bullet Robert Guiscard D'HAUTEVILLE(1) was born in 1015 in Normandy, France. He died on 17 Jul 1085 in Cephalonia, Greece. Parents: Tancred DE HAUTEVILLE and FRASENDA.

He was married to Albereda. Children were: Bohemond I ANTIOCH -Prince.

He was married to Sikelgaita SALERNO between 1058 and 1059. Children were: Maud\Matilda DE HAUTEVILLE.

bullet Pepin II D'HERISTAL(1) was born about 635 in Heristal, Leige, Belgium. He died on 16 Dec 714 in Larden, Leige, Belgium. Parents: Mayor Pepin I and St Beggue.

He was married to Alpaide about 675. Children were: Lord Childebrand I PERRACY, Hildebrand, Mayor Charles MARTEL.

bullet Fasted I D'OISY -Advocate(1) died after 1092.

He was married to Ada D'AVESNES. Children were: Fasted II D'OISY -Advocate.

bullet Fasted II D'OISY -Advocate(1) died after 1111. Parents: Fasted I D'OISY -Advocate and Ada D'AVESNES.

He was married to Richilde . Children were: Walter I D'OISY -Lord.

bullet Hugh D'OISY(1) was born in Douai, England.

He was married to Adela in England. Children were: Rainer LE FLEMING.

bullet Walter I D'OISY -Lord(1) was born in Tourney. Parents: Fasted II D'OISY -Advocate and Richilde.

He was married to Ada MONTAGNE . Children were: Nicholas D' AVESNES.

bullet Joan DACRE(1) was born in England.

She was married to John DE HARYNGTON Sir in England. Children were: John HARYNGTON Sir.

bullet Sonia DAEMS(1) was born on 5 Jun 1955.

She was married to Joseph Andrew BRISBIN on 3 Feb 1979.

bullet Martha DAGGET(1) was born in 1698 in Edgertown, Dukes Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to Nicholas NORTON. Children were: Timothy NORTON.

bullet Hugh VII DAGSBURG -Count(1) died between 1046 and 1049. Parents: Hugh VI EGISHEIM -Count and Heilwig VON DAGSBURG.

He was married to Matilda. Children were: Henry I VON EGISHEIM -Count.

bullet Louis DAGSBURG -Count(1) died after 980.

He was married to Judith OHNINGEN. Children were: Kuno RHEINFELDEN -Count.

bullet Mathilda DAGSBURG(1) was born about 1098. She died after 1135. Parents: Adalbert II VON EGISHEIM -Count and Ermensinde LUXEMBOURG.

She was married to Folmar V METZ -Count about 1120. Children were: Agnes VON METZ.

bullet Agni DAGSSON(1) was born in 424 in Sweden. Parents: Dag DYGGVASSON.

He was married to Skjalf FROSTASSON. Children were: Alrek AGNASSON , Eric AGNASSON.

bullet Dagreid DAGSSON(1) was born about 449 in Sweden.

She was married to Alrek AGNASSON. Children were: Yngvi ALREKSSON, Alf ALREKSSON , Thorborg ALREKSSON.

bullet Esther DAHL(1) was born on 26 Dec 1905. She died on 23 Jan 1973 in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail County, Minnesota. 

She was married to Fredrick Bertrand GREEN on 24 Dec 1926 in Minnesota. Children were: Duane Leroy GREEN , Joanne Margaret GREEN.

bullet Geraldine DAHLSTAD(1)

She was married to Keith Allen BERG on 4 Aug 1968. Children were: Jayson BERG, Karena Joy BERG.

bullet Simon DAIGNEAU(1)

He was married to Marquerite FERRET (FERRY) on 28 Jan 1636/37.

bullet Joan Kathleen DAILY(1)

She was married to Charles Albert SMITH. Children were: Debra Ann SMITH.

bullet King Domongart DALRIADA(1) died about 504. Parents: King Fergus Mor Mac ERCC.

He was married to Queen Feldelm FOLTCHAIN. Children were: Gabran Mac DOMANGART.

bullet Domongart II DALRIADA(1) died about 673. Parents: King Domnall BREC.

Children were: King Eochaid DALRIADA II.

bulletKing Eochaid DALRIADA IV(1) was born about 750 in Scotland. He died between 817 and 827. Parents: King Aid FINN.

He was married to Fergusa DALRIADA . Children were: King Alphin Mac EOCHAID.

bullet King Eochaid DALRIADA III(1) Parents: King Eochaid DALRIADA II and Spondana PICTS -Princess .

Children were: King Aid FINN.

bulletKing Eochaid DALRIADA II(1) was born about 660 in Scotland. He died about 697. Parents: Domongart II DALRIADA.

He was married to Spondana PICTS -Princess. Children were: King Eochaid DALRIADA III, King Fergus DALRIADA, FLAND.

bullet King Ercc Ireland DALRIADA(1) was born about 400 in North Ireland. He died in 474. Parents: King Eochaid Dalriada MUNREVAR.

He was married to MISI. Children were: King Loarn Scotland DALRIADA , King Fergus Mor Mac ERCC.

bullet King Fergus DALRIADA(1) died in 781. Parents: King Eochaid DALRIADA II and Spondana PICTS -Princess.

He was married to N.N. WROLD. Children were: Fergusa DALRIADA.

bullet Fergusa DALRIADA(1) was born about 750. Parents: King Fergus DALRIADA and N.N. WROLD.

