bullet Catherine A. TRUITT(1)

She was married to Elisha J. WIMBER. Children were: Sarah Alice WIMBER.

bullet Hattie Ann TRUITT(1)

She was married to James Colter SHOTT on 11 Apr 1878. Children were: Robert SHOTT.

bullet Warner G. TRUITT was born on 31 Mar 1842 in Somerset Co., Maryland. He died on 30 Jun 1870.

He was married to Sarah A. MCPHETRIDGE .

bullet TRYNTIE (1)

She was married to Barent VOLLEMAN. Children were: Geertje VOLLEMAN .

bullet Edwin TSCHOPP(1) was born about 1859. Parents: Simon TSCHOPP and Salome Sarah SCHUPP( SHOOP).

He was married to Hannah . Children were: Susan Salome TSCHOPP, Julia TSCHOPP.

bullet Elias Serenus TSCHOPP(1) was born in 1865. He died in 1867. Parents: Simon TSCHOPP and Salome Sarah SCHUPP( SHOOP).

bullet Julia TSCHOPP(1) was born on 8 Jan 1884. Parents: Edwin TSCHOPP and Hannah.

bullet Simon TSCHOPP(1) was born about 1833. He died in 1927. He was buried in St. Luke's L & R Reformed Church Cem., Lower MahanoyTwp. Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania.

He was married to Salome Sarah SCHUPP( SHOOP). Children were: Edwin TSCHOPP, Elias Serenus TSCHOPP.

bullet Susan Salome TSCHOPP(1) was born on 16 Jul 1882. Parents: Edwin TSCHOPP and Hannah.

bullet Llydocca ap TUDOR(1)

He was married to Angharad Verch IAGO. Children were: Gwerfyl Verch LLYDOCCA.

bullet Joseph Albert TUFFS was born on 20 Feb 1866 in Apple River, Illinois. He died on 23 Sep 1954 in Deer Creek, Minnesota.

He was married to Lena HOLZHOUSER on 1 Nov 1893 in Clear Lake, Iowa.

bullet Otto I TULLFELD(1) Parents: Poppo III -Count.

Children were: Otto II TULLFELD .

bulletOtto II TULLFELD(1). Parents: Otto I TULLFELD.

Children were: Gerberga HENNEBURG .

bulletVendel Jensd. M. TUNHEIM(1) was born in 1775 in Norway. She died in 1852 in Norway.

She was married to Morten Larsson SAURDAL in 1796 in Norway. Children were: Ole Mortensson SAURDAL.

bullet Count Geoffrey I TURENNE(1) Parents: Duke Rodulf TURENNE and Agane.

He was married to Gerberge. Children were: Geoffrey II TURENNE.

bullet Geoffrey II TURENNE(1) Parents: Count Geoffrey I TURENNE and Gerberge.

He was married to GODELINDE. Children were: Count Robert II TURENNE.

bullet Count Robert II TURENNE(1) Parents: Geoffrey II TURENNE and GODELINDE.

Children were: Viscount Adhemer I.

bulletDuke Rodulf TURENNE(1).

He was married to Agane. Children were: Count Geoffrey I TURENNE.

bullet Sulpice TURENNE(1) Parents: Viscount Bernard DE TURENNE and Deda.

She was married to Viscount Archambaud II DE CAMBOUR before 962. Children were: Viscount Ebles I DE TURENNE .

bullet Adelais TURIN(1) died about 1070.

She was married to Count Guigues ALBON VII on 27 Apr 1050. Children were: Count Guigues ALBON VIII.

bullet Peter I TURIN(1) died in 1078. Parents: Odo Otton MAURIENNE -Count and Adelaide VON SUSA.

bullet Reginpert TURIN -Duke(1) Parents: Godepert.

Children were: Aripert II.

bulletTURINCBERTUS (1) was born about 725. He died about 770. Parents: Rupert I -Count and WILLISWINT.

Children were: Rupert II -Count .

bulletTURNER (1).

He was married to Willa Alvera TAYLOR.

bullet Kevin Jerome TURNER(1)

He was married to Gayle Alice BORNE on 7 Nov 1987 in Minneapolis, Hennepin Co., Minnesota.

bullet Adalbert I TUSCANY -Margrave(1) died in 889. Parents: Bonifacio III LUCCA -Count.

