bullet Robert ESTOTEVILLE(1) was born about 1040 in Skipwic, England. He died between 1106 and 1107. Parents: Robert D'ESTOTEVILLE and Jeanne DE TALBOT.

He was married to Alice DE BEAUMONT. Children were: Robert DE STUTEVILLE.

bullet ETAIN (1)

She was married to BLATHMAC. Children were: ALMAITH.

bullet ETHELBALD (1) died in 752 in England. He was born in England. Parents: King of Mercia PAEDA.

Children were: Unknown.

bulletDuke Adalric ETICHO(1) died on 20 Feb 689/90. He was born in Alsace. Parents: Lendisius.

He was married to Berswinde AUTUN in France. Children were: Duke Adelbert ALSACE, Odilie -Saint.

bullet ETROMMA (1) Parents: INDELLACH and FIDCHOSS.

She was married to King Mureadac LEINSTER. Children were: King Dunlaing LEINSTER.

bullet Ardo ETTE was born about 1854.

She was married to Jasper W. COLLER on 26 Aug 1875.

bullet Samuel ETTER(1) was born on 2 Jan 1758. He was buried in Jan 1840 in Engle farm cemetery, Palmyra, Lebanon Co., Pennsylvania. He died on 15 Jan 1840 in Pennsylvania.

He was married to Anna Maria MATTER.

bullet Geoffrey EU -Count(1) was born in Normandy, France. Parents: Duke Richard I NORMANDY.

Children were: Gilbert DE BRIONNE -Count.

bulletHenry Hastings EU -Lord(1). Parents: William Hastings EU -Lord and Beatrice DE BUILLY .

He was married to Margaret DE CHAMPAGNE. Children were: John HASTINGS EU -Lord.

bullet Maud d'Lusignan EU(1) died on 14 Aug 1241. Parents: Raoul I DE LUSIGNAN and Alice D' EU.

She was married to Humphrey Hereford DE BOHUN. Children were: Humphrey DE BOHUN, Alice DE BOHUN.

bullet Ralph EU -Count(1) Parents: Hugh IX LUSIGNAN and Matilda.

bullet Robert EU -Count(1)

Children were: Condoha VOGENA.

bulletWilliam EU -Count(1) died on 26 Jan 1057/58. Parents: Duke Richard I NORMANDY and Gonnora DE CREPON.

He was married to Lesceline DE TURQUEVILLE.

bullet William Bouchier EU -Count(1) died on 28 May 1420 in Troyes, Aube, France. He was born in Little Eaton, Essex, England. Parents: William BOUCHIER -Sir and Alianore DE LOVAYNE.

He was married to Anne GLOUCESTER . Children were: Henry Bouchier ESSEX -Earl, William Fitz Warin BOUCHIER -Lord, Thomas BOUCHIER -Cardinal, John Berners BOUCHIER -Lord, Eleanor Anne BOUCHIER.

bullet William Hastings EU -Lord(1)

He was married to Beatrice DE BUILLY. Children were: Henry Hastings EU -Lord.

bullet Gwaethfoed ap EUNYDD(1) was born about 942 in Wales. Parents: Eunydd ap CADIFOR.

Children were: Cynan ap GWAETHFOED, Cadifor Cardigan ap GWAETHFOED -Lord, Rhydderch Gwinval ap GWAETHFOED -Lord, Aedden Grismont ap GWAETHFOED , Gwyn ap GWAETHFOED, Bach Ysgyaraith ap GWAETHFOED -Lord, Ednowain ap GWAETHFOED, Cynddrych Senghenydd GWAETHFOED -Lord , Cwillin Cwm ap GWAETHFOED -Lord, Elystan ap GWAETHFOED, Cristian Verch GWAETHFOED .

bulletHeilyn ap EUNYDD(1) was born about 1060 in Powys, Wales. Parents: Eunydd ap GWERNEY and Eva Verch LLEWELYN.

bullet Hunydd Verch EUNYDD(1) was born about 1063 in Powys, Wales. Parents: Eunydd ap GWERNEY and Eva Verch LLEWELYN.

She was married to Maredydd Powys ap BLEDDYN -Prince. Children were: Madog Powys ap MAREDYDD -Prince, Gruffydd MAREDYDD , Hywel ap MAREDYDD, Dyddgu Verch MAREDYDD.

bullet Ithel ap EUNYDD(1) was born about 1055 in Powys, Wales. Parents: Eunydd ap GWERNEY and Eva Verch LLEWELYN.

bullet Mary EVA(1) was born about 1760. She died on 1 Apr 1786.

She was married to Philip SHUPP . Children were: John SHUPP, Lawrence SHUPP, Mary Catherine SHUPP.

bullet Cadwaladr EVANS(1) Parents: Evan EVANS.

Children were: Sarah EVANS.

bulletEvan EVANS(1). Parents: Evan ap Lewis AP ROBERT.

Children were: Cadwaladr EVANS.

bulletHazel EVANS(1) was born on 12 Feb 1894 in Missouri. She died in Mar 1980 in Missouri.(4) She was buried in Maple Hills Cem. Adair Co., Missouri. 

She was married to Guy W SHOOP on 17 Mar 1915. Children were: Velma Irene SHOOP, Edgar Jack SHOOP, Daniel Reed SHOOP, Billy Guy SHOOP.

bullet Henry EVANS(1)

He was married to Virginia "Jane" CAPPS.

bullet Sarah EVANS(1) Parents: Cadwaladr EVANS.