She was married to King Eochaid DALRIADA IV. Children were: King Alphin Mac EOCHAID .

bullet King Loarn Scotland DALRIADA(1) died about 498. Parents: King Ercc Ireland DALRIADA and MISI.

bullet Margaret Albemarle DAMERELL(1) was born about 1343 in Modbury, Cornwall, England. She died in 1399. Parents: William DAMERELL and Ellen.

She was married to William BONVILLE Sir. Children were: Richard BONVILLE, Elizabeth BONVILLE, John BONVILLE, Katharine BONVILLE, Thomas BONVILLE, William BONVILLE, BONVILLE.

bullet William DAMERELL(1)

He was married to Ellen. Children were: Margaret Albemarle DAMERELL .

bullet Alberic I DAMMARTIN -Count(1) was born in 1110. He died in 1183. Parents: Aubrey DE MELLO and Aelis DE DAMMARTIN.

He was married to Joan BASSET . Children were: Aubrey II DAMMARTIN -Count.

bullet Aubrey II DAMMARTIN -Count(1) was born about 1135 in Dampmartin, Ile-de-France, France. He died on 19 Sep 1200 in London, England. Parents: Alberic I DAMMARTIN -Count and Joan BASSET.

He was married to Mathilda MAHAUT . Children were: Renand DE DAMPMARTIN, Alex DE DAMPMARTIN, Julia DE DAMPMARTIN, Agnes DE DAMPMARTIN, Clemence DE DAMPMARTIN, Simon II DE DAMMARTIN -Count.

bullet Hugh DAMMARTIN -Count(1) was born about 1042. He died in 1103. Parents: Manasses DAMMARTIN -Count and Constance ARLES.

He was married to Roaide DE BULLES -Countess. Children were: Aelis DE DAMMARTIN.

bullet Manasses DAMMARTIN -Count(1) was born about 1010. He died on 15 Nov 1037 in Battle of Bar. Parents: Hildouin II MONTDIDIER -Count.

He was married to Constance ARLES. Children were: Hugh DAMMARTIN -Count .

bullet Thyra DANEBORD(1) died about 935. Parents: Jarl HAROLD.

She was married to King Gorm DENMARK. Children were: Gunhild DENMARK , King Harold III DENMARK.

bullet Doris Arlene DANIELSON(1) was born on 10 Oct 1930 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

She was married to Robert FERRE (FERRY) on 9 Feb 1952 in East Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Children were: Karen Arlene FERRE (FERRY), David Robert FERRE (FERRY), Cynthia Ann FERRE (FERRY) .

bullet Drott DANPSSON(1) was born about 365 in Sweden.

She was married to Domar DOMALDASSON. Children were: Dyggvi DOMARSSON.

bullet Alan DAPIFER(1)

Children were: FLEDALDUS.

bulletDARBFORGAILL (1) died in 1080. She was born in Leinster, Ireland. Parents: King Donnchad MUNSTER.

She was married to King Dermond LEINSTER. Children were: King Murchad LEINSTER.

bullet Andrew DARBY(DERBY)(1) was born on 26 Jan 1706/7 in Beverly, Essex, Massachusetts. He died on 22 Mar 1783 in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts. AFN:HLRZ-FC.

He was married to Elizabeth PATCH on 2 Apr 1728 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. Children were: Eunice DARBY(DERBY), Sarah DARBY(DERBY), Mary DARBY(DERBY), Elizabeth DARBY(DERBY).

bullet Elizabeth DARBY(DERBY)(1) was born on 13 Mar 1728/29 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. She died on 13 Nov 1812 in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts. AFN:134g-7QB. Parents: Andrew DARBY(DERBY) and Elizabeth PATCH.

bullet Eunice DARBY(DERBY)(1) was born on 28 Feb 1733/34 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. She died in 1817 in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts. AFN:134L-N1R. Parents: Andrew DARBY(DERBY) and Elizabeth PATCH.

She was married to John BROOKS on 9 Jan 1753 in Leominster, Worcester, Massachusetts. Children were: Hannah BROOKS.

bullet Mary DARBY(DERBY)(1) was born on 28 Feb 1734/35 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. She died on 4 Feb 1823 in Westminster, Worcester, Massachusetts. AFN:12K2-4P7. Parents: Andrew DARBY(DERBY) and Elizabeth PATCH.

bullet Sarah DARBY(DERBY)(1) was born on 14 Mar 1730/31 in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. She died in Concord, Middlesex Co., Massachusetts. AFN:GCC8-TR. Parents: Andrew DARBY(DERBY) and Elizabeth PATCH.

bullet Joan DARCY(1) Parents: Philip DARCY -Lord.

She was married to Giles Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire DAUBENEY -Sheriff. Children were: William DAUBENEY -Baron.

bullet Philip DARCY -Lord(1)

Children were: Joan DARCY.

bulletAsnar DATO(1).

Children were: Guinigenta ASNAREZ.

bulletRaymund I DATO -Count(1) died after 960. Parents: Dato II BIGORRE -Count and Lupa SANCHEZ.

He was married to Faquilena ASTARAC . Children were: Arnold I BIGORRE -Count.

bullet DAU (1)

Children were: OENGUS.

bulletElias DAUBENEY -Baron(1) died in 1305.

He was married to Hawise. Children were: Ralph DAUBENEY -Baron.

bullet Giles DAUBENEY -Baron(1) was born about 1371. He died in 1402. Parents: Giles DAUBENEY -Baron and Alianor DE WYLINGTON.

Children were: John DAUBENEY, Giles Bedfordshire Buckinghamshire DAUBENEY -Sheriff.

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