bullet Richard Prince(1) was born about 1247 in London, England. He died before 1256. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND III and Queen Eleanor PROVENCE .

bullet Richard -Earl(1) was born on 5 Jan 1208/9 in Winchester, Hampshire, England. He died on 2 Apr 1272. Parents: King John Lackland ENGLAND and Queen Isabel ANGOULEME .

bullet Richard (1) Parents: Count Thierry I.

Children were: Garnier TROYES -Vicomte.

bulletKing Richard I(1) was born on 13 Sep 1157 in Beaumont Palace, Oxford, England. He died on 6 Apr 1199 in Nr Chalus, France. Parents: King Henry II NORMANDY and Eleanor AQUITAINE.

bullet Richbald (1)

Children were: Bonifacio I.

bulletRichilde (1) died in 999.

She was married to Kuno OHNINGEN -Count. Children were: Judith OHNINGEN , N.N. OHNINGEN, Itha VON ONIGEN, Hemma OHNINGEN.

bullet Richilde (1)

She was married to Fasted II D'OISY -Advocate. Children were: Walter I D'OISY -Lord.

bullet Richilde (1)

She was married to Folmar -Count. Children were: Folmar -Count .

bullet Richwara (1)

She was married to Ehrenfeld BONNGAU -Count. Children were: Hermann I BONNGAU -Count.

bullet Ricoara (1)

She was married to Joceran DE SEMUR -Count. Children were: Geoffroy I SEMUR -Seigneur.

bullet Ripsimija (1)

She was married to Nikola KUMET -Count. Children were: Aaron AMITOPULOS .

bullet Robert (1) Parents: Lantbertus I.

He was married to DODA. Children were: Lantbertus II.

bullet King Robert II(1) was born in 1054 in France. He died in 1134 in France. Parents: King William I ENGLAND and Queen Maud\Matilda FLANDERS.

He was married in France.

bullet Rodegunde Rodegunde(1)

She was married to Clothaire I SOISSONS. Children were: Chilperic I SOISSONS.

bullet Rodrigo (1) died on 4 Oct 873. He was born in Castile. Parents: King Ramiro I ASTURIAS and Paterna CASTILE.

Children were: Diego Rodriguez PORCELOS -Count.

bulletRognwald -Count(1) was born in 939 in Polotsk, Russia. He died in 963.

Children were: Rogneida DE POLOTSK.

bulletRohese (1) died after 1175. Parents: King Henry ENGLAND I and Sybil CORBET.

bullet Rolande (1) Parents: Bertha MEROVINGIAN.

She was married to Lord Childebrand I PERRACY. Children were: Lord Nivelon I, Sigibert ROUERGUE -Count.

bullet Roscilla (1) was born in France. Parents: Garnier DE LOCHE and Toscanda.

She was married to Count Fulk I ANGERS. Children were: Count Fulk II ANJOU, Adele.

bullet Rose (1)

She was married to Philip DIETZ. Children were: Sarah DIETZ.

bullet Rose Emma(1)

She was married to Fred A BATES. Children were: Lee BATES, Russel BATES.

bullet Rostaing (1)

He was married to Beletrude. Children were: Emenon DE SABRAN .

bullet Rothaid (1) Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Fastrada.

bullet Rothaide (1) was born about 744 in Aachen, Prussia. Parents: King Pepin III and Bertha DE LAON.

bullet Rothilde (1)

She was married to Archambaud I DE BOURBON. Children were: Archambaud II DE BOURBON.

bullet Rotrou (1) Parents: Carloman -Mayor.

She was married to Gerard PARIS -Count . Children were: Begue PARIS -Count.

bullet Rotrud (1) died about 811. Parents: Emperor Charlemagne THE WEST and Empress Hildegard LINZGAU.

bullet Rotrud (1) Parents: Emperor Lothar I ITALY and Queen Ermengarde ORLEANS .

bullet Rotrud (1) was born about 808. Parents: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Louis I and Ermengarde DE HESBAYE.

bullet Rudolph I -Count(1) was born between 905 and 910. He died after 950. Parents: Henry -Count .