She was married to John HANKS . Children were: John Jr. HANKS.

bullet Susannah EVANS(1)

She was married to Sampson Anderson CAPPS.

bullet Mabeth EVAVOLD(1)

She was married to Robert Jim FIEDLER.

bullet Hulda Marie EVENSON(1) was born in 1882. She died in 1964.

She was married to Clarence Calvin SWIFT. Children were: Violet SWIFT, Bernice SWIFT, Harold Clarence SWIFT.

bullet Elizabeth EVERILL(1)

She was married to John ALDEN in 1660.

bullet Catherine EVERITT(1) was born on 1 Nov 1754. She died on 15 Mar 1838.

She was married to Philip SHUPP. Children were: Margaret SHUPP, Mary SHUPP, Philip SHUPP, Susan SHUPP.

bullet Louis EVREUX -Count(1) Parents: King Philippe III FRANCE and Marie BRABANT.

bullet Richard EVREUX -Count(1) was born about 986 in Rouen, France. He died on 13 Dec 1067. Parents: Robert ROUEN -Archbishop and Havlive.

He was married to Adela. Children were: Agnes D'EVREUX, William D' EVREUX.

bullet Thomas Beaufort EXETER(1) was born about Jan 1376/77 in Beaufort Castle, Anjou, France. He died in Dec 1426. Parents: John Gaunt LANCASTER -Prince and Catherine ROET .

bullet Asa EYSTEINSSON(1) was born about 708 in Uppland, Norway. Parents: Eystein HAARDRAADE and Solveig HALFDANSSON.

She was married to Halfdan OLAFSSON -Hvitbein. Children were: Eystein HALFDANSSON -Fret, Gudrod HALFDANSSON.

bullet Ingvar EYSTEINSSON -The Tall(1) was born about 616 in Sweden. Parents: Eystein ADILSSON.

Children were: Braut-Onund INGVARSSON.

bulletEarl Rognvald Maer EYSTEINSSON(1) was born about 830 in Maer, Norway. He died in 890 in Maer, Norway. Parents: Eystein IVARSSON and Aseda ROGNVALDSSON.

He was married to Ragnhild HROLFSSON. Children were: Ivar ROGNVALDSSON, Hrolf\Rollo NORMANDY, Thorer ROGNVALDSSON.

bullet Sigurd EYSTEINSSON(1) was born about 832 in Maer, Norway. Parents: Eystein IVARSSON and Aseda ROGNVALDSSON.

bullet Sarah Elizabeth FABER(1)

She was married to Jacob WERT. Children were: David M. WERT.

bullet FAILBE (1)

Children were: MUGAIN.

bulletGeorge FAIRBANKS(1) was born about 1528 in Halifax, England. He died on 29 Mar 1610 in Sowerby, Halifax, England. Parents: Gilbert FAIRBANKS and Jenet .

He was married to Sybil WADE in England. Children were: Jenet FAIRBANKS.

bullet Gilbert FAIRBANKS(1) was born about 1505 in Halifax, England. He died on 3 Mar 1577/78 in Halifax, England. Parents: John FAIRBANKS and Margaret.

He was married to Jenet about 1530 in Halifax, England. Children were: George FAIRBANKS.

bullet Jenet FAIRBANKS(1) was born in England. Parents: George FAIRBANKS and Sybil WADE.

She was married to James GAWKROGER on 2 Dec 1571 in Sowerby, Halifax Parish, England. Children were: Abraham Platts GAWKROGER.

bullet John FAIRBANKS(1) was born about 1480 in Halifax, England. He died in 1551 in Halifax, England. Parents: William FAIRBANKS.

He was married to Margaret in Halifax, England. Children were: Gilbert FAIRBANKS .

bullet William FAIRBANKS(1) was born about 1455 in England. He died in 1518 in England.

Children were: John FAIRBANKS.

bulletJohn F FAIRCHILD(1) was born on 9 Nov 1889 in New York. He died on 17 Nov 1908 in Detroit Lakes, Becker Co., Minnesota. Parents: Nelson D FAIRCHILD and Estella SWIFT.

He was married to Alice L BROWN on 17 Nov 1908 in Detroit Lakes, Becker Co., Minnesota. Children were: Pearl C FAIRCHILD.

bullet Nelson D FAIRCHILD(1) was born on 18 Jul 1845 in Sparta, Livingston, New York. He died on 17 May 1903 in Olean, Cattaragus Co., New York.

He was married to Estella SWIFT on 9 Dec 1873 in New York. Children were: John F FAIRCHILD .

bullet Pearl C FAIRCHILD(1) was born on 23 Dec 1908 in Holmesville Twp, Becker Co, Minnesota. She died on 5 Apr 1978 in Detroit Lakes, Becker Co., Minnesota. Parents: John F FAIRCHILD and Alice L BROWN.

She was married to Herman A BRAHMER on 15 Aug 1925. Children were: Juliette Marie BRAHMER.

bullet Fulbert FALAIS(1) was born about 970 in Falais, Calvados, France.

He was married to Doda in Normandy, France. Children were: Harlette DE FALAIS.

bullet FARRER (1) was born in England. Parents: William FARRER.

She was married to John WADSWORTH . Children were: Hugh WADSWORTH.

bullet William FARRER(1) was born in Oldroyd, England.

Children were: FARRER.

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