He was married to Rothieda SPOLETO in 851. Children were: Adlbert II TUSCANY -Margrave, Bonifacio IV -Marchese.

bullet Adalbert III TUSCANY -Marchese(1) was born after 900. He died between 950 and 960. Parents: Bonifacio IV -Marchese.

Children were: Alberto AZZO -Count .

bulletAdlbert II TUSCANY -Margrave(1) died on 17 Aug 915. Parents: Adalbert I TUSCANY -Margrave and Rothieda SPOLETO.

He was married to Bertha LORRAINE about 895. Children were: Lambert SPOLETO, Ermengarde TUSCANY.

bullet Ermengarde TUSCANY(1) was born in 901. She died 29 FEB 931/32. Parents: Adlbert II TUSCANY -Margrave and Bertha LORRAINE.

She was married to Marquis Adalbert IVREA. Children were: Anskar III CAMERINO -Margrave.

bullet Hugh TUSCANY -Marquis(1) died on 21 Dec 1001 in Pistoja.

Children were: Willa TUSCANY.

bulletHumbert TUSCANY -Margrave(1) died between 967 and 970. Parents: Hugh PROVENCE -Count.

He was married to Willa CAMERINO about 945. Children were: Berta LORRAINE -Princess.

bullet Willa TUSCANY(1) Parents: Hugh TUSCANY -Marquis.

She was married to Ardicino IVREA -Prince before 1019. Children were: Ardoino II IVREA -Count.

bullet Johan Knutsson TVERBERG(1) was born on 10 Sep 1870 in Norway. He died in 1959.

He was married to Johanne LANDSVERK-NORDAL in 1892 in Norway.

bullet Blanche Edith TYLER(1) was born in 1894. She died on 20 Dec 1941.

She was married to Walter Elisha COLLER. Children were: Roland Tyler Bussell COLLER , Rita Marie COLLER, Inez COLLER.

bullet Dorothy TYLER(1) was born about 1530 in England.

She was married to William WHITCOMB. Children were: John WHITCOMB.

bullet William TYLER(1)

He was married to Ellen SALE on 12 Nov 1599 in Chesham, Co Bucks, England.

bullet Grace TYLLE(1) was born about 1478 in Tylle House, Corwall, England. She died in 1526 in Bradford Peverelle, Dorset, England. Parents: Thomas TYLLE.

She was married to Thomas CHURCHILL in 1496.

bullet Thomas TYLLE(1)

Children were: Grace TYLLE.

bulletEleanor TYRELL(1) was born about 1466 in Gipping, Suffolk, England. Parents: William TYRELL.

She was married to Edmund KNYVETT Sir/Knight about 1481. Children were: Edmund KNYVETT.

bullet John TYRELL Sir(1) was born in 1380 in Heron. He died before 1 Sep 1437.

He was married to Alice COGGESHALL. Children were: William TYRELL.

bullet William TYRELL(1) was born in 1415 in England. Parents: John TYRELL Sir and Alice COGGESHALL.

Children were: Eleanor TYRELL .

bulletElizabeth TYRRELL(1).

She was married to Richard HAUTE (HAWTE). Children were: Anne HAUTE.

bullet Stylianos TZAUTZINA(1)

Children were: Zoe TZAUTZINA.

bulletZoe TZAUTZINA(1). Parents: Stylianos TZAUTZINA.

She was married to Leo VI -Emperor. Children were: Constantine VII THE EAST -Emperor, Anna BYZANTIUM.

bullet Ida May UBER(1) was born on 13 Apr 1862 in Mercer Co., Pennsylvania. She died in 1936.

She was married to Isacc Newton CAPPS on 20 Nov 1889 in Greentop, Schuyler Co., Missouri. Children were: Oletha CAPPS, Ermine P CAPPS, Winona Margret CAPPS, Everett M CAPPS.

bullet Mar UKBA(1) Parents: NEHEMIAH.

Children were: Abba MAR.

bulletNathan UKBA(1). Parents: HANAN and RAV.

Children were: NEHEMIAH.

bulletJessica Ann ULRICH(1) was born on 5 Jan 1990. Parents: William Louis ULRICH and Margo Louise LOPEZ.

bullet John William ULRICH(1) was born on 9 Sep 1992. Parents: William Louis ULRICH and Margo Louise LOPEZ.

bullet Judson Wesley ULRICH(1) was born on 31 Aug 1952. Parents: Wesley William ULRICH and Mildred Eleanor BORNE.

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