Children were: Rudolph II -Count.

bulletRudolph II -Count(1) was born about 927. Parents: Rudolph I -Count.

Children were: Welf II -Count.

He was married to Itha VON ONIGEN . Children were: Kuno I.

bullet Rupert I -Count(1) was born in 689 in Wormgau, Italy. He died before 764. Parents: Lantbertus II and Chrotlind.

He was married to WILLISWINT. Children were: TURINCBERTUS.

Children were: Ruport -Count.

bulletRupert II -Count(1) was born about 755 in Wormgau, France. Parents: TURINCBERTUS.

He was married to THEODERATA. Children were: Rupert III -Count.

bullet Rupert III -Count(1) was born about 785 in Wormgau, France. He died after 834. Parents: Rupert II -Count and THEODERATA.

He was married to Waldrada VON ORLEANS. Children were: Rupert IV -Duke.

bullet Rupert IV -Duke(1) was born about 815 in Duchy of Francia, (France). He died on 15 Sep 866 in Brissarthe. Parents: Rupert III -Count and Waldrada VON ORLEANS .

He was married to Adelaide ALSACE. Children were: King Odo Eudes FRANKS, Duke/King Robert I FRANCE.

bullet Ruport -Count(1) Parents: Rupert I -Count.

Children were: Heinrich -Count .

bulletRuricius -Bishop(1) died in 506. Parents: Tonantius FERREOLUS and Papinilla.

bullet Ruth (1)

She was married to William SAWYER.

bullet Princess Sancha(1) was born about 1193 in Castile, Spain. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND.

bullet Prince Sancho(1) was born in 1180 in Castile, Spain. He died in 1180 in Castile, Spain. Parents: King Alfonso CASTILE VIII and Princess Eleanor ENGLAND .

bullet Sancho (1) Parents: Alfonso X.

bullet King Sancho I(1) was born on 11 Nov 1154. He died on 27 Mar 1211 in Coimbra, Portugal. Parents: King Alfonso I HENRIQUES and Queen Maud SAVOY .

bullet Sara (1)

She was married to Johan (Schussie) SHEESLEY. Children were: Anna Marie Catherina SHEESLEY.

bullet Sarah (1) died on 6 May 1665 in Springfield, Hampden Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to Griffith Sr. JONES. Children were: JONES, Mercy JONES, Hepzibah JONES, Samuel JONES, Ebenezer JONES, Thomas Sr. JONES, Griffith(1) JONES, Griffith(2) JONES, Experience JONES, Pelatiah JONES, Benoni JONES.

bullet Sarah (1) was born in England.

She was married to Charles HARE. Children were: Sarah HARE (AIRES).

bullet Sarah (1) died in 1649 in Sandwich, Barnstable Co., Massachusetts. She was born in England.

She was married to Edward PERRY. Children were: Ezra PERRY.

bullet Sarah (1) was born about 1613 in England. She died on 7 Jul 1680 in Newbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts.

She was married to Robert KEYES in Massachusetts. Children were: Solomon KEYES, Peter KEYES, Robert KEYES, Sarah KEYES, Rebecca KEYES, Phebe KEYES, Mary KEYES, Elias KEYES, Mary KEYES.

bullet Sarah (1) was born in 1810 in Ohio. She appeared on the census in 1880 in Penn Twp, Sullivan Co., Missouri.

She was married to James H. DAVIS. Children were: John E. DAVIS.

bullet Schwanhilde (1) Parents: Eystein IVARSSON and Aseda ROGNVALDSSON.

She was married to Harold I NORWAY. Children were: Bijorn NORWAY.

bullet Sconehilde (1)

She was married to Thibaud BAR -Count. Children were: Louis I DE MOUSSON .

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