.

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